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text 2020-10-29 07:46
Benefits of having Flat Patch Cables in Guitar

The guitar players rely heavily on pedals for experimenting and developing some unique sounds. Cables and Pedalboards both have a unique function. Cables are highly flexible and are able to pass through slots. There is a big difference between traditional and newer versions of pedalboards. 


The traditional ones are simply not practical or durable. The mentality of the guitarists is that they want to take advantage of the pedalboard. Managing a lot of mismatched guitar cables becomes hard to manage. The cables that are comparatively longer are hard to handle and not easy to carry. Therefore, while purchasing aboard, it should consist of flat patch cables.


Important Characteristics of Flat Patch Cables:

  • Space Saver - Sometimes we all ignore cables but these are very important. Buying solid pedals or high-quality pedalboard patches must not be pushed too far. For some, cables are not exciting; they look untidy and messy. One can trip over them and the most important thing to notice is they can harm the sound effects. Patch cables should provide a secure connection; they should also deliver a tune that is pure. In addition, they should also be compact. The main importance of cables lies in the fact that it should connect effectively to the pedals. As far as the sound is concerned, there is still a high demand for cables that are space-saving. Buying cables with big plugs then encountering problems becomes difficult. Flat Patch Cables are designed to solve the above problems. They provide good sound and signal quality. There are various unique and innovative flat patch cables.

  • Durable - Pedalboards can bear a lot of rough handling. They are available in different sizes. There is the S-Shaped cable designed to fit the inputs on side pedal situations. The ultimate journey of finding the right music gear comes to an end with these cables. These cables are high quality and made with superior components. The flat design enables the optimization of the pedalboard and routing of the cable.

  • Elasticity - They can be twisted, aligned, bent, and stacked. The quality remains the same as before. It has the feature of metal housing making the conductor a type of a shield. Choosing guitar pedalboard cables is a hectic job.  The cable is designed to interconnect guitar pedals. Flat cables have the greatest versatility among all the other pedalboards. They help to optimize the pedalboard space by enabling closer pedal placements.

  • Secure Connection - This cable consists of an oxygen-free copper conductor with two layers of the shield. Character transmission takes place with transparency. It also ensures a secure connection. The compact design also reduces the risk of cable jams. The flat patch cables are super affordable and flexible. The double-shielded cables keep the signal path clean and strong. The introduction of these cables has made a number of customers happy and they have left great reviews.

Pedalboard setups are used to manage ideal effects on the pedal chain. As already discussed, they are easy to handle and flexible. The low capacity allows more brightness to reach the amp after it has gone through pedalboard cables. For the ones who love to play guitar,  Guitar Pedalboard Cables are very important for them. If there is confusion regarding which guitar cables to choose, it is recommended that the concerned person should do their research before purchasing. However, in our opinion, flat patch cables are a great option when it comes to choosing cables.

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photo 2020-10-28 17:31
Things You Should Consider When Buying A Flat Cable For The Guitar.png

The flat patch cable is a little cable that is utilized to interface your impact pedals and your amplifier. These cables abbreviate the length of the cables. It permits your sign to keep up the uprightness and recurrence of the sound. The length of the fix cables is between 6" to 12". Additionally, these cables are less expensive than full-sized cables. TourGearDesigns is one dependable organization that has a scope of these level fix cables you can select. Prior to purchasing a guitar fix cable, we should remember 5 things:

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url 2020-10-24 05:53
Flat Pedalboard Cables For Guitar

Flat Pedalboard Cables are essentially utilized for making a scope of tunes, sounds, and volumes. These can do some amazing things for your imagination. You can make an altogether new stable or can mimic the specific sound of your #1 craftsmen with the assistance of these pedals. In any case, on an essential level, pedals can control the volume of your guitar with you coming to the enhancer or control your playing style.

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text 2020-10-06 11:19
How To Choose Best Patch Cables for Guitar Pedals
Every music performance is essentially reliant on the kind and quality of equipment being used. At the heart of every live concert or an enjoyable music show, the role and need for efficient instruments are undeniable. When it comes to guitars, every guitarist or musician wants the right kind of accessories and equipment to make the best quality of music. When it comes to guitar pedals, using the best patch cables is imperative for optimal performance. Flat patch cables are a popular choice among a lot of guitarists who regularly perform at live concerts.


The importance of patch cables and making the right choice
While some people underestimate the role or essentiality of patch cables and Pedalboard Wiring, in actuality these cables are of great importance and can make a huge difference to the tone and quality of music being produced. In fact, it may be naive to consider them as simple wires and not pay attention to their quality. 


Flat patch cables must be chosen in a very calculated manner, and the best performance can only be ensured by making a well-informed decision. Before choosing the perfect patch cables, the imminent question is, what actually is a patch cable? 


A patch cable is simply a short cable that connects the electric guitar pedals to one another. Although it sounds very simple, these are a key part of the pedalboard wiring and is very essential to ensure the right tone and quality of music. There are various things to look for while choosing a patch cable, along with these factors.


Choosing the right patch cables 

Let us take a look at these points and factors before you buy patch cables for your next live concert. 
  • Your budget: Patch cables are a really great investment if you want quality music and deciding how much you want to spend on these cables is a very important part of the decision. A simple rule for patch cables is that a competitive price will reflect the quality of the cables. Doing your research and finding the right price should guarantee the desired results. 

  • The two main types of metal plugs are right-angled and straight. The right angles can be an ideal choice if you want more room on the pedalboard by organizing the effect pedals all in such a way that they come closer to the pedalboard. 

Some of the other key factors to look for in these patch cables are:
  • The length of the cables and choosing short pedal couplers is the most sustainable choice. Patch cables usually come in lengths of 6”, and 18”. TourGear Designs is offering the most commonly used 6” at a great value and quality. 

  • Buying patch cables in bundles is the best choice as they come at a much lesser cost in bundles.

  • The plug type, which is a right angle or straight also needs to be chosen according to needs.

  • Make sure the cable jacket has good build quality. Usually made up of flexible PVC, the outer jacket provides protection and offers durability.
Be it Flat Patch Cables or round ones, you must not forget the aesthetic factor, before buying them. Choosing a reliable brand or pedalboard wiring supplier is the perfect choice to get the perfect patch cables.
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url 2020-10-02 18:37
Pedalboard Wiring

Guitar Pedalboard Cables are an unquestionable requirement have contraption for some guitars. It assists with conditioning and straightens the sound of your guitar. However, for a sweet stable, we need to zero in on Pedalboard Wiring effectively. TourGearDesigns gives the best Pedalboard Cables in your financial plan for your ideal Pedalboard Wiring.

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