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review 2018-09-11 04:37
Hollie Overton: The Walls
The Walls - Hollie Overton

In her second novel Hollie Overton takes the reader inside a destructive relationship:

Kristy Tucker is the press agent for the Texas Department of Corrftiown. This means that she gets face to face with some of the worst criminals in the state as most of the men she deals with are on death row and she feels she can tell who the worst people are. When Kristy meets Lance, her sons’s martial arts instructor she is leery at first but soon Lance wears her down and Kristy believes she has found the one. She could not be more wrong; Lance is a monster, full of physical and verbal abuse. Lance is also a master manipulator and has everyone convinced even Kristy’s family that he is a saint. Kristy does not know how much more she can take, but she has to be willing to take things in to her own hands; Can she get away with murder?

This is the second book that I have read by Overton and I appreciated that it was a completely different story than the first. This book did not go in the direction that I thought it would, especially based on the title and cover of th book but I think the title has more to do with the walls that one creates around the self in order to survive and not the walls of the prison where Kristy works. Overtone does not spend that much time having Kristy at work especially in the latter half of the novel. So if you are expecting a prison type novel this is not what you are going to get here. It also takes a bit for the overall story line to get going and I had to go back an read the premise of the book to see what was supposed to happen in this book. As you r was farther in to the book you understand why Overton took the time to develop the relationship between Kristy and Lance as well as how Lance is going to fit in with Kristy’s family.

I personally do not think that I could do Kristy’s job, not only dealing with inmates on death row but also the families that those men have affected. This would take a toll on any person and that Kristy does this job very professionally speaks to her strength as a character. She is also a fantastic mom and daughter as she puts their needs way above her own and her want/need to portray that everything is perfect. It is these two strengths that start he to take action and start to make plans to make sure she never gets hurt again.

This book is not going to be for everyone and it definitely will have some trigger moments for individuals as Overton does not shy away from the domestic abuse that Kristy suffers, both verbally and physically. It also highlights what an individual is willing to go through in order for those that she loves can retain a normal life and so she chose to suffer in silence. This book really shines a light on domestic violence and the secretive nature that it can take on as even those close to you do not know what is going on.

This was a good read that was a bit slow to start. You will like Kristy as a character and her struggle to find love and then stuck with a man that is abusive towards her. I look forward to seeing what Overton comes up with next.



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review 2017-12-27 12:18
A story of control, abuse and the aftermath
The Walls - Hollie Overton

Kristy Tucker is a single mum who works as a public information officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It is her job to act as a go between to the prisoners on death row and the interest of the local media and press. Her work is relentless and as a single parent to Ryan and a carer for her dad "Pops" she has little free time. When Ryan has difficulties at school he receives encouragement and support from Lance Dobson his martial arts instructor. When Kristy is introduced to Lance she begins to believe that this strong handsome man may indeed become a future partner and a much needed stabilizing influence to Ryan. The relationship with Lance soon develops into one of terror, abuse and violence as this supposedly charming individual tries to influence and control every facet of Kristy's life.


This is superbly written story that attempts to show the reader what daily life is like in an abusive relationship. To everyone, apart from Kristy, Lance Dobson is charming and graceful but only she knows the truth and the question is what if anything can she do? The prisoners and inmates feel trapped behind "The Walls" and soon Kristy will come to realize that she, by meeting Lance, has unexpectedly built her own walls from which there appears no escape. Hollie Overton presents difficult issues in a fast and flowing writing style making a very addictive read and one that I completed in two sittings. Highly Recommended.

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review 2017-09-26 23:08
The Walls - Hollie Overton
These last few days have been great for me. I read five excellent books in a row. Yay!! And this was just one of them.

Single mom, Kristy Tucker, works as a PIO for the Texas prison system. She deals with the worst kind of human beings on a daily basis. Murderers, pedophiles, serial killers, rapists, she has seen and talked with all of them.

She also has been single all her life. Her 15 year old son, Ryan, has never known a father. His own or a substitute. When Ryan starts taking martial arts lessons from Lance, he really takes a liking to him. So does Kristy, unfortunately. When Lance's true nature comes out, Kristy has a problem. Lance is an abuser. 

I almost put the book down during this phase, however, I am glad that I did not. My hatred for Lance was abominable. He was a horrible, horrible man and no one in Kristy's family knew, but her.

When she comes up with a way to get rid of him for good, the only way to get him out of her life, she finds much to her dread, I found myself cheering and egging her on.

An edge of your seat thriller that I read all in one sitting.

Huge thanks to Hatchett Book Group Redbook and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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text 2017-04-05 01:04
Baby Doll by Hollie Overton
Baby Doll - Hollie Overton

A special thank you to NetGalley and Redhood Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Lily was abducted when she was sixteen and has been held captive for eight years in a cabin basement.  During this time, she has given birth to a daughter.  One fateful night, Lily realizes that he has forgotten to lock the door, or is this another test?  Lily wakes her daughter and flees into the night.  Overton's story is what happens next. 

The book has no real surprises or plot twists; there is nothing shocking, are no revelations, and the writing is average at best.  She could have done much more with the characters—especially Lily given that she was held captive for so long and experienced horrific abuse and neglect.  She would need intense therapy to overcome the incredible trauma endured, but that is not the angle that Overton took with Lily's story, even though it mostly takes place after she returns home.

The opening few chapters are the best in the book.  There was definitely a hook, and my criticisms aside, there's some good writing in these beginning chapters. 

Please stop trying to hook people by mentioning Gone Girl and Girl on the Train when marketing your book.  If anything, this is closer to Room, but again, you should just not do these comparisons when a book is sub par to all of the books mentioned in this paragraph.

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review 2017-03-13 18:21
Baby Doll
Baby Doll - Hollie Overton

Lily Riser was kidnapped when she was a teenager. For the last eight years, Lily has been trapped in a small basement prison where her and her daughter are being held captive. For her daughter, Sky, it's the only world she knows. Their captor prides himself in being clever - leaving the deadbolt unlocked and beating Lily when she tries to escape. But one day when he leaves the deadbolt unlocked, he's not there to punish her. Lily and Sky are finally free.

This book is more about how Lily, her twin sister Abby, her mother and her captor deal with the aftermath of Lily's escape and return home. It started off great. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. But then two things in particular started to bother me: 1. Abby!! Oh my God I did not enjoy reading the chapters about her. She was so overbearing. She drove me nuts! I can't remember when I've disliked a character so much. 2. Lily did some odd things when it came to her captor when she was free. I've never been kidnapped and I'm not an expert but she handled things quite well afterwards and seemed relatively normal. I don't know. It just wasn't the fast paced psychological thriller I was hoping for. It started off with such promise but ultimately left me unsatisfied.

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