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review 2019-07-23 01:09
HEARTLAND by Sarah Smarsh
Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth - Sarah Smarsh

I could identify with Sarah's emotions as she talks about growing up even though I grew up in the city while she was in farm country and there is over 30 years between us.  She had a hard life but survived and succeeded by choosing not to follow her family's cycle.  She is between two worlds but can handle both.  She tells the truth and I felt bad for her but rooted for her to break the cycle of poverty.  I was glad to see her make it.

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text 2019-07-10 10:54
How RF Tags Work As One Of The Best EAS Systems.

There have been increased cases of shoplifting in the retail market, and suitable anti-shoplifting devices have proved to be highly successful in reducing the retail shrinkage.  There are various types of anti-shoplifting devices that work differently depending on where it is used and how it is used. One of the most effective Electronic Article Surveillance systems remains RF tags that can be used very effectively as an anti-shoplifting device.  RF Hard tag dealers in Kolkata remains one of the best suppliers for the excellent quality of RF tags for the retail industry.





What is an RF tag? RF tags are Radio Frequency emitting tags that can be placed deceptively inside the items in a store. RF tags are frequently used in bookstores and libraries and can be attached to books, CDs easily, and it requires the use of special tools to remove it. Some of the RF tags are cleverly concealed while other RF tags can be seen that can deter the shoplifters from stealing the items.  When an item is taken and is tried to pass from the gate without payment, an alarm generates that can alert the persons present in a store.


How the RF tag works:


RF tags supplied are by RF Hard tag dealers in Kolkata works very consistently to provide maximum security to the shop owners. One of the most popular RF technologies remains the acousto-magnetic or AM technology that has proved to be highly successful. In this technology, a pulsed beam of radio waves is generated from the receiver that strikes the tag and gives a precise frequency of radio signal.


Once the receiver picks up the signal, it verifies the frequency, and if found correct, it sets off an alarm. RF tags can be scanned from a distance and can work at high speed to make them a handy anti-shoplifting device.

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review 2019-06-23 19:13
Play Hard (Glasgow Lads #4.5)
Play Hard - Avery Cockburn

This was very sweet and very porny. Way too porny. I had a hunch going in due to the blurb, which is why I borrowed this one instead of bought it, and I'm glad I did. There were just too many sex scenes for such a short book and most of them I couldn't be bothered to read. But if you're looking for a pornmance, this should definitely scratch that itch.


What I did like was seeing how Robert and Liam are still navigating their way through their new relationship. They've been together romantically for a little over a year, but they've been best friends for sixteen years, and sometimes those old BFF patterns can tame down the flames of romance. I liked how Robert came to a new appreciation of Liam, and how Liam was able to eventually open up to Robert about his fears of the future.


I also really liked the scene where Evan and Liam talked. Liam still hasn't warmed back up to Evan, so it was nice to see Evan helping him sort out his thoughts and feelings. Now that I like Evan, I want all the Warriors to like him again too. :D

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text 2019-06-21 08:23
How Hard Money Lender can Help you in New Buying Home


Do you also dream of buying your own house in Denver, but can’t afford the complete payment at once? Are you looking forward to getting a loan, but can’t figure your way out? There could be so many scenarios and much many confusion when you want to get a loan.


There is a different type of loans that you can consider, such as real estate purchase loans, bridge loans, joint venture loans, and hard money loans. But, if you want a loan quickly and with fewer requirements, then hard money loan is the option for you. You can easily find a trustworthy hard money lender in Denver. When the bank says “No” to your dreams, hard money lenders provide a path to your goals.

Hard Money Loans: Quickest Route To Your Dream House

A hard money loan is a loan given by private investors for a short duration of time. Also known as a short-term loan, this loan is generally funded by the fund of investors and usually be given for 12 months of period.


However, the time depends upon the amount of money and time could be extended up to 2-5 years. Hard money loans could be funded in just one day, the hard money lender in Denver generally check for the following factors before lending money to the borrower

- Amount of down payment for the property
- Exit strategy for the property
- Experience of the borrower(if he has any)

If a borrower has some savings or cash handy to pay the installments.
Once the lender that this much information, he will quickly burrow your loan. The process takes a maximum of 3-5 days in Denver, which is much more convenient as compared to bank loans, which take more than a month to get approved.

Interest Rates And Property Type for Hard Money Loans

The hard money lenders have more risk in lending money as compared to conventional loans, and that’s why the interest rates are higher. Although the interest varies from lender to lender, region, and loan to value ratio, generally the interest rate is somewhere between 10-15%.


The hard money lender also charges points, which are the fees for originating the loan, and this could vary from 2-4%. In specific situations, the points and interest rates could be much higher than this.

You can surely find a hard money lender for your type of property. Most of the hard money lenders lend the loan of all kind of features such as - commercial, industrial, single, and multi-family residents. Some lenders are specific for their property type and don’t lend loans for some other property type loan because of their lack of experience in that area.

Disadvantages of Hard Money Loans: Things you should know before

Till now, you are only reading about the advantages of hard money loans, but the following are the disadvantages of hard money loans which a borrower should know before considering hard money loans.

- The interest rates higher - As mentioned earlier, the interest rates are higher due to higher risk.

- They are for a short duration only - Due to higher risks, they are only lent for 3-5 years maximum and generally for 1-2 years only. Although as mentioned before, all the factors depend upon the amount of money.

- The requirement of down payment - The hard money loans require some hard asset or equity of 25-30% in the property until the investment has been returned.

All the disadvantages are because the lender has high risks in lending the money, and that’s why the situation needs to be secured. We would recommend you to do some more research about hard money before buying your dream house.


You can search for - Hard money lenders near me, Types of a deal for which hard money loans are used for, Best lenders for hard money in Denver, How to trust a hard money lender.
Conclusion - The article must have cleared some of your doubts about hard money loan, you must be aware of both the pros and cons of hard money loan. The high-interest rates are, but when nobody helps you, hard money lenders are there for you. Still, we would recommend you to do a comprehensive research about the lender and then only get associated with the deal.

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text 2019-06-06 11:00
Seeking Beta readers for two short stories.



Seeking Beta readers for two short stories fro The Beta-Earth Chronicles


One is "A Day in the Death of the Magic Mabel" with a Word Count of 10196. Set 40 years in the future on our planet, it's set on a doomed cruise ship with a horrible fear-inducing chemical compound hidden somewhere on board. Can Mary Carpenter find it in time?


The other is "The Alien That Never Was" with a Word Count of 10772. It's set on Beta-Earth during the Alman Civil War with a distinctly WWII flavor. Can sexy special operatives of the Kirippean resistance fool the forces of the power-hungry Lunta?


If interested in an Advanced reader copy PDF, or Word file, of either of these yarns, reply to me here or email me at spywise@verizon.net.


Thanks in advance--


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