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text 2019-04-17 12:41
Gurgaon Escorts for Having Healthy Sex and Better Brain Function

Who doesn’t want a healthy brain? Especially men should keep their brain better functioning to bear more pressure at workplace and responsibility at home. Do you know that better regular sex can really boost your mental health? If yes, then you must go on a date with sexy Gurgaon Escorts. A super fine sexual experience with a charming call girl will certainly give you the happiness to improve your mental health.

Gurgaon Escorts for Sensuous Nights

Your playboy between legs is not the most important sex organ. Instead, it is a brain that regulates your sexual health. So, boosting your sex life in the company of sexy escorts in Gurgaon is desired by every man. This is the reason why most men in corporate life take the gorgeous girls to their events, expos, and corporate meets. The sensuous nights filled with aroma will control a bigger part of your sex life and rush the blood circulation to the brain.


Brain Releases Chemicals through Sex

When you go for a different kind of sex, your brain releases chemicals for arousal, sexual performance, and libido. Thus, increases your overall performance on bed. But, when you are only pressing the brain it may not get that healthy blood rush to the brain that is necessary. So, let the charming college-escorts control your brain function with enhanced sex. And a healthy brain will, in turn, give you a satisfying sexual life. Research has proved the value between sex and brain. So, look for new arenas to explore the adventures of sex with sensuous escorts in Gurgaon.



Build A Stronger Brain with Happy Ending

If you don’t have a partner or a wife, you cannot have regular sex. But, you can have your fantasies as many times as possible with Gurgaon Escorts. The regular sexual relationship between the two will increase the neuron-genesis. A satisfied mind does well at a cognitive level in multiple areas. Adding together, improved sexual experience also promotes cell growth in the brain’s hippocampus. So, you are also going to get a boost in memory power.


Sex is a Natural Anti-Depressant

Depression is an increasing cause of infertility among men nowadays. Having healthy sex also relieves your depression by producing natural hormones. Gurgaon Escort will make you feel satisfied and stress-free. Her companionship will certainly increase the level of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These happy hormones are necessary to boost orgasm and enhance mood. Men who enjoy a blowjob without condom have fewer depressive symptoms than men who used a condom. This is because, elements in semen, including testosterone and prostaglandin, are antidepressants. When a male and female body exchanges their hormones it enhances their happiness. If you are really interested in increasing your happiness try a companionship of pretty escorts.


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Source: kavyacallgirl.tumblr.com/post/184032502960/take-paharganj-escorts-for-entertaining-nightlife
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text 2019-04-17 08:54
Hire Sexy Delhi Escorts to Have Best ‘Drive’ in Car for Sex

Having sex in a car is your fantasy? If you have been feeling disappointed, you can perform it now. Your luxury car is the perfect place to feel the vibes of romance with Delhi Escorts. If you are really interested in having fun with a sensuous girl while returning from office, you can contact an Escorts Agency in Delhi to have the hourly and two-hourly service. This customized service will not make a hole in your pocket and you will get what you are looking for. Here is how to enjoy your naughty activities in the car.

Get into the Back Seat to Have Your Delhi Escort on Top

A Call Girl in Delhi is an expert to get you into the car easily and smoothly. Besides, she knows the secrets of lovemaking in a vehicle. Give her a chance to come clear of your steering wheels and get a perfect smooch. A sensuous call girl in Delhi knows to get into a comfortable enough position so you can easily finish the blowjob. Let’s tell you how she is going to give success in sex in your exotic car. Professional Delhi Escorts know the different positions to make sex fun. You can take her on your top to make things better. Beautiful Delhi Call Girls work by pulling the front seat to make more room for your drilling.

Enjoying Push with Delhi Call Girl in Front Seat

Are you dreaming to get a play with sexy Delhi Escorts in the front seat? If yes, let her push the seat back and ride you facing the windscreen. This position is going to support a lot for the romantic moans.

Hood of the Car is perfect for David Copperfield Position

If you are willing to try a wonderful platform for any position, make the hood of your car a stage. This supports any kind of sex position with your charming sexy call girl in Delhi. Go down on her to enjoy sucking her pussy. Then, let her rest legs on your shoulder. Her bottom on the edge of the car will let you enter from the front or behind. Isn’t it amazing? If you want to lean on her body right now, hire an Escort in Delhi. Get the fresh air of romance.

Having Fun with Sensuous Lady While driving

If you want to drive slow and feel the air passing you, put your penis in the mouth of a girl. This activity will thrill you while driving your car. But, enjoy it slowly and carefully. A blowjob will not damage your car! Only a young and expert call girl in Delhi can give you a good blowjob while having you safe during drives. So, let’s take you to a VIP Call Girl in Delhi who can make your journey adventurous.

Source: www.kacchikaliyaan.co.in/hire-sexy-delhi-escorts-to-have-best-drive-in-car
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review 2019-04-16 23:32
Heart-wrenching, raw, and incredibly honest portrait of self-harming and recovery in 'Girl In Pieces'; it was emotionally hard to read but this book is so VERY important
Girl in Pieces - Kathleen Glasgow

I'm going to dare to reveal a bit of myself in this review because it absolutely affected my reading.
I had the early reader’s copy for this brilliant book for a few years before I could bring myself to read all the way through it, and I even started it once and couldn’t continue, shelving it for at least a year or so before picking it up a second time. It was an intense and very difficult read for me because of the subject matter, and I got through it after reading Kathleen Glasgow’s excellent second book ‘How to Make Friends with The Dark’ which was almost as difficult for me to read, and equally amazing. Together, these two books encompass so much of my own experience it’s heartbreakingly uncanny, and I was lucky enough to even let Kathleen know this when I met her at her own book signing here in Seattle recently.

I’ve been that ‘girl in pieces’ like Charlie, like the many young women out there hiding their scars from others, under clothing or bandages, caused by cutting, burning, or whatever ‘needed’ to be done in that painful moment. It was a long and very hard journey for me to heal enough from depression, grief, anxiety, self-harming behavior, and PTSD, to where I felt I could cope with life again. The book is honest and gritty, and since Kathleen knows exactly what this all feels like, she understood what I meant when I said it took me a few years to get around to reading this; in the author’s note, she writes that it took her nine years to get this book onto paper. But she’s here. I’m here.
This book is actually about hope, and that’s honestly why I really want many many young women, girls, to read this.


When I read ‘Girl In Pieces’ my journey and all sorts of things came back to me, and yes, this is why the book was so hard to read; it brought up thoughts and feelings I hadn’t had for years. I know that’s what will make it hard for others to read too. The cover is a trigger warning or just a plain trigger itself; I don’t know that anyone seeing that will have any doubt as to what this book is about. While the subjects within are difficult to read about, those who understand them stand to benefit the most.
It takes a boatload of talent to tackle all kinds of really difficult issues: drug abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, parental neglect, grief, suicide, self-harming (and foster kids in her next novel), but Glasgow does a lot in this one book. Some reviews point out that there’s 'too much' in this one book but that’s the point; self-harming is rooted in deep pain borne from many issues, it doesn’t happen out of a vacuum. Many of these issues collide and Glasgow writes about them from her depths of her soul, from her personal experience.

There are a number of different characters in the book (the deeply wounded Charlie, the toxic Riley, counselor Casper, Charlie’s mom, a number of different friends who play varied roles in Charlie’s life along the way), and they’re all memorable and painfully vivid, often uncomfortably so. And Charlie's awkwardness, fear, pain, and bravery can be felt on every page. It's hard and absolutely heart-wrenching to read but it's incredibly worth it.


I'll end this by saying that some readers won't 'get' this book at all, others desperately need to read it and will likely have a hard time with it. But this book will reach some people and it will resonate deeply with them. When a book can touch you deep down it can stay with you forever. But scars and memories stay with you forever too, no matter how far in the past, and this story is a reminder of that.
Thank you, Kathleen Glasgow, for writing this book. I wish I'd read this a long time ago, even if I'm not sure I would've been ready. But I'm glad it's out there in this big wide scary world.






Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/29236380-girl-in-pieces
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review 2019-04-11 14:00
Review: The Girl King
The Girl King - Mimi Yu

I received a copy from Netgalley.


I was so excited when my Netgalley wish was approved as this title was one of my most anticipated of early 2019. And I got it early.


And….it’s another one I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I read the first half of the novel pretty quickly. The world building was interesting, and I loved Lu’s fierceness and determination to stand against the male dominated norms of her society. She was convinced her father the Emperor would name her his heir. She was a strong warrior, smart and determined, if a little headstrong. She certainly had an attitude about her, but it suited her character pretty well.


Of course the start of a 500 page plus fantasy novel, it’s never going to go as smoothly as this awesome girl is going to get what she wants and become the first Female Emperor. Lu’s mother is cold, horrible and manipulative. And clearly has an agenda of her own planned. Lu’s father is kind of passive. He’s a decent man but easily swayed.


So naturally Lu is absolutely livid when she finds herself betrothed to her moronic cousin Set and Set will be the emperor. Set is a jackass to say the least. Power hungry and dumb as a bucket of rocks.  The other main character in the novel is Lu’s younger sister Min. Min is the more reserved sister, favoured deeply by their mother, Min is a proper, demure lady who at first seems happy to do as she is told.


Furious at her father’s decision to make Set emperor Lu formulates a plan to get him to realise Set is the wrong choice. Which of course goes hideously wrong and before you know it while Lu is out of the palace the emperor mysteriously dies and Lu is wanted for his murder. Thrusting Min into a spotlight she never expected.


Min discovers she has secret magic, Set has a companion – a priest of sort who can help Min train her magic and help Set win over the empire. Min’s mother is all for Min getting together with Set. Min discovers countless twists and secrets in her new position. Her power is ever growing and in ways no one thought she was capable of. Min realises she doesn’t have to do what everyone always tells her.  There was so much more to Min as her story developed and I found myself routing for her as she grew over the course of the novel. She discovered inner strength and determination of her own. She could be just as powerful and manipulative on her own.


Lu meanwhile finds herself forced to make an uneasy alliance with a strange boy, Nok, whom she remembers from her childhood, a brief encounter but brief enough to make an impression. Nok (as far as he knows) is the last survivor of a race of magical shapeshifters. Who were exterminated by Lu’s family.


There’s a rumour of mystical race hidden in the mountains, people of immense power and a great army, and both Lu and Set seem to think that they can get these people on their side to cement their claim to the throne. Set by sheer force and domination, Lu by negotiation and determination. With Nok’s help. Of course, none of this goes according to plan and nothing is as it seems.


I really liked the magic system and the mythical side of things. Lu and Nok also showed incredible growth throughout, their views changed, and while some aspects of their personalities of course remained the same, (they wouldn’t be so interesting otherwise) they showed brilliant strength in their own ways.


Some of the novel dragged a bit, and all the things going wrong seemed a like one terrible thing happening after another and it did get a bit boring towards the middle with Lu and Nok’s story. Min’s story helped bring the novel out of its lull and things started picking up again towards the end. Which was unexpected. A cliff hanger of course. But I definitely want to know where this story is going.


Excellently written with some lovely imagery, and some interesting world building. It wasn’t without is problems but definitely an enjoyable read and would recommend for fantasy lovers.


Thank you to Netgalley and Orion Publishing for granting my wish to view the title.

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review 2019-04-10 20:22
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir by Carrie Brownstein
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl - Carrie Brownstein

Date Published: October 27, 2017

Format: Hardcover

Source: Library

Date Read: March 2-4, 2019



Sleater-Kinney was a band formed during the mid to late Riot-Grrl era, but Brownstein gives an education on what was the grunge/Riot-Grrl era about and how it formed, plus her own childhood growing up and her love of music and of the women who brought the Seattle sound mainstream and yet stayed punk. I loved learning about the culture as she was learning about it.


Brownstein did not seem to struggle much with her sexuality, just quietly acknowledging to herself that she was a lesbian and dated like a typical musician (ie, she dated a fellow S-K member and when it broke up it almost destroyed the band). She also showed real sense of growing up and growing older by the end of the book, yet still retaining a sense of Riot-Grrl self and focusing it on different artistic avenues (such as re-uniting with S-K and writing/acting on the tv show Portlandia). 


A fun read.

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