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review 2018-07-08 22:41
Review: Black Bolt, Vol 1.
Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time - Saladin ... Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time - Saladin Ahmed

Great color palette and good story. I only knew this character as one of the Marvel Puzzle Quest options. One of my favorite parts of the writing in this volume is just how many times Ahmed manages to mention Black Bolt's full name, Blackagar Boltagon. Reader, I laughed every time. 


The plot is a fairly straightforward story where the protagonist learns to see the world in less black and white terms, but where evil is still easily identified. A good diversion that I might read more of, but not something I'm running to the comic shop to follow up on.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-06-30 05:00
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku vol 2 - Maki Fujita

 June 12- 16

While the Hiroshi Takashi of hidden rot Narumi and severe Gewota of women being watched to senior couple of Hanakura and Koyanagi
While sending the day-to-day of still, two people in the sense of distance that does not change even when the lover feel the dilemma of love of Otaku unique ...?

Review : I loved the second vol I just love that there really isn't a story line that just talks about being nerdy and the two couples in the story I love them both there was an amusement park date between Hirotaka and Narumi . Noya meets a new friend who tries to help him with gaming Kou and Kou is actually a girl but dresses more like a boy but Noya doesn't know that loved this vol can't wait to read the next one .







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text 2018-06-30 04:45
June wrap-up 2018
Shacking Up - Helena Hunting
Getting down - Helena Hunting
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku vol 2 - Maki Fujita
Final Girls - Riley Sager
The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena
Needing him - Kennedy Fox

3  romance

1  manga

2  thrillers  

2  library  books  

4  audio books

3  kindle  books  




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review 2018-06-24 02:47
4 Star Review
Cold Hard Secret - Sierra Dean

After her harrowing ordeal at the hands of The Doctor, Secret is left a broken shell and in book 7, she's slowing picking up the pieces. That is, until she hears Peyton has been spotted in Paris and with Desmond in tow, she sets out hellbent on revenge. 


But as she's taking care of business, Secret's true nature is revealed and the repercussion of her secret being out in the open is devastating. Not only does she have to deal with the Vampire Council finding out, but her wolf pack as well. 


But Secret has little time for trials and such as she's busy hunting down her mother, too. That's it, Secret's finally had it and she's kicking ass and taking names, resolving things in a permanent matter. 


But just as debts are settled and it seems like Secret is finally at a place where she's ACTUALLY choosing one guy to settle with, we're left with one hell of a cliffhanger ending no one could have ever imagined. Just what the heck is going on? Will Secret and her friends survive to fight another day?  


Cold Hard Secret features:

paranormal romance
character death/s

cliffhanger ending

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review 2018-06-19 19:02
Hard For My Boss by Daryl Banner 4 Stars!
Hard For My Boss - Daryl Banner

Trevor, the young summer intern, is totally SCREWED.
Working at Gage Communications is an opportunity of a lifetime.
But will Trevor be able to handle it? Or will he succumb to the tension?
The tension is in his pants, by the way.
Between a heavy workload and a hunky, controlling boss, Trevor's summer just got a lot hotter and harder than he bargained for.




Turns out I am a huge Daryl Banner fan, I love the wit, rom com, and character driven romances between great heroes. Oh and sexy times that while pretty frequent are always written out the personalities of the couple and the nature of the relationship and therefore never feel rote.

I tend to dislike his titles a lot and what more exact settings. This is true for Hard for My Boss which is a porn written in a day tile. And really doesn't give this gem of a love story the launch it deserves. 

This is another great romance with an age difference and a class difference. It has the oh dang you are my boss conflict as well. Ben and Trevor are lust dazed and while it is a bit over the top we can really see that they adore each other and that is what makes this book so special. 

There is a lot of rich suitor fantasy in this book but it is balanced with Trevor who just doesn't take any crap and is so charming and Ben who, well, worships and values Trevor. 

We have a great best friend for Trevor (the jabs between them are so funny!) and easy to sneer at "villain."

This book is a very very good time! Pick it up! 


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