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review 2015-01-29 21:33
Full Nelson is a full fail.
Teacher's Pet (Full Nelson Book 3) - Jeff Erno

"Teacher's Pet" is my third and final attempt at this series and was also the story I liked the least.

I'm not going to rehash the reasons why I don't like Chris and Ethan, they're in my review of book 2 'Glitter'.


I'm just going to say that I liked this story even less and the ending...well let's just say that for me it was over the top and part of it was just too contrived and in bad taste.

I really had a hard time with the fact that the spouses of 2 of the murder victims magically found romance together. "Gee, your husband and my husband were killed by the same person, it must be Karma bringing us together because I really wanted to have a relationship with someone who would totally understand my loss and be a reminder of the senseless violence that took the love of my life from me." Sorry, just no...N-O...NO!!!" This is not the kind of HEA bow I like to see my books wrapped in. 

(spoiler show)


So this is it for me and this series we are now officially done.

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review 2015-01-29 19:35
Best of the bunch...
Glitter (Full Nelson Book 2) - Jeff Erno

"Glitter" was for me the best book of the 3 that I read in Jeff Erno's 'Full Nelson' series. I enjoyed the character of Glitter and the club where she worked was filled with some interesting personalities that showed strong potential for their own stories, however, my biggest problem with this series is I just don't care for the main character.


Chris Nelson is the main character in this series, hence the title and he's a total disconnect for me. I think he's suppose to be a hot headed cop with a heart of gold who's passionate about his work or at least that's the impression I think the author wants us to have most of the time I feel like he's a bit of a self centred jerk who stumbles onto the solutions by accident and I don't get Ethan at all but he really doesn't have much page time. Ethan is suppose to be a school teacher who doesn't seem to be smart enough to figure out that he can't cook...sorry Ethan, you need to just give it up, this shtick of cooking when you can't just doesn't work for me, it's boring and it makes Ethan at times came off as being a real dumb bunny and a total piece of fluff.


The other big issue I had with these stories is the time line book one starts with Chris & Ethan going away to celebrate their anniversary after nearly 4 years together. Also according to book 1 they are married, I believe somewhere it says this is their 3rd anniversary, however, in book 2 Chris says that he and Ethan have been married 'almost 2 years' and book 3 has a comment about how they plan on getting married when the state they live in legalizes marriage for same sex partners...so yes, confusing. Are they married or aren't they? and for how long? This kind of timeline confusion for me is just not cool.


Sadly the only thing about Chris & Ethan that I know for sure is that they like to role play. This was made very clear throughout the course of these stories and even more sadly there was rarely, if ever any relevance to the role playing nor did it in any way enhance the story at times I also found it more than a little bit annoying as it was almost like an infomercial...we interrupt this story to bring you further details on the role playing activities of Chris & Ethan? Really? who cares...not I said the reader as she started skimming the pages to get back to the story at hand.


So the question remains why 3 stars? Mostly because I really liked the character of Andrew Brooks a young man who works as a drag queen at Bambi's, the club where most of this story takes place. I also liked his younger brother Todd, who appears to be something that he's not. Then there's Andrew's mother. Not the perfect mother, but a mother who loves her sons enough to be willing to re-evaluate her own beliefs and values when she realizes that they don't coincide with the unconditional love her son deserves. To me these characters showed the potential to create a strong and interesting story with people that I could relate to and want to know more about rather than a  cop who seems to like spending a lot of time on his soapbox telling others how they should think and feel as he stumbles from one crime to the next and and then goes home to role play with his partner who should be a fun loving, teacher who cares passionately about the world around him and the impact he has on the young minds that he has chosen to be help educate and yet he comes across as little more than eye candy and fluff.

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review 2015-01-19 14:59
This is a first for me...
Secrets - Jeff Erno

I have to confess this is the first time I've ever done this, write a review for a book that I haven't fully finished but I'm 90% done and I'm not feeling like there's anything earthshaking that's going to change my mind and this is my last chance to do this before getting ready to go on vacation for a week so it's not or never...well not really never.


I've really been looking forward to this book. I thought it sounded good. I love a good mystery and this one felt like it would deliver which it did in a way. My problem was that the story I got fell short of the story I was expecting. The elements were all there we have a gay cop with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, married to an adorable school teacher, we have a murder, we have a killer who's confessed but has more holes in his story than swiss cheese and we have a raft of potential candidates and everybody has a secret they're keeping that gets in the way of Chris Nelson (our cop) solving the puzzle that is his latest assignment but also leads him to a motive that would fill any decent person with rage and a lack of guilt over our victims demise, I know I was. Also did I forget to mention that Chris"OH HELL NO I WORK ALONE" gets a new partner and this woman's got spine so she doesn't back down just because Chris growls a little. So many things there to make a good and interesting story and yet at times for want of a better description I was bored, my attention wandered.


So at the end, or nearly the end. It was an ok story and I have every intention of finishing it.  I also have every intention of reading book #2 and #3. I hoping as is sometimes the case with a series that each successive book brings more life and detail to the characters and that just like a real relationship the authors comfort with the characters translates to a smoother more fluid relationship in the story and I start to feel the connection between the MCs that the author is trying to establish. So while this was not a great read for me, it's still one worth pursuing at least for a little longer.

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