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review 2021-11-08 08:10
New Release w/Review - Frat Wars





by Saxon James



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Release Date: November 8, 2021

Cover Design: Story Styling Cover Designs
Genre: M/M College Romance
Trope: Rivals to lovers, forbidden love


We’re basically Romeo and Juliet. But dudes. And without all the dying.


Being VP of Sigma Beta Psi is wild. I get all the benefits of being in charge with hardly any of the responsibility.

Parties, pranks, and frat politics—college life has never been sweeter.

Until I meet Bailey Prince.

He has the face of a goddamn angel. I don’t know where he came from or why I’m so obsessed.

But I do know he’s a Kappa.

And our houses have a rivalry that’s written into legend.


At Rho Kappa Tau, I’m a legacy.

It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve always been responsible, never had that rebellious need to rock the boat, and I like it that way.

But after a party at Sigma—the jock frat—I meet Chad Doomsen, and for the first time in my life I want to step outside my square.

Our houses have always had a rivalry, but some of the guys seem to hate Chad specifically, and I don’t know why.

He’s surprisingly sweet and kind. At least to me.

I need to stay away. A relationship with Chad would be betraying the very legacy that brought me here.

But I can’t help myself. And it seems, neither can he.

Frat Wars is a romance between MCs from rival houses. It has friendly competitions, no hazing, and a swoony romance kept secret.

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Amazon Universal ~ https://geni.us/73ak44d




Frat Wars : King of ThievesFrat Wars : King of Thieves by Saxon James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chad already thinks he is outgrowing the pranks he gets to do with his frat mates. He loves to still do them, comes up with more on the fly, but somehow is aware life is changing. Then he sees the man that he would change it all for.

Bailey is warned about the rival fraternity and its prankster, Chad. The heart wants what the heart wants. Is there anything they can do more than just sneak around and hope to not be caught?

Lots of funny in this fast paced and full of action book. There was lots of heat and lots of pranks. I laughed my way through and loved every page.

***This early copy was given exclusively to be reviewed with honesty.

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Frat Wars - Book Two

Coming Soon

Release Date: March 23, 2022

Pre-order Link

Amazon Universal ~ https://geni.us/mMGtK

About the Author

Saxon James unapologetically writes happy endings for LGBT+ characters.

While not writing, SM is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Member of SCBWI.

Connect with Saxon

Facebook Author Page: http://bit.ly/2QSVCmS

Facebook Reader Group: http://bit.ly/36slT1W

Goodreads Author Page: http://bit.ly/2SYfPKU

Instagram: https://bit.ly/33m1XPb

Amazon Author Page: hhttps://amzn.to/2ZXjp9C

Bookbub Author Page: https://bit.ly/3fKt5MC

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review 2021-11-02 00:46
Frat Wars - James Saxon

Chad already thinks he is outgrowing the pranks he gets to do with his frat mates.  He loves to still do them, comes up with more on the fly, but somehow is aware life is changing.  Then he sees the man that he would change it all for.


Bailey is warned about the rival fraternity and its prankster, Chad.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Is there anything they can do more than just sneak around and hope to not be caught?


Lots of funny in this fast paced and full of action book.  There was lots of heat and lots of pranks.  I laughed my way through and loved every page.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given exclusively to be reviewed with honesty.

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review 2016-08-22 18:31
Fraternity of Fractures - Mark Pannebecker
Fraternity of Fractures is bold, vivid, offbeat, and incomparable. I can truly say I've never read anything like it.

This book is meant for a more mature audience, with drug usage, criminal activity, sexual content, and obscene conversations. However, it doesn't feel in your face, but rather like an honest slice of life in the Midwest during the '80s.

The three main characters are all very well-developed: contemplative Justin with his Native American roots and love of architecture, bisexual Phoenix who's musical and multifaceted, and hotheaded Dylan with his family history full of motorcycles and tragedy. Even many of the secondary characters receive their own definitive traits that don't feel like tropes.

It's hard to pin a genre to this book. It revolves around robbery, but that's simply the thread that ties Justin, Phoenix, and Dylan together, not the entire story. There's a love triangle, but the trio's struggles go much deeper than just romance.

The tension simmers throughout Fraternity of Fractures until the last few chapters, when it gradually builds to a boil. Justin and Dylan are like two sides of the same coin - so then, what happens when the coin's in the air? It's definitely worth your while to dive into the heartbreak, strangeness, and soul-searching that this story holds.
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review 2015-06-01 00:00
The Fraternity of the Soul Eater
The Fraternity of the Soul Eater - Scott A. Lerner The Fraternity of the Soul Eaters is the third of Scott's Samuel Roberts Thriller Series, and having not read books one and two I am confident in saying that this reads perfectly well alone.

I found the story a little intriguing, as a Brit, I know very little about the Fraternity's in America, I don't believe we have them over here. Anyway, it was interesting to see how they guide a person's life beyond College. I found the story line a little far-fetched, but hey we can't have it all. Women ritually murdered in a pyramid built under a college campus, yeah whatever, like I said far-fetched.

I did enjoy the characters though, who were all very well introduced and built. Sam is a guy many of us girls would love to meet, well until they realise that he's married to his job that is.

The Story has plenty of twists, and surprises making for a very exciting read for anyone. Enjoy

I received a copy of this book free in return for an Honest review
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review 2014-02-21 17:48
American Fraternity Man by Nathan Holic
American Fraternity Man - Nathan Holic

Publisher: Beating Windward Press LLC

Format: Kindle Edition

Rating: 4/5


Charles Washington, former president of his fraternity and graduate of Edison University, is on a mission. A mission to save fraternities across the land and restore them to their original purpose of safe spaces promoting brotherhood and good citizenship. However, everything from his vision to his relationships to his very moral fibre is challenged and tested as he travels the country, meeting his brothers - young and old -, and uncovers what is beneath the surface of his beloved fraternity and the Greek system as a whole. 


I didn't really know what to expect when I purchased this book (at a bargain price I might add). I can't even remember how I came across it. Perhaps on a Goodreads list? Anyway, my only encounter with Greek life has been ABC's short lived series Greek. American Fraternity Man is quite different to the TV show, which is very light hearted. There are some complex themes and a depth to this book that I was pleasantly surprised by. 


The story is mainly about that first year after college - the transition to adulthood. At one point, Charles quips “Finally, my life was feeling like an Outlook calendar, not a Facebook page.” (pg 83). We’ve all been there, haven’t we? That point where you suddenly feel like you’ve grown up. Then again, this 'transition' to adulthood rarely takes place within the first year of graduating because it takes more than a year to figure out who you are and where you want to go. I suppose it could be argued we are making this 'transition' constantly but...this isn't the place for that kind of discussion. 


There's a great deal of thought provoking sociological discourse on the 'Millennial Generation' throughout the book. Most prominently is the thought that Millennials are pushing a compassion boom meaning they (we?!) are eschewing high paying, (formerly) high status positions in favour of poorly paid work for non-profits or organisations seeming to want to make the world a better place. Some of the theories suggest this is because Millennials have nothing to prove, per se. There was also an interesting discussion between Charles and a professor of the ‘Millennial Generation’. The professor claimed Millennials want to join every society, team, and fraternity/sorority because they “crave programming” (pg 343) thanks to helicopter parenting. In the end, for me, the debate boiled down to the Millennial Generation being, as the professor says, “A Hero Generation, capable of changing the world” (pg 338) or a directionless, lost generation run out of steam. Burnt out by 25. Unsure of what work is because a 9-5 pushing papers just isn’t fulfilling, is it? And everything else up until that point, every team, club, exam, whatever, has been for a reason - to get into university, to boost your overall grade, to put on your CV for the job...the job that turns out to not seem to have a purpose in the grand scheme of things? Or your supposed grand scheme of things. I don’t know - I’m not a scholar in this subject but that’s how it feels to me and this is my generation so... 


Anyway, back to the book itself and the characters within: Charles was not your typical, flawless hero. He tried too hard and made some dodgy decisions but ultimately he felt like he was doing something he believed in and managed to dredge up enthusiasm from goodness knows where for, what seemed like, a pretty hopeless cause. I really liked Jenn because despite being physically absent throughout most of the story, she was always there in my mind. Perhaps because I’m a female reader and identified with her to a certain extent? As for Charles’s motivational speaker manager, well we could see his true nature from the very beginning, which made it even more tense when Charles figured out the long game. There were many, many supporting characters - after all, Charles had dozens of fraternities to visit - so it was clever to keep them all in check and make sure they were distinct but also keep the same types cropping up in each fraternity - the one’s like Charles, the really fratty types, the always second-in-command types, and so on. 


As I said before, I didn’t know anything about Greek Life other than what I’d seen on Greek, so I cannot say whether or not this was an accurate, authentic depiction. However, the fact that I was a newbie didn’t mean the story was inaccessible to me, which is definitely a positive. Considering everything mentioned about the Millennials, it would be interesting to know if Greek membership is up or down. 


There was some great stuff on social media and how it just seemed to explode. One minute people were tapping away on Livejournal and ranking friends on Myspace (which I forgot about, how mean was that?!) then BOOM Facebook arrives for the masses and Twitter and everything else. Remember how everyone had a Blackberry or a normal phone and then you blinked and suddenly everyone, including your grandma, had an iPhone? Nowadays, we all (supposedly) know what we can and cannot put out there on social media if we want to maintain our integrity but this story points out how difficult it must have been for the graduates during this time. They didn’t know their employers were onto this whole Facebook thing, so a lot of what should have been private probably ended up being seen by people who had no business looking. Charles had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Facebook. How does he keep up with his friends - and his long distant girlfriend - but also remain professional and set apart from the fraternity members he’s lecturing? If the President-to-be has Facebook, why can’t he? In this respect, the book reminded me a bit of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, where the characters are dealing with the Millennium Bug and emailing at work. 


Overall, I found this story really intriguing (can you tell by how long this review is?!). It was kind of on the long side - maybe some of the visits could’ve been cut out but then I suppose Charles’s unravelling wouldn’t be as believable. A minor complaint either way. This is definitely a read for anyone interested in Greek Life or the Millennial Generation or if you just like a good college based novel. We keep saying we need more of them, don’t we? 

Source: sophsophia.blogspot.com/2014/02/american-fraternity-man-by-nathan-holic.html
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