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text 2018-12-11 09:54
Christmas Treat: Thomson Data Announces 25% Discount Plus $2019 off on B2B Lists


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Source: www.thomsondata.com/press-release/christmas-treat-thomson-data-announces-25-discount-plus-2019-off-on-b2b-lists.php
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-10-15 15:00
Review: Bum Fight- an Unlikely Journey from Hopeless to Humanitarian by Rufus Hannah & Barry Soper


'A Bum Deal: A Memoir' is the story of the man who was the face of the infamous website BumFights, Rufus Hannah, aka Rufus the Stunt Bum. It chronicles his journey from early alcoholism and social misfit into a symbol of unrestrained greed and disregard for human life and finally a voice for others with similar troubles. It's a story that sounds clichéd in our times but still occurs all too often. And as is often the case, a human face and voice are what's needed to drive the issues home.

It almost seems Rufus was doomed from the start. Coming from southern working class parents with alcohol problems, he was born jaundiced due to his mother's drinking. Even so, they often resorted to the old southern remedy of lacing the baby bottle with vodka to keep the child quiet. Yet the parents instilled a work ethic into all of their children that served him well when little else did.

His journey takes him through failed marriages and jobs lost due to alcoholism across country and finally to San Diego where he meets Donnie, a fellow vet with similar problems. They migrate to Donnie's hometown of La Mesa where they manage an existence as the only homeless men in the town and are somewhat absorbed into the community. At the insistence of another resident they're hired on as handymen by Barry Soper, a local businessman. The three men are mistrustful of each other but over time they develop a real friendship- especially Rufus and Barry.

A chance encounter with a HS student with a video camera- Ryan McPherson- sets them on the path to notoriety together. Ryan's callousness towards the two men is apparent to Rufus from the start but as he supplies them with the necessities, namely booze, they feel obligated to go along. Heat from the cops forces Ryan to move operations to Vegas, where things start to spiral out of control. Rufus and Donnie realize the danger they're in and contact their friend Barry, who helps spring them and gets Rufus on the road to recovery.

This reads as a complete stream of consciousness work, as if Rufus simply talked about his life and the notes were sorted out. Events leap around a few times, especially in the beginning, as people and events are suddenly thrust upon you with little preamble. There's also some gaps left open towards the ending- especially his attempt to repair his relationship with his children, that's never followed up and leaves you wondering.

'A Bum Deal' is not exceptional but intriguing at times and insightful into the mindset of an alcoholic. Rufus' emotions are raw and unfiltered, underscoring his helplessness, frustration and acceptance of his situation as well as his struggle to get them under control to save himself. It also provides a few details about the BumFight phenomenon, but more importantly, it's about the redemption of a man who fell too many times to pick himself up without the help of someone who cared enough to do so. And who doesn't need a helping hand once in a while?



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review 2018-09-07 14:00
great book and great characters
Hard Deal - Stefanie London

Imogene had hated this week. Most of the time Imogene loved her job. Being an executive assistant of a CEO of the most respected architecture and construction company - Allbrook Company- in Australia had its perks. Like getting to work with a host of amazingly talented smart, passionate people. Not to mention the little blue box that appeared on her desk  on her employment anniversary every year. Then to have the day like today It started with Imogene spilling her cappuccino on herself. She was late for a management meeting when trying to get the stain out of her blouse and her nemesis and had swooped and made Imogene look disorganized by handing out the wrong agendas then her boss demanded she shuffle his entire afternoon five minutes before he was due to present finance teams quarterly at town hall but Jason stepped in the CEO’s  son. He was hot and being groomed Chances are she would be working for Jason. Caleb was the CEO’s younger son and he got Imogene’s hormones singing even though he was bad news. Jason and Caleb were both handsome but Jason ws serious, moody glances, and smooth in-command tones while Caleb was his polar opposite. Caleb was always quick with a snappy comeback and he didn’t take anything or anyone seriously and he was cocky. He was Imogene’s kryptonite.Imogene kept her attraction for Caleb hidden.In public Caleb portrays himself  as someone that flouted the rules and did what he wanted but rarely takes anything to heart and that was how he protected himself. Then Caleb told Imogene he needed her help getting some original files. There was only three keys to the archive rooms where the files would be Ceo,Jason, and her. Caleb said Jason was busy as she knew. There was something about Imogene’s overly prim and proper way that got Caleb all hot and bothered. Imogene had been really hurt by her ex husband.imogene married at eighteen her husband, was twelve years older and a serial cheater  Imogene found it hard to trust men Caleb is charming, good looking, and hot, he could also read people. But down deep Caleb felt unwanted and unloved by his father. Caleb's father disregarded anything Caleb said in regards to work. Imogene believes her sister Penny fiance Daniel is cheating and she ends up going to Caleb to help her find out. Imogen wanted to do was sneak into the Carmina ball to see if she could find out if Daniel is cheating. Caleb is determined to get to know Imogene better and he has a chance at the masquerade ball. At the ball Imogene follows the wrong man and calls him a louse but the man is Caleb. Then imogene literally falls at Caleb's  feet and shares a hot iss with a stranger who is Caleb. Caleb has an in with Daniel as they are friends. and will help if Imogene goes on a date with him.

I loved this book. It was a funny, short, easy book. I loved Caleb and Imogene together and I loved how they interacted with each other. I loved the plot and pace. Iadvise you to read the first book in this series . I read this in one setting. I loved the amount of angst in this. I like the different phrases Imogene used instead of swearing. I I loved how Caleb wore novelty socks so he won’t look boring . I laughed out loud at times while reading this and that is rare for me. I loved the ins and outs of this book as well as the characters and I highly recommend this book.

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review 2018-09-03 04:25
Review: Hard Deal by Stefanie London
Hard Deal - Stefanie London

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


Hard Deal is so much fun to read. It’s both steamy and playful and the chemistry Caleb and Imogen have practically snaps and sizzles on the page.

To all the world, nothing can ruffle Imogen Hargrove. She’s smart, organized, and keeps her passionate nature tamped down. But beneath the surface is a woman who wants to live a more vibrant, sensual life. Imogen was badly hurt by her cheating ex-husband and it’s easy to see why the emotional scars she carries have heavily impacted her life. She’s a kind-hearted heroine who is easy to like, even when she makes mistakes to guard said heart. I really liked Imogen, so I was eager to see her come out of her shell. Caleb helps her do that by knocking her off her axis. He’s a swoon-worthy hero who is so much more than the playboy people know him as. Caleb is charming, good looking, and sexy as sin, but that’s only a small part of him. He made me smile with his rebellious socks and the way he could read people. But it tugged on my heartstrings to see the hidden, vulnerable part that feels unwanted and unloved by his father. He and Imogen both have ghosts in their pasts they have to overcome in order to open their hearts and have a shot at a real relationship. Yet while Imogen and Caleb have to work for their happily ever after, that doesn’t mean the road to it is lacking in fun – quite the contrary. Hard Deal is deliciously dirty and Imogen and Caleb are anything but shy when it comes to pleasure.

Hard Deal is the second book in Stefanie London’s Melbourne After Dark series but it can easily be read as a standalone. That being said, I will definitely go back and read Unmasked because I absolutely adore Ms. London’s writing. I’ve only read a few of her books, but the ones I’ve read are flirty, fun, and wholly addictive. Caleb and Imogen’s romance is no exception and I cannot wait to re-read it.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2018/09/review-hard-deal-by-stefanie-london.html
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review 2018-08-26 08:37
The Wedding Deal (Colorado Billionaires Book 8) by Regina Duke
The Wedding Deal - Regina Duke


When dreams don't go according to plan, life has a way of steering our hearts in a new direction. The Wedding Deal turns simple into sweet with an enchanting cast of characters wrapped in a heartwarming package. Darcy and Tony are looking to find their heart's desire, but life keeps getting in the way. What happens when the life you want, sends you on a different course. Duke serves up a sugary treat with a clean hard to forget romance.

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