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photo 2016-06-04 04:27
Ghoul Girl with Ghosts in the Garden by Book Frivolity. (book: My Demonic Ghost: Banished Spirit by Jacinta Maree)

Hello all! 


Gosh, it feels like a bloody long time since I've had the chance to blog! A lot has been happening at Kristy's Ménagerie de Chats, and I've had my work cut out to keep it all under control! 


Since I last posted I've moved house (never again!!! Gah!), started working at Cohesion Press (w00t!), become a judge for fantasy short stories and novellas for the Aurealis Awards (squee!), Grimdark Magazine's Kickstarter for the 'Evil is a Matter of Perspective' anthology has almost kicked off (I'll post more about this when it goes live in a few days!).. Other things I can't remember right now.. (my brain is too full to think much else! Plus, none of it's been good stuff!)..  


I've still been reading a good chunk in between unpacking boxes (mostly books!) and everything else, I've just not had the chance to really sit down and write anything worthwhile about the experiences. In all honesty, I've felt more inclined to create book related art, as it's so relaxing (I lie, it's frustrating as all get up, but there's joy in that frustration!).  


I think, at least for the near future, my reviews will be pared down to the bare bones of what I really think is pertinent info about each book. I have an interview coming up with Marc Turner,  writer of The Dragon Hunters,  and there'll be a guest post by Aussie Spec-Fic writer Alan Baxter later in the month to keep bookish appetites whetted! 


In any case, I'll see you all in a few days with more.. Stuff! 




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text 2015-10-03 07:34
Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 is Out!
Grimdark Magazine #5 - Victor Milán,David Annandale,Charles T. Powell,Aliette de Bodard,David C. Phipps,Chadwick Ginther,Sean Patrick Hazlett

Grimdark Magazine has so much going on in issue #5, you need to check it out if you are a Grimdark Fantasy fan! The short fiction rocks, some great reviews & articles, fantastic interviews,  and an excerpt of the truly cool The Dinosaur Lords!


Buy it, so we continue to have something to do with our time, and we can keep providing you all great content .. (If I find out you've pirated it, I swear I'll hunt you down and stab you with a soup spoon! In the belly button!)




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text 2015-08-19 11:30
Hey, Writers of Grimdark! Gather around corelings, there be prizes..
Grimdark Magazine: Issue #2 - R. Scott Bakker,Jeremy Szal,Richard K Morgan,T.R. Napper,Aaron Fox-Lerner,Kameron Hurley,Adrian Collins,Cheresse Burke,Kyle Massa,Layla Cummins

Fellow Grimdarkians! I am here to announce and let it be known that Grimdark Magazine is running a BATTLE OFF! *trumpets sound* The premise is this: 


Self Published and Small Press Grimdark Authors: Go to the Grimdark Magazine website, Give us a 1,000-word excerpt featuring a battle scene from your published work. We'll post it on our site with a public voting system and let our readers decide which is their favourite. Whoever ranks in the top seven at the end of the voting period will be passed on to our panel of judges.


The judging panel includes some freaking awesome authors! Anthony Ryan, Richard Ford, Tim Marquitz, R. Scott Bakker and Graham Neil! Unfortunately we aren't giving away a group date with these sweet chickens, but I guess you can't have everything in this life.. *pouts*


Make sure you check out the conditions at the bottom of the page Grimdark Mag website to see that you are eligible, and all the other nitty gritty hoopla!


Prizes Corelings, I said PRIZES! 





Signed Un-Numbered Unfettered

Grim Oak Press


Signed First edition of Joe Abercrombie's Half a War 

The Quill & Claw Signed First Editions


Kindle Fire HD with all of Realmwalker Publishing Group's titles loaded onto it

Realmwalker Publishing Group

Blackguards anthology paperback

Ragnarok Publications


FUBAR: A Collection of War Stories by Weston Ochise ebook (Kindle or ePub) 

Cohesion Press

Editorial Services 

Up to five thousand (5,000) words editing provided by Mike Myers, Grimdark Magazine's line editor, to be used for one short story or novel (value $80). You can see Mike's work in the fiction releases of GdM#2, #3, #4, and #5.


I know Mike rocks the cazbah, and he pulls no punches! You WANT him to edit your work!

Cover Art Services


8.5 x 11 (inches) full-color illustration including one full-body character with background provided by Spiral Horizon Art in jpg format. You can see Jason's work on the cover of GdM #4.



Grimdark Magazine First Year Bundle Pack

Grimdark Magazine



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