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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-01-18 23:31
The Substitute Wife 3 by Keegan Kennedy
The Substitute Wife - Part Three - Keegan Kennedy

That was the proverbial icing on the cake! 1.5 stars is all I can give.


For a 1/3 of the book I wasn't sure if I was reading book 2 or 3. It was the same boring stuff: Austin waking up with Hank, morning sex, making breakfast, a blowjob then Hank going off to work. The series had to end with Austin cussing and hitting his mother in a fight for ownership over Hank. Of course, she's now this fat manipulative bitch, hoping to get rich and spoil things between the happily married couple. Luckily, Austin doesn't believe in her tricks and heroically comes to Hank's rescue. Their reward is Angie going away for good and another sex marathon to celebrate they 1 year anniversary.

(spoiler show)


If words like "boy spot" and "pussyboy", Daddy play and a bit of roughing up does it for you, then you might enjoy this despite the bad narrative.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-01-18 21:38
The Substitute Wife 2 by Keegan Kennedy
The Substitute Wife - Part Two - Keegan Kennedy

Apparently this is meant to be funny and not taken seriously. Totally missed that.


Whereas in the first book, I thought the details about Austin loving Hank were added to ensure the readers didn't think this was non-con, in this installment they are included to emphasise Austin's feelings for his stepdad/husband. So the story progresses with the happy couple having married and moved to a new city and still enjoying the honeymoon bliss. Then we get a small scene where Hank shows his possessiveness and jealousy (and here I thought they were headed for a threesome) and loses the capital needed for his business to flourish. Life goes on, and Austin finds himself being stalked and almost raped in his own home by a ghost from the past, one of Hank's former employees. Of course, Hank comes right in the nick time and kills him, getting a nice reward for it. So with one smooth kill, we are shown how brave and loving Hank is towards Austin while also ensuring the needed financial capital.

(spoiler show)


By this point, I was already considering this a fairy tale, so the happily ever after slapped at the end came as no surprise.

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review 2014-01-18 20:28
The Substitute Wife by Keegan Kennedy
The Substitute Wife - Keegan Kennedy

First off. I feel ripped off. I open the file to see 24 pages and halfway through, the book ends. The other half is publicity for the author's other books. Moving past that, not sure how to rate this. I gave it 3 stars because I found the sex scenes hot. But the story itself, not so much. 2.5 stars.



The writing was off putting somewhat since the author seemed intent to highlight the almost daddy issues (though Hank and Austin are in no way related) - "As my ass sat on his lap for the first time, I instantly noticed that Hank, my stepdad, had a massive hard-on." We already knew Hank was his stepdad, why mention it again? And just to be sure there wasn't any idea of rape or pedophilia, we are told (right before the sex begins) that Austin has just turned 18 and that he's been fantasising about Hank doing him. Another thing that I found disturbing was Hank's tendency to use the phrase "pussy hole". However, the sex scene was dirty and hot, in part because of the incest innuendo.


Yet, even if Austin was said to be 18, he felt like a kid, or to possess the mentality of one. I mean, being asked if he wanted to play the wife role or expand his studying, he chose a life with Hank. It was like kicking a dog and expecting him to understand why you hit him in the first place.

(spoiler show)

Still, if the installments are that short, I might try the second one also, just to see what else these two are up to.

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review 2013-08-10 00:00
The Substitute Wife - The Complete Series
The Substitute Wife - The Complete Series - Keegan Kennedy
2.5 stars

Total PWP folks. Stepfather puts the moves on willing boy right after his eighteenth birthday. They marry and live in a salacious happy ever after with just a few bumps in the road. There's way too much repetition in each new chapter set-up.
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review 2013-06-23 00:00
The Substitute Wife - Part Three - Keega... The Substitute Wife - Part Three - Keegan Kennedy Another look into Hank and Austin's life about a year later. Austin is getting ready to celebrate his 19th birthday followed by his 1 year marriage anniversary to Hank. Angie, his mother comes back into their life and tries to tear them apart.

A good follow up butI enjoyed the first 2 parts more.
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