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text 2018-10-23 17:11
The Royal Mess by MaryJanice Davidson $1,99
The Royal Mess - MaryJanice Davidson

When it comes to the wild Kingdom of Alaska, in a reality where Russia never sold the territory to the United States, a Rodinov has always protected the Baranov royal family. And Jeffrey, born and raised to be the next in the long and illustrious line of protectors, is not about to let the tradition fail with him.
But Princess Nicole isn’t exactly the easiest charge: an expert at hunting who’s sharp as nails, stubborn as a bull, and completely convinced she doesn’t need anyone watching her back. Even worse, she’s got the most kissable lips Jeffrey has ever seen.
What Nicole really needs is a man with the perfect combination of brains and brawn to show her the royal ropes (and cuffs . . . and scarves . . .). Someone who can make her feel like a queen—in bed and out of it. And, after all, taking care of the royal family is exactly what Rodinovs are trained to do . . .  

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review 2018-09-16 19:03
Mess Me Up (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #1) by Lani Lynn Vale
Mess Me Up - Lani Lynn Vale
Mess me up is the first book in the Bear Bottom Guardians series by Lani Lynn Vale. This is a MC Romance. To me it was more of a contemporary romance since the MC was mentioned but did not have a staring roll. The story was very good and did keep my attention, and even made me cry.
The key players in the book are Roman an ex football player who now works as a prison guard and is in the Bear Bottom Guardians MC. Isabella is a hard working house keeper. Both have not had the best lives. Izzy was raised by an abusive father and married an abusive man. Roman was raised by parents who never showed they really cared, but had no qualms about begging for money after Some became famous. 
Rome hooked up one drunken night with Tara, not knowing she was dating his best friend. In the after math of that one night Rome looses his best friend and Tara becomes pregnant. Now 4 years later Tara dumps their dying son on him and takes off leaving him to deal with the death of their son. 
Izzy was hired by Tara to clean her house and became close friends with the dying boy. After Tara leaves, Rome will do anything to make his sons final days happy so when he asks Rome to call Izzy he doesn't think twice. Unbeknownst to Rome his pen pal who he tells everything to in his letters is none other then Izzy. She doesn't tell him until 6 months after his son dies though. Rome knows he likes Izzy in person and he knows there was a connection with his pen pal but is he ready for a relationship? Izzy has her own issues is she ready ready for a relationship?
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review 2018-08-19 19:17
Pretty Mess Mini Review
Pretty Mess - Erika Jayne Pretty Mess - Erika Jayne

I'm a huge RHOBH fan and LOVE Erika Girardi, so I knew I'd love this book. Erika narrates the audiobook and that made it extra special. She's utterly herself, open and unapologetic. The book gets into her childhood, love life, family, and career. It was funny and inspiring. She got back into music and dancing at age 36 and feels like her career hit its stride in her mid-40s. :) The last few chapters were about the Housewives and her stint on Dancing With The Stars. It covered plenty for a first book. If she puts out another, I'll be sure to read it too. A perfect listen for the dark timeline we're living in right now. 

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review 2018-05-18 18:51
great book and great characters
Royal Mess - Jenna Sutton

Tessa had been notified by doctor Barehon they had found a match for her. He provided only three details- male, 31 years old, and in perfect health. The man would give her a large part of his liver was Prince Leo of Alsania. Tessa had been in the hospital for twenty two miserable days and and she looked even worse . Then  the Prince was in Tessa’s hospital room . A lot of Tessa’s friends were obsessed with the royal family but Tessa was too busy being a commoner. The simple act of going to the bathroom exhausts Tessa. Tessa owns a florist shop and she had a good manager was taking care of her shop until she gets better. Tessa has a rare blood type and that was why they had problems finding a live donor for Tessa. Tessa had been adopted and her parents weren’t a match and her sister Cassie  was also adopted but from a different mother so she also wasn’t a match. Leo had a brother Prince Marco who was known as the Playboy Prince, whereas Leo was known as the Polar Prince. Tessa’s personality appealed to Prince Leo. She was positive without being idealistic. Tessa asked Leo if he was afraid and he deflected her question but the truth was he was afraid for both himself and tessa. But helping Tessa was more important for Leo then his fear. It had been a week and so far everything was going as it should be successful for Tessa. She was finally going to be out of isolation It was amazing how much better Tessa felt though she was still sire. Leo doesn’t want Tessa to know he has thought of her all the time since he met her. Leo hadn’t slept with anyone in over a year and he physically reacted to but gets a little angry with himself this woman had been dying not too long ago. Leo’s approval rate had had been down since he got out of the service but since giving Tessa part of  his liver and his approval rate had come up forty percent and that was huge. Leo became a little obsessed with Tessa and he doesn’t know why. He calls tessa every night around bedtime thear her say Leo to see how she was is but also to hear her say Leo it has become his guilty pleasure. Tessa get to Leo like no other woman had. Tessa has been in Helios over a month now -the country home of the King and Queen. Leo had flown planes while in the service but he could also fly helicopters and today he was taking Tessa up for a ride. Tessa was not used to so much free time.on her hands. Leo spent every night with her sleeping sexually together Leo would go back to his own room early in the morning as it was across the hall from her. Tessa already knew she cared deeply for Leo but she had no idea how Leo felt about her.

Book Two- Royal Catch

Cassie is with her sister Tessa at Helios. Now  Tessa is the Queen of Alsania. There is a masquerade ball coming up but Cassie won’t bethere. She is going on her first trip away with Zac her boyfriend that she had been dating a couple of months  now. The next step to their relationship is sex. Cassie isn’t sure she is ready yet, Marco had just returned from Germany on child trafficking. Marco and Cassie both loved kids. Cassie is a second grade teacher.  At the masquerade ball the person Marco wants to be there isn’t there which is Cassie. He hates the fact that Zac had the right to touch Cassie Marcus had fantasized about Cassie since the day he met her. It had already been a year and Marco has been celibate.As Marco thinks about Zac and Cassie, lust, jealousy. And rage swirl in Marco’s mind. Marco is not sure he ever felt this crazy and certainly not about a woman. Marco never thought he would be in the position of wanting a woman who has no interest in him other than being a friend. Cassie had broke up with Zac as for the third time he canceled their plans for work and he told her work was more important to him. Cassie then decided to go to the ball as a bumble bee.  Cassie had been feeling down when she felt the wolf was already gone. Cassie had sex with Marco as she thought he looked like Marco who she

had wanted for a while now. Then five weeks later she found out she was pregnant. Cassie and Marco were camp counsellors together and spent a lot of time together. One night Cassie told Marco about the one night stand-Wolf and Marco realizes he is the father of Cassie’s baby and what a mess he had made. Now he has to fix things but how?

I loved both of these books. I couldn’t pick a favorite. I do think I may have a new favorite  romance author and hope to read many more of her books. I loved both Leo and Tess and Marco and Cassie together. For it to be two royal brothers with two adopted common sisters was a definite bonus as far as I am concerned..  loved the pace and the plot of both stories and didn’t want to put them down. I loved how protective Leo was of Tessa. How Leo went from a “ cold” person to the man he became in his love for Tessa. The same for Marco after his past to become celibate for a year and he thought Cassie only wanted him as a friend. I loved that Leo didn’t care what anyone said and he wanted and made Tessa his own and married her so she would forever be his. . I absolutely loved the ending of both these stories. I also loved how much the Playboy Prince fell for Cassie and had been celibate by choice until the one night at the ball and he had sex with the woman as she totally reminded him of Cassie. I happily couldn’t find anything to criticize in either book. I didn’t want to put either book down! I loved the characters and the ins and outs of both books and I highly recommend both books.

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review 2018-04-30 22:18
Royal Mess (House of Trioni) by Jenna Sutton
Royal Mess - Jenna Sutton


Love in it's finest moment. Jenna Sutton is a keeper. Royal Mess is a duet that pays homage to the classic fairytale, by putting it's own spin on things. Love can happen at the worst of times. Tessa and Leo are proof that a little bit of faith can end up going the distance. Ms. Sutton keeps the dream alive with irresistible men (Princes no less) and ordinary women driven to face some extraordinary circumstances with their ability to love intact. Royal Mess is what humanity should be. A person willing to lend a hand to another in need.

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