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review 2019-08-13 03:03
Fun and different
"What Rose Forgot" - Nevada Barr

A fun romp involving a miss used elderly artist and her side kicks. Sweet, laugh out loud antics are balanced by drug abuse, lies and deceit. The sad reality is, this scenario could happen, without the happy outcome. An excellent story, add this to your TBR list. 

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review 2019-06-30 16:01
"What Rose Forgot", by Navada Barr
"What Rose Forgot" - Nevada Barr
This is the story of Rose Dennis, a grandmother in her sixties, who wakes up in an Alzheimer unit at a nursing home. But Rose’s mind is fine, who has committed her is the question?… She does not linger with whom, what and the how, and soon a plan emerge: avoid all medication and stage an escape…. Rose on the lam is at the heart of this story and following one crazy lady trying to find who put her away is sometime funny and sometime unbelievable…...

This sounded like an interesting read and it did for the first few chapters then it got weird and ridiculous. Elderly woman climbing on a roof, sliding down the tiles, jumping out windows, kung-fu Jane at her best was not what I thought this book was all about. Some may think her action was hilarious I did not. I was hoping to see through the voice and eyes of Rose the issues of aging and dementia and how we react and treat them. I also wanted to know what a person of sound mind may do when they are wrongly housed in a nursing home. “What Rose Forgot” turned out to be a comedy at its worst…maybe it was the serious subject taken lightly that didn’t work for me. The characterization was cartoonish and I never connected with any of them. This story wasn’t my cup of tea and by far. I wanted to abandon this story many times but I stuck with it till the end…definitely not for me but it may be for you….a lot of readers have enjoyed it….

Thanks to the publisher St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for this complimentary book. All opinions expressed are my own.


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text 2019-06-03 10:33
How to Delete Apple ID Without Password on iPhone?

A new release of Apple as a data and privacy portal. It will help you to erroneously correct the private information stored related to your Apple account. It will be carried out in European countries to download all the information that Apple has about you, similar to obtaining a complete record of your service data such as Facebook or Instagram. All countries users can also use this portal to erase Apple id without password. If you also think about it, this publication will help you eliminate your Apple ID.


How to delete your Apple ID?

  1. First, you must find Apple's data and privacy portal at privacy.apple.com.
  2. Then enter with your Apple ID and password you want to delete. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you should follow some
  3. additional steps to verify your identity.
  4. Now, you must click Continue on the Apple Privacy and ID entry screen.
  5. Then click on the option Start in the section Delete your account.
  6. You will now receive a notification from Apple to delete your account.
  7. Keep in mind that the removal process can take up to seven days to complete.
  8. When our account is gone, you can access any type of photos, documents and other files stored in iCloud.
  9. Therefore, before starting this process, you must make sure to follow the steps given, such as backing up your data and logging out of your devices.
  10. You must select a reason for the deletion and then click on the Continue option.
  11. Then, you must make some screens that allow you to see the information about the deletion of the account. Yes, it's not that important, but Apple wants to make sure you want to delete the account.
  12. Then you must accept the Terms and conditions of elimination.
  13. Then, select a contact form you want to use to retrieve account status updates.
  14. Now you have done all the steps.
  15. Finally, Apple will give you an updated access code that you must print or save a copy of.
  16. It will help you verify your identity if you need to contact Apple Support. It can also help you cancel the removal process.
  17. Go to the next screen and write that unique code to confirm that you have it.
  18. Finally, you will receive another message that says you cannot access anything from Apple.
  19. Then you must click on the red Delete account button.
  20. Here you have finished all the steps.
  21. Remember, it can take up to seven days to completely delete the account. During this period, you can move to the Apple Data and Privacy portal, and you can see a notification on the right side of the screen that will indicate that the deletion of your account is in process.
  22. You will receive an Apple message to the contact method that will confirm that your account is being deleted. If you wish to cancel this deletion, you can connect with the customer service and provide them with your unique identification code provided for verification. They will help you stop this process.

However, you must do so within one week before completing the elimination process.

Source: www.qxpedia.com/how-to-erase-apple-id-without-password-on-iphone-or-ipad
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review 2019-03-25 14:25
I Almost Forgot About You
I Almost Forgot About You - Terry McMillan


I Picked Up This Book Because: The author
The Characters:

Georgia Young:
Wanda, Violet, Estelle, Frankie, Stan

The Story:

This wasn’t a terrible book but the focus and insistence that Georgia's friends and family put on her being single and that she HAD TO find a man to make her life happy and complete annoyed me to no end. Don’t get me wrong, if you desire to share your life with someone that’s wonderful but this book makes it seems like your just nothing unless you are coupled up or at least screwing someone be he married/engaged/single. Yeah ,no not okay.

I liked Georgia. I liked her spirit and the fact that she was willing to make changes in her life when she found she was dissatisfied with the way it was going. She is a loyal and forgiving friend and a tireless and loving mother. She tried new things and yes not all of them worked out but she was willing to try when most people are not. I’m glad she found her happily ever after.

To be honest, this book went on too long and annoyed me to the point of almost DNFing. The writing is not bad and it’s really highly rated but just not for me.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


2 Stars

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text 2019-01-08 19:38

Source: www.facebook.com/InsufferableIntolerance/photos/a.270237376470721/1277276079100174/?type=3&theater
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