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review 2019-09-13 04:01
Galway Girl - Ken Bruen

Against all odds, Galway’s best known fixer is still alive & kicking. Well…kicking may be an exaggeration. Jack Taylor is in a bit of a funk. All the years of hard living are catching up with him & a recent loss has him in a tailspin.


If that weren’t bad enough, people around him are dropping like flies. A lovely young cop who made the mistake of being seen with him, another he used to work with…both were killed in brazen attacks. If he didn’t know better, Jack might think he’s the common denominator. Oh wait…


Jack has always been a well read guy so I hope he’s up on his Faulkner because the past has just come roaring back to haunt him. The story picks up on events from book #11 (Green Hell) one of the best in the series IMHO. In this instalment, someone is out to destroy everyone Jack cares about before finishing him off. The reason? Well, that would be telling. But we soon learn why an unlikely trio of killers has painted a target on his back.   


Jericho is a young Galway girl who’s….uh….a little different (I really don’t want to tick her off). She’s come back to get revenge for a loved one & as far as she’s concerned it’s all Jack’s fault. But she needs help & quickly recruits a couple of locals who have their own bones to pick with the former guard. And so begins a deadly game designed to make him suffer. Let’s face it, Jack doesn’t have a lot of friends left & he’s in no shape to take another emotional hit. But having nothing to lose can be very liberating.


Jeez Louise, this one had me looking over MY shoulder, never mind Jack’s. The first “Holy Crap” moment comes at 5% in & the narrative keeps you nervous as you try to anticipate Jericho’s next move. In typical style, the author mixes violence with Jack’s darkly humorous observations on books, sport, politics & Irish culture. It should come across as the story of a bitter man who’s hit rock bottom but Bruen includes small moments that give us a glimmer of hope for his long suffering anti-hero. I had no idea where this was going & I defy any reader to predict how it ends. All I’ll say is if you happen to suffer from ornithophobia you might want to follow Jack’s lead & keep the Jameson nearby.


It’s bleak, Irish noir laced with the blackest of humour. In other words, it’s Bruen. So I’ll end with this. Jack, we have to chat. I love you like a brother & worry about you between books. But after the events of this one, I’m rethinking our relationship. Maybe we should keep it casual. You know, like pen pals or something.




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text 2019-07-10 08:01
What Are Various Logo Design Tools For Beginners?

Business success depends on a range of factors like the level of customer service a company provides and the quality of their products and services. This said, brands must also create and maintain a visual identity that would set them apart from the rest of other like businesses, hence making them recognizable anywhere. The best way to solidify this brand identity is through logo design Galway. A logo serves as an iconic representation of a brand, allowing customers to associate an image with their overall perception and experience of and with a business.


Designing a logo is best done through a professional service, but there are numerous design tools that you can try your hand at, if you want to venture into logo design Galway. There are all sorts of graphics editing packages that are available in the market. These are vector graphics tools and editors that allow logos and graphics to be scaled down or up to any size while retaining their crisp and sharp quality, as opposed to a non-vector image editing software. Finding the right tool or program to use for logo design Galway shouldn’t be difficult if you are familiar with some of the most widely used applications in the industry.


Adobe Illustrator, for instance, can be considered the best overall logo design software program, thanks to its robust set of tools and capabilities. Adobe’s creative suite is definitely the gold standard when it comes to image manipulation and graphics design programs. Adobe Illustrator or AI is a vector graphics suite that’s packed with a range of advanced design features, enabling users to create any type of logo or icon they want, along with drawings, graphics, and other artwork that can be used for all kinds of marketing purposes. Logos and graphics created in AI scales perfectly according to your requirements and it allows the addition of various design elements, including textual elements in logos. There are also tools for adding effects, editing individual characters, and managing styles, depending on how you wish your logo or icon to look like.


Similar design and graphics tools are widely available in the market, like CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Logojoy, Canva, and others that offer AI capabilities, hybrid raster and vector features, and other useful capabilities for logo and graphics design.

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text 2019-04-10 12:39
The Best Way to Go in For Professional Business Logo Design Services in Dublin

Your logo is the identity of your business, so you need to make sure that it can effectively reflect your company’s ideals and what your business is about. This is also the reason why designing one should be left to the experts who are known for providing professional business logo design services in Dublin. With their help, you can use a high-quality logo that can go perfectly with your brand, while making your business easy to remember. Experts often go for distinctiveness when designing unique logos for every business, so you can be sure that yours will stand out and will easily be associated with your company.


The success of your branding efforts can depend on your logo design. The fonts, colours, styles, and other elements used on it will help create a lasting impression on your business. Professional business logo design services in Dublin guarantee world-class designs at a reasonable cost. Just be sure to choose only the most experienced professional logo designers. Verify their credibility and the quality of their work by exploring their portfolio and getting to know the other businesses they have served. Consider getting a quote, too, so you know exactly what you will be paying for.


Professional business logo design is not just for large and successful companies in Dublin. Some specialists offer cost-effective logo design services for small to medium enterprises, too. This way, the service is available to any type of business that wants to look its best. A well-executed and well-designed logo will be worth investing as it will help leave an effective and lasting impression with your prospective customers and existing clients.


Experts in business logo design start by getting to know your requirements and your company’s identity before creating a selection of designs. You can narrow the designs down to only those that you find appropriate for your business, or you can suggest improvements to existing designs until the designers can come up with the best image for your company. Once you have decided on a logo, the designers will prepare it in different formats, so you can easily include it on your products, promotional materials, websites, social media pages, and other types of media where it must appear.

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review 2019-02-22 08:47
Book Review – Dead Witch on a Bridge, by Gretchen Galway
Dead Witch on a Bridge (Sonoma Witches #1) - Gretchen Galway

Dead Witch on a Bridge is the first book I read by Gretchen Galway, so I didn’t know what to expect. The book is the beginning of a series called Sonoma Witches, and the action takes place in a world where magic exists, but humans are kept in the dark about it. I find it to some degree reminiscent of the Harry Potter world. Regular humans are referred to as nonmags. Unlike Harry Potter, the action takes place in the present day, and witches don’t necessarily need a wand to do magic, although in at least one instance there’s a reference to a witch getting her wand ready.

The story follows Alma Bellrose, a witch ‘honorably discharged’ with an incurable inability from the Protectorate (witches’ ruling authority) because she couldn’t kill a demon. No longer an agent of the Protectorate, Alma had to find other means to earn a living, so she now sells magic infused beads made of redwood.

Her world is turned upside down when she finds her ex-boyfriend, Tristan dead on a bridge at night. The plot thickens after the sudden visit of her infamous father, a notorious thief accused of stealing a powerful artifact and the Protectorate tries to pin the murder on Alma. Her only chance is to find Tristan’s killer and clear her name.

The demon she failed to kill still visits her from time to time and shamelessly flirts with her.

“I like what you’ve done with your hair,” he said, gracefully dancing out of the way. “The natural curls go with the wild-witch-in-the-forest thing.”
“Just because I didn’t kill you that night doesn’t mean I won’t hurt you now.”The smirk faded from his lips.
“All right. I couldn’t resist. I heard about the Protector’s death and had to see if it was true. I came to see you because…it seemed polite.”
I went over and cleaned up the remains of the towel, this time dumping it in the trash. “Courtesy accomplished, now you can go home and celebrate. Set your own towels on fire.”
“I’m sorry you lost a friend,” he said softly. Delayed grief stung my eyelids. “Well, I can confirm he’s dead. Very dead.”I cleared my throat.
“Let me comfort you.”He held out his arms in a display of faux paternal comfort that was even less convincing than my father’s had been.”

Dead Witch on a Bridge manages to combine fantasy and mystery in a magic book filled with wonderful characters, none of which is what they seem. What I enjoyed most about the story was its lack of predictability. Friends aren’t always friends and enemies aren’t always enemies. It was a real page-turner, and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Source: www.summonfantasy.com/book-reviews/book-review-dead-witch-on-a-bridge-by-gretchen-galway
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review 2018-06-29 04:37
In the Galway Silence - Ken Bruen

After finishing “The Emerald Lie”, I wasn’t sure if Jack Taylor would be with us much longer. Yet here he is…bleary eyed & bushy tailed. But there’s something odd about him. It’s like he’s…*gasp*…happy. He’s cut down on drink & cigs, quit the PI biz & has a new woman in his life. Initially the only fly in the ointment is her pompous 9 year old son.


But who are we kidding? This is Ken Bruen & he seems to revel in putting Jack through the ringer. In the prologue, we watch as teenage twin brothers meet a horrible end. Their wealthy father approaches Jack with a job. Find the killer.


Jack has just about recovered from a recent brush with mortality & isn’t eager to descend back into the world of thugs & violence where his investigations inevitably lead. Still, it seems pretty straight forward. Oh Jack…that should have been your first clue. Turns out the twins were spoiled, psychopathic gits & the only real surprise is no one killed them sooner. Then he runs up against the man responsible & life as he knows it is over. A master manipulator, the killer proceeds to dismantle Jack’s new life from the inside. What else can he do but welcome back his dark side?


This is a quick read full of twists, violence & a kind of psychological warfare that leaves Jack reeling. He’s used to dealing with “disagreements” the Irish way. You either ignore it or get right up in its face. This time someone is getting to him by infiltrating the lives of those he loves. Jack’s not used to feeling helpless & has no choice but to return to his former life.


I suspect there’s not a lot of ambivalence when it comes to whether or not you’re a fan. You either like his stuff or you don’t. I love it. No one writes like Bruen. Bleak, gritty & darkly funny…all written with the soul of a poet who composes each book as a love letter to Galway. We see everything through Jack’s eyes & become well acquainted with the ghosts that haunt him still. The narrative is lean & light on dialogue. Instead, we listen in on Jack’s thoughts as he ponders everything from how to kill a guy to the simple pleasure of a perfectly poured pint. Galway’s streets come alive through the characters he meets & his wry observations. Liberally sprinkled around the prose are quotes & comments from politicians, authors & musicians that pertain to the central theme of silence. He’s also a prolific reader & I always enjoy his terse book reviews.


I’ve got a big soft spot for Jack & this is one of my favourites in the series. If you haven’t read Bruen before, I’d recommend starting at the beginning (‘The Guards”). That way, if you fall under his spell you’ve got a whack of books to look forward to.





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