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review 2018-10-09 11:49
The Moor
The Moor - John Haysom

by Sam Haysom


This story is divided in an odd way. It starts with a news clip about two missing boys. There are occasional time jumps forward, written in present tense alternating with memories, which is all rather jumpy.


When it gets to a proper chapter one, the story becomes mostly linear. There are other news clips and time jumps interspersed, but basically the story is told from the pov of five different boys involved in the camping trip that led to the boys going missing, each of them having their own section, though each one progresses the story further forward.


First is James, the overweight boy who doesn't really want to go but gives into peer pressure to be part of the group. Then Gary who has an unfortunate habit of playing sick practical jokes. He's followed by Tom, a bigger boy who defends James against his friend Gary's jokes when they get out of hand, then Tim who is a small boy, son of the responsible adult leading the group and doesn't have many friends. The sequence of events is finished up by Matt, who is the sharpest of the boys and takes us through the climax of the story, which was very well done. The details and built up suspense were definitely worthy.


Through these various points of view, we slowly learn what happened, why each of the boys took part in the camping trip, what sort of person they appear as to the others and how the two boys went missing. Some of the story gets rather horrific. I sort of guessed what had to happen in the end, though not how it would play out.


This is apparently a debut book by a young author. I think he's going to be one for the Horror enthusiasts to watch.

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text 2018-10-08 19:32
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Carolina Moon - Nora Roberts



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review 2015-08-27 07:42
Life wasn't fair of unfair; it was simply unexpected. Sometimes life's surprises were breathtakingly beautiful. Sometimes they were breathtakingly cruel. But surprises were always the raw material of life.
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review 2014-10-02 05:31
Time couldn't heal his wounds. Because time had stood still.
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text 2013-11-13 20:27
Reading order - In Death by J.D. Robb


#1 ~ Naked in Death (Eve and Roarke) 

#2 ~ Glory in Death

#3 ~ Immortal in Death

#4 ~ Rapture in Death

#5 ~ Ceremony in Death

#6 ~ Vengeance in Death

#7 ~ Holiday in Death

#7.5 ~ Midnight in Death

#8 ~ Conspiracy in Death

#9 ~ Loyalty in Death

#10 ~ Witness in Death

#11 ~ Judgement in Death

#12 ~ Betrayal in Death

12.5 ~ Interlude in Death

#13 ~ Seduction in Death

#14 ~ Reunion in Death

#15 ~ Purity in Death

#16 ~ Portrait in Death

#17 ~ Imitation in Death

17.5 ~ Remember When

#18 ~ Divided in Death

#19 ~ Visions in Death

#20 ~ Survivor in Death

#21 ~ Origin in Death

#22 ~ Memory in Death

#22.5 Haunted in Death

#23 ~ Born in Death

#24 ~ Innocent in Death

#24.5 ~ Eternity in Death

#25 ~ Creation in Death

#26 ~ Strangers in Death

#27 ~ Salvation in Death

#27.5 ~ Ritual in Death

#28 ~ Promises in Death

#29 ~ Kindred in Death

#29.5 ~ Missing in Death

#30 ~ Fantasy in Death

#31 ~ Indulgence in Death

#31.5 ~ Possession in Death

#32 ~ Treachery in Death

#33 ~ New York to Dallas

#33.5 ~ Chaos in Death

#34 ~ Celebrity in Death

#35 ~ Delusions in Death

#36 ~ Calculated in Death

#37 ~ Thankless in Death

#37.5 ~ Taken in Death

#38 ~ Concealed in Death -Feb 2014



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