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review 2017-03-19 16:18
Freebie Finding: Sacrificed to the Dragon
Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons) (Volume 1) - Jessie Donovan

This one is hard to rate. There is nothing wrong with it. There aren't any, or many (nothing stood out) typos or mistakes, it's a decent story, it's in a genre I love, DRAGONS, good length, etc. It just wasn't wonderful. I feel the writing was simplistic. This author could totally rock a young adult, middle grade, and possibly even new adult novel. I feel like some simple word substitution would make a humongous difference.


In a nut she'll this is anot note resting story written with proper grammar, but could use some tweaking. I did enjoy this.  

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text 2016-08-04 23:36
Reading progress update: I've read 3%.
Nolander - Becca Mills

It had been different before Mom died. When she was around, her house on Fourth Street had been our gathering place.


Funny thing is that our family gathering place before our mother passed had been my parents home, on Fourth Street.

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review 2016-07-20 14:06
The Mating (Book 3 Law of Lychans) Freebie Find Win Number Two
The Mating - Nicky Charles

I read this a couple of years back and remembered it being good enough for me to buy the rest of the of the books in the series. This time around it was still good.


In this we are introduced to quite a few characters. They are members of a wolf shifter pack. Actually two packs. There is an arranged mating between the alpha of one pack and the daughter of the an alpha of another pack. Though neither of these wolves are enthused byt the situation, they go through with the plan and mate so that their packs will be best benefitted by an alliance.


I love both of the main characters in this. The author is very good at character development, and gives us an array of characters. There is one character I really hate, but I am supposed to hate her, she's very self centered, conniving, and does a good job at making sure she has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes about what she truly is like. The author not only tells us a love story, but also one of mystery, of forgetting and moving on from a difficult past, and also of loyalty and deceit. This is a stand alone novel, and if anyone chooses to rad this series I have a few that cost money that are loanable for kindle.


This is the second win book I have found on my search of the minefield of free books on Amazon.


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review 2016-07-19 00:29
Ivy's Tangle (book 1)- first freebie find
Ivy's Tangle (Legend of the White Sword Book 1) - P.D. Kalnay

This is very well written. It is not too often you find a story with this much character development on this age group. I love the setting, a huge estate bordering a mystic, off limits forest. As the characters expired there setting it really came to life in my minds, this was my favorite thing about this book.

The story follows a fourteen year old boy as he moves in with his grandmother. This boy is used to being moved around, his parents never stay in one place for long, and to top it off he has been bounced back in forth between the two of them almost all his life. We also have a girl named Ivy who is not like ordinary girls her age in any way. She is smaller than most, the way she speaks is off and comes across as snobish, and she has no knowledge of modern day technology (never seen a movie, etc.). We get to read as a boy learns to handle a sword, a girl excells in gardening through very peculiar actions, and the mystery of the forest starts to reveal itself.

At th he end of this story I am still left without knowing too much of where this is going. Normally that would bug the check out of me, but not with this story. All this does is make me want to move forward til the next book. This is fantasy, and I expect to see much more fanatical elements take in the next book, but not here. The author just sort of teases the reader with little oddities here and there.

This book, at the time of this review, is free on Amazon. This is my first win in my hunt to find the good freebie books on Amazon. Book two will be added to my wish list and read after I have finished my freebie hunt.

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text 2016-07-16 10:09
Many Lives of Avery Snow
The Many Lives of Avery Snow - Christy Sloat

Dnf at 10%. The wording could use some changing. Some punctuation mistakes. Things usually taken care of when the book is polished up for publication. Needs tweaking.


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