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review 2018-06-24 04:46
The Firm
The Firm - John Grisham

This was the first book I read by John Grisham, so very many years ago. I recently re-read the book (listening wherever I could) and I felt like I was reading another book by the same author. 


In this story, Mitch is getting ready to graduate from Law School and he is being recruited by a firm from Nashville, TN and they offer him a lot of money and many perks to come to their firm, but the problem is that after it is announced that he has passed the bar and works for the firm, he is hunted by the FBI to help them prove the wrongdoing of the firm. He finds out that what the FBI was telling him is true and he begins to get the stuff they want together, but he will only give them what they want when he gets what he wants, including his brother being released from jail. 


It was interesting the intrigue, but I did feel that I had seen some of it in other books. 

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review 2018-06-04 23:29
Review of Camino Island by John Grisham
Camino Island: A Novel - John Grisham

First time in a couple of years I grabbed a John Grisham novel and I enjoyed it. I am not sure exactly what it is about his writing style that I enjoy, but I always keep turning pages when I read one of his novels. His earliest novels were all fantastic stories, but like many authors of yearly thrillers, his later stories were not as engaging. This particular novel is not a legal thriller, but it is about a rare book heist. I wouldn't necessarily call it a mystery as we know exactly who is doing what the entire time, but I did enjoy reading how the story played out. I will probably pick up anther of his novels at the library in the near future.

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review 2018-05-20 22:01
Sycamore Row - John Grisham


I've come to hate books that tell of horrible things that have taken place or could have taken place. This book is an example of that. I was just heart sick for days after reading it. Then with all that's happening in Virginia, it's like this stuff will never go away. When I was young I couldn't get enough of true life tragedy, now it just depresses me. The ending was predictable but even worse than my predictions.

The procedure parts of a law case went on far too long. I don't know if the author wanted to make it true to life but it was practically on par with, "As every lawyer should be aware, that when someone dies, their assets become property of their estate. Any income those assets generate is also part of the estate and may trigger the requirement to file an estate income tax return. Examples of assets that would generate income to the decedent’s estate include savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and rental property. IRS Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, is required if the estate generates more than $600 in annual gross income. Jake grabbed a black fountain pen because at the top of the form it asked that signatures be made in black ink so he thought he would save time by filling in the entire form with the same pen." 

This went on and on and on and on and on and on. I would stop paying attention and/or fall asleep. Then I remembered why I had stopped reading Grisham. Too much like my own work!

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review 2018-05-15 14:22
Calico Joe
Calico Joe - John Grisham

A phone call, a father who is dying. The family is broken and will never be completely healed. The father had been an abusive father and husband and when the wife finally gets it together to take the children away, the damage is done. The father has little to anything to do with the children and the son, Paul Tracy, wants little to do with his father and celebrates that all his children are girls and won't feel the need to play a sport, like their father. 


Warren Tracy is a former Big League Baseball player who was known for being a "headhunter" for throwing balls at the heads of players that he felt were being too showy when they got a home run hit off of him. One of his last plays, he throws the ball with such force at the head of a very popular rookie player for the Cubs, Joe Castle, aka Calico Joe. His ball almost kills and does so much damage to Joe that he is never able to return to the game. Paul growing up has to reconcile what happened and how to even have a relationship with his father, who feels that he needs to make sure that his son also becomes a headhunter. 


Paul, on the other hand, doesn't want to be like his father. After some seriously angry times with his father, he gives up playing baseball at all. He doesn't even follow the game anymore. But with the call that his father is dying, he decides that it is time for his father to own up to the truth and make peace with Joe Castle. He goes to Joe's hometown and then works on getting his father to come to the hometown. 


The story does follow baseball in a way, but it is more about relationships and healing. I liked this side of the story the most. Healing of the father and son relationship and healing of the baseball players, so that hew as able to write a story in remembrance of the two men and the ends of their careers. 

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review 2018-05-04 19:29
Witness to a Trial
Witness to a Trial: A Short Story Prequel to The Whistler (Kindle Single) - John Grisham

Super Short story on the trial process, the assigning of an attorney for someone who cannot afford an attorney and the case put forth by a DA or ADA. Good for someone just wanting a little information on court trials. 


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