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review 2022-09-29 21:27
Bad Trips - Slava Pastuk


Having watched the show, Vice, I was curious to hear Slava's side of the story. His arrest was publicized, so I had an interest to know the details.
He sure didn't spare any. To the point, the middle of the book is a little boring. We didn't need every little detail I guess. Okay though.
It was very interesting to learn of the connection to El Chapo. Though I wasn't surprised since it was a Columbian drug cartel that he dealt with. 
As far as stories about true crime in the way of drug smuggling, this one is intriguing. Using the people and resources you have to be greedy, let's face it, that's always what it is. Greed.
Do I think he is sitting in jail after writing this a changed man? No. Doubtful. When he does get out who knows what will happen....
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/09/bad-trips-slava-pastuk-40.html
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review 2022-09-24 16:06
Judgement Call - E.B. Roshan


So when I agreed to read this novella, I had no idea it was book 5. I have to admit, as I started reading, I felt like I was missing something. It took off right away, and I felt a little lost. Reading the previous books probably makes a difference.
With that said, I did start to enjoy the story in the end of the book. It took a moment to understand what was happening. Having no backstory, I didn't understand why one guy was mad at the others. Or why he wanted to enact revenge so bad. I did learn it at the very end and was good with it.
Kiva is my favorite character, which is crazy since I disliked him for most of the story. I thought he was a little controlling at first but that died off when he did what he did. He became the hero.
I wish I had time to read the other stories because I feel like as a whole the series would be fantastic. I just started in the wrong spot.
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/09/judgement-call-eb-roshan-39.html
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review 2022-09-21 15:53
The Quiche Of Death - M.C. Beaton
The Quiche of Death - M.C. Beaton
After reading a book so far ahead in the Hamish McBeth series and loving it, I decided to see what the author's books were really all about and find a series starter. I found a deal for this Agatha Raisin starter and decided to give it a try. Right from the get-go, it grabbed me. I love the spunk of Miss Raisin and just know she is going to be a character that sticks with me. And she certainly does!
I have to admit, it would have been a 5 star read had I not known from the start who the killer was. I had a niggling suspicion all along and when it turned out to be so I was slightly disappointed. Odd, but I didn't want to be right. The book would have ended a lot sooner though had it not played out the way it did.
I definitely need to continue this series! Agatha is a character made for me!
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/09/the-quiche-of-death-mc-beaton-37.html
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review 2022-09-20 16:15
A Gift Of Joy And Hope - Pope Francis


I am a Catholic, though not devout.
Still, when I had the opportunity to read Pope Francis' book I couldn't resist. He is the most encouraging and modern Pope. I looked forward to what would lay within these pages.
I also didn't know what I would get other than words of encouragement and inspiration to chase my faith. Which I got exactly that and yet I was still surprised. 
I guess there was a naïve part of me that hoped for more personal accounts to connect the motivations to his life. How can you teach without also learning?
It was a good read, but one I know most may not partake in. They should though. Even if you are not religious. It can help in times of woe, need and just a general pick-me-up.
This is definitely a great book when you need a spiritual awakening.
Visit my website to win a copy of your own! (US & Canada)
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/09/win-gift-of-joy-and-hope-pope-francis.html
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review 2022-09-14 16:29
The Laguna Shores Research Club - Laura Kelly Robb


I was really into this book and then the ending happened.
The ending was rushed. Like we went from the arrest at the crime scene to the courtroom in a flash, and I'm still wondering how it got there so fast. It came together, but I still wasn't a fan of that ending.
The ending didn't ruin the story though, no matter how rushed it was.
The rest of the book was intense, intriguing and a page-turner. You were invested in the story and needed the details.
Hopefully the next book has a better ending but I will definitely continue.
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/09/the-laguna-shores-research-club-laura.html
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