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text 2019-08-26 12:27
Are You Wondering About How to Write History Essay? Here Are the 5 Steps

Oh my god! “History”....... the most dangerous word for the students... as they find this subject boring, along with a list of past events, including battles, birth & death of kings, rise and fall of dynasties, architectural monuments, and many more. Not only in schools but in colleges also students face problems in writing an essay on history because they find difficulties in remembering all the details of these happenings. This is the main reason why they seek for essay writing service available on the internet for completing their writing task.

So if it seems like your own situation then you can take online history essay help to get success in your writing tasks. The experts associated with Instant Assignment Help have provided you 5 steps of writing a history essay that will help you to get top grades.
5 steps of writing a history essay
Think intensely: This is the first step to writing your history essay which involves researching for the topic of your essay and then thinking intensely about the main points that you have to put together in your essay. The experts at Instant Assignment Help suggest the students to sort down their ideas and write them on a page instead of keeping all of them jumbled in their head.
Write thesis statement: In this step, you have to write your arguments into a clear and concise sentence. Especially while writing a thesis for your historical essay you must consider to some kind of example in it that should be later described.
Create an introduction paragraph: The first paragraph of your essay will introduce the topic of your history essay. It is considered as the most important part of your history essay because it will provide direction to your essay and will also set the tone for your entire essay. You can grab your professor’s attention by writing any relevant fact or any type of interesting quotation here.
Write about the body: In this step, you have to accomoplish the major work by writing at least three paragraphs. There should be a single idea in each paragraph to support your argument. Make sure to write clear sentences that will allow clear flow of information in your history essay.
Frame conclusion paragraph: This is the last and most easiest step of writing your history essay which includes the main points that you have discussed in your essay. Students should make sure to avoid writing new points in it. Because in conclusion only final thoughts about the whole essay should be discussed.
So, by following these steps you will not only be able to write your history essay effectively, but attain higher grades too.
Students who are still finding problems in writing their history essay can take writing help from Instant Assignment Help to write an effective essay. There are various reasons for choosing us like:
Experts with vast experience
Timely delivery of assignments
24X7 customer support system
Money-back guarantee
Services for over 196+ subjects
So, if you are facing problems in completing your history essay, then you can take the help of our world-class writers that have earned great popularity among the students and you will surely able to get your dream grades.

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review 2014-12-14 17:49
This time travel concentrates on Women's History and the suffragette movement
Assignment in Time: A history term paper turns into a wild travel adventure through the American women's suffrage movement ! - Kristina Simms

i liked this, and learned things I didn't know before.  It highlights a dozen or so specific events in American History that moved forward the progress of women's rights in America.


the protagonist, a senior in high school who is procrastinating on her assignment to complete an essay on the history of the 19th Amendment,  can get a little annoying at times with her emphasis on fashion, fun, and her boyfriend.  


But mostly this was a good and educational read.



links to posts I made during my read-through of the book:





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text 2014-12-14 12:11
How have I never before heard of George Francis Train? He's much too flamboyant to have missed.
Assignment in Time: A history term paper turns into a wild travel adventure through the American women's suffrage movement ! - Kristina Simms

 Election Day, November 5, 1867 Leavenworth, Kansas


Marilee turned to see who had made the cowboy’s eyes widen and saw a handsome, well- built six foot tall man with wavy brown hair approaching her with long strides and a big smile on his face. He was carrying what appeared to be a couple of reams of newsprint flyers tied with brown twine.


He was wearing a royal blue jacket with shiny brass buttons and a white vest underneath. His trousers were black, as were his highly polished black boots. The outfit was completed by a lavender top hat and lavender gloves. The general impression was one of money gone slightly mad at an expensive menswear shop.


People were staring.


“Are you George Francis Train?” A bystander who looked like a prosperous merchant approached with hand extended and a big grin on his face. Was this tall extravagantly dressed man some sort of celebrity?


“The very same! None but myself. Alive and in person!” came the jolly answer. George Francis Train shook the other man’s hand vigorously.


“Still planning to run for President, Mr. Train?”


“It’s on my mind, sir, definitely on my mind! And I’ll welcome your vote if I do!



"Mrs. Stanton is the philosopher, the writer, the thinker! Miss Anthony the fund-raiser, the politician, the stiletto-keen strategist! And what a team they make together. When all of their Eastern abolitionist friends abandoned them in favor of giving the vote to the freedmen first, I heard of their distress. I came to their aid! And now they have me, George Francis Train, self- made millionaire, industrialist, railroad man, and dramatic speaker par excellence as a dedicated partner in their noble struggle for suffrage…”


His voice rose and he assumed a rhetorical cadence. A crowd was beginning to gather. George Francis Train gestured expansively. “And now I want to talk to you about the women. They say women haven’t brains and sense enough to rule. How does it happen they can rule monarchies and empires?


Remember Catherine of Russia and Maria Theresa. Women have not brains enough for politics? Our country is full of Catherines and Maria Theresas and Elizabeths! And have you forgotten Queen Victoria ?”


There was a patter of applause, a few “hear hears” and several grunts of disagreement.


“But don’t stand here, my friends. Go! Go! Go to your polling station and vote YES! Kansas women deserve the vote!”



[From University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives]:


"On election day, the effort failed. Even so Anthony was exultant, for nearly a third of the voters, of course male and white only, supported woman suffrage. Two days after the election, she wrote to her friend Olympia Brown, the Universalist minister, who had worked on the Kansas campaign earlier that summer.


Leavenworth Nov. 7th 1867

Dear Olympia,

Never was so grand a success -- never was defeat so glorious a victory -- woman though probably lost -- . . .  Leavenworth City & County alone for us thus far -- the one & only point Geo. Francis Train's work had time to organize & act -- But don't despair -- we shall win the day breaks -- the eastern sky is red Mr. Train consents to lecture for our treasury's benefit -- all the way down to Boston & back to Philadelphia -- commencing the 20th in't-- . . . If only Geo. F. Train could have lighted the fires you had prepared all over the state -- we should have carried it overwhelmingly -- But depend upon it -- there is a wise destiny in our delay -- it is not defeat -- So let us hope & work to the brighter day -- [9]"


 Here's a link if you want to know more about the flamboyant Mr. Train.  (I did.)


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text 2014-12-14 03:32
The last time travel of the day. -- so far seems like a good one.
Assignment in Time: A history term paper turns into a wild travel adventure through the American women's suffrage movement ! - Kristina Simms

“You see, your time – right now – if that term really means anything – is Pre- Melt, and my time is Post- Melt. You live in Pre- Melt Umerica and your capital is Washington, D. C. I live in Post- Melt Umerica, and our capital is New Boston, Nebraska.”

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