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text 2018-05-26 06:50
Islamic/Muslim Boy Baby Names with Starting Letter B

Find Islamic/Muslim Boy Baby Names with Starting Letter B.  Baby Names Collection having A to Z Muslim/Islamic Boy Baby Names Collection with Meanings.  List of Stylish, Unique, And Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names with their Meanings.




List of Muslim Boy Baby Names Starting with Alphabet “B”


1.   BAB- gate- gateway- or court.

2. BABA- father.

3. BADR- full moon.

4. BAHA- the ineffable splendor.

5. BAKR- cow- or- a young he-camel.

6. BAQIR- abounding in knowledge.

7.  BARAKAT- blessings.

8. BARKAN- barragan- a kind of coarse- black woollen garment of Moorish manufacture.

9. BÁSIM- a smile.

10.           BASIR- seer.

11. BASIT- one who enlarges.

12.           BASSAM- smiling greatly.

13.           BEDR- full moon.

14.           BIL- ("The Lord"); a Himyaritic deity.

15.           BILAL- moisture- or- beneficence.

16.           BIRDADDA- Birvul- king of Arabia.

17.            BIRVUL- Birdadda- a king of Arabia.

18.           BOTROS- a rock.

19.           BOULOS- small.

20.          BOUTROS- a rock.

21.           BRAHEEM- father of a multitude.

22.          BRAHIM- father of a multitude.

23.          BUDUIL- king of the Ammonites.

24.          BULUS- small.

25.          BUTRUS- a rock.















Source: www.babynamescollection.com/names/muslim/boy/b
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text 2018-05-24 06:48
Tamil Girl Baby Names with Starting Letter B | List of Tamil Girl Baby Names with B

Popular Tamil Girl Baby Names Collection Starting with Letter B


Baby Names Collection having huge collection of indian tamil girl baby names with their meanings, rashi, nakshatra, birth date, origin of birth, and numerology etc. Find suitable tamil girl baby names to your cute newborn baby from Tamil Girl Baby Names Collection.

Find list of tamil girl baby names with starting letter B. Our baby names database providing huge collection of tamil baby names from A to Z baby names collection.



List of Popular Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting with Alphabet B


1.     Bageshri - name of a raaga

2.     Bahula - a star

3.     Baidehi - Sita

4.     Baijayanthi - garland of Lord Vishnu

5.     Baisakhi - of the month Baishakh

6.     Baishali - an ancient city

7.     Bakul - the name of a flower

8.     Bakula - Nagakeshar flower

9.     Bala - girl

10.  Ballari - creeper

11.  Banamala - forests

12.  Banani - forests

13.  Bandana - worship

14.  Bandhula - charming

15.  Bandhura - pretty

16.  Banhi - fire

17.  Banhishikha - flame

18.  Banita - woman

19.  Bansari - flute

20.  Barnali - Dispersion of seven colors

21.  Barsha - rain

22.  Baruna - wife of the Lord of the sea

23.  Baruni - Goddess Durga

24.  Basabi - wife of Lord Indra

25.  Basanti - of spring

26.  Bela - a flower-jasmine

27.  Beli - a flower-jasmine

28.  Benazir - incomparable

29.  Bhadra - gentle

30.  Bhagirathi - the river Ganga

31.  Bhagwanti - lucky

32.  Bhagya - lucky

33.  Bhagyalakshmi - goddess of wealth

34.  Bhagyashree - fortunate

35.  Bhagyawati - fortunate

36.  Bhairavi - a melody in classical music

37.  Bhakti - devotion

38.  Bhamini - woman

39.  Bhanuja - river Yamuna

40.  Bhanumati - full of lustre

41.  Bhanupriya - beloved of the sun

42.  Bharani - Name of a celestial star

43.  Bharati - Goddess Saraswati

44.  Bhargavi - Goddess Parvati

45.  Bhavana - feelings; sentiments

46.  Bhavini - Goddess Parvati

47.  Bhavna - meditation; thinking

48.  Bhilangana - a river

49.  Bhoomi - the earth

50.  Bhoomika - the earth

51.  Bhuvana - the earth

52.  Bimala - pure

53.  Bina - a musical instrument

54.  Binata - the wife of Sage Kashyap

55.  Bindiya - drop; point

56.  Bindu - a drop

57.  Binodini - handsome; beautiful Radha

58.  Bipasha - a river; Beas

59.  Bishakha - a star

60.  Bratati - creeper

61.  Brinda - the basil plant; Radha

62.  Bulbul - a songbird

63.  Bulbuli - a songbird


Find Tamil Girl/Female Names with Starting Alphabet B


Discover popular indian tamil girl baby names beginning with letter B. Get ideas about naming your new born baby. For more details, please feel free to visit our site and search new and trendy tamil girl baby names with starting Letter B.


List of Unique Tamil Girl Baby Names Beginning with Letter B




name of a raaga


Nagakeshar flower


an ever 9 year old girl, a young girl






goddess of wealth


a melody in classical music


river Yamuna




feelings, sentiments




grand, splendid


the earth


a musical instrument


drop, point




Discover More Girl/Female Baby Names Ideas with Alphabet B



More Details Please Visit Our Website: http://www.babynamescollection.com/

Source: www.babynamescollection.com/names/tamil/girl/b
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review 2018-05-23 20:41
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl - Issa Rae

The Story:

Sitting here a full 26 hours after finishing I don’t have anything significant to say about this book. I enjoyed listening to it. I laughed and commiserated with Issa’s pain. I had wonderful nostalgic memories of 90’s music. I was jealous that I didn’t come from such a multicultural family and do not speak more than one language.

Overall the book was well written and narrated and kept me interested.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4 Stars

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review 2018-05-23 17:57
Reads as Unfinished
Fat Girl on a Plane - Kelly deVos

Please note that I received his via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review.



I had a hard time with this one. I think the back and forth of the story-lines, Cookie being "fat" and Cookie afterwards being "skinny" just made the flow of this book slow to a crawl. We also had to keep re-reading the same point made over and over again. I also thought Cookie's relationship (she's 19) with an older man (he's 31) did not read as loving or even romantic, it was just messed up the whole way through. I also didn't like the resolution between her and her supposed best friend Thomas, he was a jerk and a user who didn't stand up for her at all. DeVos tries to wrap things up in a nice tidy bow, it just didn't really work. 


So I was initially intrigued by the premise of this novel. We have a young woman (Cookie) who is the daughter of a well known model who has struggled with her weight for a number of years. When she has an awful experience trying to fly and is forced to buy a second seat she decides that she is over having to deal with being treated as less than due to her size. Deciding to join a weight loss company (think Jenny Craig but called NutriNation) she finally starts to lose the weight. However, she has a harder time putting to rest a lot of things she has carried with her. 


Cookie Vonn is dealing with her first year at college and is off to interview a well known fashion designer, Gareth Miller. Newly skinny, she meets Gareth on a plane and does her best to resist him. When he offers her an opportunity to design clothes with him she ping pongs between being with him and avoiding her past. 


I honestly don't know about Cookie. I was meh on her for most of this book. Probably because she has a lot of issues that I don't think are worked out very well in the end. She had an absentee mother and father who sound like the worst. A stepfather who is creepy. And a solid grandmother. Until her best friend Thomas ditched her for someone awful, she seemed to be doing alright. I just didn't buy that the girl who are introduced to in this book would be so foolish to get involved with Gareth, there is no substance there at all. 


Speaking of Gareth, I was bored of reading about the lifestyles of the rich and famous (the "Skinny" chapters) with her and Gareth flying everywhere and her being hot for him. I wanted to actually read more about design, the history of fashion, some more descriptions of clothing that Cookie was making. The fashion for the most part takes a back seat. 


The other characters don't work at all either. Cookie's parents are barely in this, but the backstory to them doesn't work very well. Things are also left hanging between Cookie and her parents too so we don't even get a resolution. 


I loathed Thomas. Sorry. All of the mess that went down between him and Cookie, I think that her grandmother telling her to keep taking the high road was nonsense. She was wronged and even arrested (mild spoiler) cause of his actions. He chooses to be with someone who dismisses Cookie and calls her Cankles. His entire actions shows that he doesn't care about her at all. I was fine with him disappearing in the "Skinny" chapters until he shows his face again. 


We get some other minor characters that don't really sing for me at all. 


The writing didn't really work for me in the "Skinny" sections. In the "Fat" chapters with Cookie finishing up her last year of high school and dealing with the loss of her best friend to a new nemesis, I felt that book was more authentic for me as a reader. If deVos could have found a way to make the two versions of Cookie work together, this would have been a different book. 


The flow was not good. I don't even know what to say. Thank goodness for the chapter headings telling me where we were in Cookie's personal journey cause I would have been lost. Sometimes it is better to tell a story through chronologically. This one maybe would have worked better that way.

The locations of this book are Phoenix and New York and some other "exotic" locations. I didn't really get a sense of any of the cities. I would have liked the cities, especially Cookie's hometown and New York coming more alive via the narration. 


This book reads as New Adult to me too by the way. And I usually cannot get into those types of books very well. 


The end was....well it happened. I cannot begin to guess what is next for Cookie. 


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text 2018-05-23 14:02
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Fat Girl on a Plane - Kelly deVos

This book read as unfinished to me. Probably due to the timelines jumping back and forth. There are also some threads that were just left dangling which left me feeling slightly unsatisfied.

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