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review 2018-06-23 19:30
Food Truck Therapy

How could one tiny prank get to be such a big deal? Ok, Ok part of the school may have burned a little and there may be a mass panic at the school dance. But does that deserve a punishment of being confined to a food truck WITH...YOUR. NEMESIS?!?! Unfortunately, it's the situation  Clara finds herself in; one-way ticket on the KoBra… with Rose. Will she survive this summer in one piece and will there be enough of her to make it to vacation with her Insta-famous mom?



Character Development: I will have to admit that first impressions of Clara were not good… not good at all. I really didn't like her, she was self-absorbed and mean. I couldn't understand why she just didn't care. But Goo did an excellent job in developing this character through trial and error. Through those trial and errors, she developed more maturely and became a better person. The experiences she went through molded her into a better and deeper character by the end of the book. I think my irritation of her was the forgetting what it's like to be a teenager… since I'm not a teenager. I just couldn't identify with her because I will admit I was more of a Rose. And Oh Rose, the ever hard-working overachiever Ballerina. She seemed like a BITCH but soon discovered it was a protective cover. She wanted friends but found it easier to not try than open up.


Diversity: Oh Goo! Thank you for the well written diverse characters in this book. There was no heavy-handed introduction of the diversity but a subtle one. Which made the characters seamlessly interact with each other. The race or ethnicity was not solely who they were but just a small part of their identity. It was a breath of fresh air to read about the diversity that truly exists in Los Angeles. The characters brought different insights and culture that added to the depth but was not apart of the struggle or conflict.


Parental Units: Cool chef dad vs Insta-famous mom… hard choices for a teenage girl, actually wait, it's not that hard. It seems the parents we interact with the most are taken for granted and the ones we see are held on a pedestal. Clara’s involvement and detachment of her parents is an interesting subplot. Yet it is a situation that is seen more often than not. Ok Ok not everyone has an uber famous mother but an absent part yes. The rebels that Clara does can be a projection of her mother leaving and deciding to be a distance mother. Also, how she reconciles the realities of parenting styles between her mother and father was a journey unto itself. Goo did a superb job in having Clara do the work in gaining the insight of how the interactions truly were.


Prince of Denmark’s Romance: While I love a good romance, I believe YA novels should not revolve around them but have a deeper plot. Goo did just that, Hamlet was not the center of the plot. Yes, of course, this is partly a Rom Con and everyone loves an underdog. But Clara really fought the attraction and Hamlet himself. Even when a problem arose, Clara handled it like a TEENAGER. By grossly over-reacting and doing what she should not of. Yet, she slowly understands what it means to be in a relationship but experiencing a vapid relationship. Through that, she realizes this is not what she wants.



Like I said before… Clara at the start… this is why I don't have children.

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