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review 2017-07-14 04:13
The Last Hack: A Jack Parlabane Thriller - Christopher Brookmyre

Wow, at first my eyes were going fuzzy on me with all the computer talk in this book. However, the author did dumb it down enough for me to where I mostly understood what was going on, not how but the what.

This book was crazy once I got through the first couple of chapters. Hackers who just like to go into corporate websites just because they can. And then, there are the criminals who want to get in to steal things or for other criminal activities. When one hacker is being blackmailed to steal a new product from a computer company, that's when things really take off. And boy did they take off. The action had me holding my breath while my heart sped up.

I definitely enjoyed this book and would like to thank Grove Atlantic and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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text 2017-05-26 12:13



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text 2017-03-25 11:05
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review 2017-03-18 01:17
A strong mystery, fun characters & an as close-to-perfect ending as you'll find.
Hack: A perfect summer read... - Duncan MacMaster
Little victories, since they're all I can hope for, they're what I live for.

Jake Mooney used to be a pretty good reporter -- good reputation, good results -- but he got out of that game and got into a more lucrative field, even if it was more distasteful. Events transpired,  and that goes away -- I'll let you read it for yourself, but it involves lawyers and an ex-wife. Nowadays, he gets by being a ghost-writer for established authors who don't have the time or ability to write their own material. Out of the blue, he gets an offer to help a former TV star, Rick Rendell, write his autobiography. He'll even get credited for it. Credit -- and a nice cash bonus. How can he say no?


Before you can say "Jessica Fletcher," someone tries to kill Jake and then Rick is shot in front of a handful of witnesses, including Jake. Between his affection for (some of) the people in Rick's life, worry over his own safety, curiosity, and his own sense of justice, Jake dives in and investigates the murder himself.


Jake finds himself knee-deep in a morass involving unscrupulous agents (I'm not sure there's another kind in fiction), wives (current and ex-), Hollywood politics, an IRS investigation, a Drug Cartel, former co-stars, hedge fund managers, hit men, and a decades-old mysterious death. And a few more fresh deaths. . The notes he's already taken for the book gives Jake fodder for his investigation -- but the combination of notes and his continuing work provides the killer a constant target (and threat). As long as Jake's working on the mystery/mysteries -- and doing better than the police at uncovering crimes and suspects -- the killer can't just escape, Jake has to be stopped.


The voice was great, the mystery had plenty of twists and turns, Jake's ineptitude with firearms was a great touch and served to keep him from being a super-hero. I really can't think of anything that didn't work. There's not a character in the book that you don't enjoy reading about. I had three strong theories about what led to Rick's death and who was responsible -- the one I feared the most wasn't it (thankfully -- it was a little too trite). My favorite theory was ultimately right about the who, but was absolutely wrong about everything else. I take that as a win -- I felt good about my guess and better about the very clever plotting and writing that outsmarted me.


That's more about me than I intended it to be, so let me try this again -- MacMaster has set up a great classic mystery -- a la Rex Stout or Agatha Christie. A dogged investigator with a personal stake in the case, supporting characters that you can't help but like (or dislike, as appropriate), a number of suspects with reasons to kill the victim (with a decent amount of overlap between those two groups), and a satisfying conclusion that few readers will see coming. Hack is funny, but not in a overly-comedic way, it's just because Jake and some of the others he's with have good senses of humor. I chuckled a few times, grinned a few more.


I bought MacMaster's previous book, A Mint Condition Corpse, when it came out last year -- sadly, it's languishing in a dark corner of my Kindle with a handful of other books from Fahrenheit Press (I'm a great customer, lousy reader, of that Press).  Hack wasn't just an entertaining read, it was a great motivator to move his other book higher on my TBR list. Get your hands on this one folks, you'll have a great time.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this from the publisher, nevertheless, the opinions expressed are my own.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/03/17/hack-by-duncan-macmaster-2
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review 2016-09-24 18:28
Review: Heart-Shaped Hack
Heart-Shaped Hack - Tracey Garvis-Graves

Kate gave up her career as lawyer to be a director to a food bank. She loves her job, but it’s hard for her because so many families need essentials, such as food and clothes. She decides to go on television during a news broadcast to raise awareness, and to hopefully receive donations for the food bank. Soon after an anonymous individual leaves a thousand dollars in cash in an envelope at the food bank. This continues to happen, and Kate is anxious to find out who her generous benefactor is. One night she catches the generous soul leaving the cash. His name is Ian, and because he saw Kate on TV, he wanted to help. But he also has an ulterior motive. He wants to get to know Kate because he finds her attractive. Kate isn’t so sure about Ian, who won’t give her his last name, but there’s something about him she finds appealing.


Ian is tenacious when it comes to getting Kate to agree to date him. He finds her at her favorite local café because he followed her purchases on-line. Sounds like a stalker, right? But the way Ian explains his hacking sounds normal. He has his own on-line business, and does undercover hacking work for the FBI, but he’s still mysterious to Kate. Ian thinks of himself as a Robin Hood type figure who tries to help those less fortunate, such as giving money to Kate’s food bank. There’s just something about Ian that’s very appealing to Kate, so she gives him a shot. They go out on dates, and the like. Soon they can’t stop seeing and texting one another. Ian let’s Kate into his life, and opens up to her, even though he’ll disappear for days at a time because of his work with the government.

Soon Ian and Kate are heads over heels in love. Kate believes Ian is THE ONE, and wants forever with him. But something tragic happens that may destroy her happiness with Ian, leaving her with a broken heart.


Heart-Shaped Hack (Kate and Ian #1) by Tracey Garvis Graves has a hero and heroine who have hearts of gold. They are both so selfless and sacrifice in order to help others who need it. Ian has a great personality right off the bat, so it’s understandable why Kate would fall for hi. Kate is also well written. These two have great chemistry. Their love scenes are sensual and steamy. The overall plot kept my interested until the very end, even with the big shocking twist toward the end.


Tracey Garvis-Graves has a great storytelling skill, especially when it comes to contemporary fiction and romance. This is one book with a great couple and story I would recommend anyone read.

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