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review 2019-02-16 02:42
Lord of Darkness
Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt

After the previous book, I was worried about potentially this being not as good. I needn't have worried! This is Meg's (Margaret) and Godric's book. At the end of the previous book, Megs is pregnant. Her brother, Griffin, knows something about Godric and blackmails him into marrying Megs. This book opens up 2 years after their marriage.
Margaret, having lost the baby, wants a baby and to avenge Roger. I loved the book's opening with her trying to shoot Godric (unbeknownst to her). This was definitely a slow burn as they both got to slowly know the other one. I thought the guilt each felt for wanting to move on was realistic and was something each overcame. I liked that they talked about their pasts and feelings. I liked that Godric and his stepmom talked. (What an awesome stepmom!).
One thing I like are the appearances of previous (and future) characters. Artemis is in this one and her book is next (and I'm very curious; there's also her brother Apollo).

Previous book: Margaret (Griffin's sister) was in love with and pregnant by Roger Fraser-Burnsby. He's murdered. Presumably by Ghost of St Giles.
This book: Earl Kershaw-> murdered RF-B, and killed by Godric in self-defense, was also responsible for abuse and enslavement of the poor girls- Seymour (killed in from previous book was his partner (I assume).
And yes, Megs gets her baby.
Godric's 1/2 sisters- Sarah, Charlotte, Jane. His stepmom- if she had a name, I missed it/don't remember it.
Captain Trevillion lets Godric go. He suspected Godric was the GoSG.
I don't know if they will be characters in future books: Hippolyta Royle- an heiress that has taken London by storm. Robin Goodfellow- an actress at Harte's Folly.

Alf was one of the people hired by the "Lassie Snatcher's" before she broke rank and helped Godric.  She's disguised as a boy.

(spoiler show)
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review 2019-02-16 02:30
Zoey & Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows
Dragons and Marshmallows - Asia Citro,Marion Lindsay

Audience: Grades 1-5

Format: Hardcover - Library Copy



"What is it, Sassafras?" I crouched down and ruffled my cat's fluffy fur.

- first sentence



This book is a fabulous early chapter book. Zoey and her cat Sassafras both love bugs and science and when Zoey discovers that her mom secretly takes care of magical creatures, she is eager to help. Zoey, a budding scientist, wears her thinking goggles on her head when she needs to concentrate. And when she finds a baby dragon, she uses the scientific method to determine how to help him.


So, not only is this book fun, but it also explains the scientific method (including a glossary at the end). It is much more meaningful than I thought it would be. With a strong female lead who happens to be African American, and all the science thrown in, it goes above and beyond what you expect from an early chapter book. The entire series is a must-have for any elementary library collection.


Highly recommended.


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review 2019-02-15 23:11
The Last Night Out
The Last Night Out - Catherine O'Connell

itle : the last night out
Author: Catherine O'Connell
Genre: Mystery /thrillers
Pub date: May 2,2019
Black Thor
Catherine O'Connell

Another books by this author:Well Read and DeadWell Bred and Dead, and Skins.

Book synopsis

Six friends. A bride to be. One murder. Too many secrets. 

After drinking too much at her bachelorette party, Maggie Trueheart wakes to find a stranger in her bed. To make matters worse, a phone call brings the devastating news that her friend Angie was murdered some time after they parted ways the night before.

Kelly Delaney, who left the party early, is the first of Maggie's friends to face questions from Chicago homicide detective Ron O'Reilly. After taking a closer look at the other women who attended the party, O'Reilly concludes that at least some of them are lying.

As the clock ticks down to the wedding day and more shocking secrets are revealed, the murderer zeros in on another one of the girls. Can the killer be stopped before there is another victim?

My thoughts:
Would I recommend it ?no 
Would I read anything else by this author?I would give her a second try 
First off I do have to it its slow going and that it takes a while for it to build up, plus not  a single character was likable , and I do mean not a one, everyone had secrets that they wanted to keep, and their lies just kept building and building, but while the story is slowing and the characters are all dislikeable, it did keep my interest throughout the book, and made me want to know more of everybody dirty little secrets. In fact it was only the dark secrets that kept me reading it even though there at the every end you get the answers there still felt like something was missing . With that said I would like to think Netgalley for letting me read and review it , exchange for my honest opinion.

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review 2019-02-15 21:04
Black Butler 4 – Let‘s Spice Things Up
Black Butler, Vol. 4 - Yana Toboso

← Oh Bassy, too sexy for your gloves, aren‘t ya?


It‘s the INDIAN BUTLER ARC and there will be curry. Eventually.


In his capacity as Queen Victoria‘s watchdog, Ciel has been called to London to investigate attacks on English businessmen and soldiers who have recently returned from India. Their search leads Ciel and Sebastian¹ to the East End, where they team up with Lau. When they are attacked by angry Indian immigrants themselves, two new acquaintances come to the rescue: Prince Soma and his servant Agni, who are looking for Soma‘s nanny Mina – and now Soma just won‘t leave Ciel‘s side.


Frankly, this whole story arc is a bit stupid and boring. Not much happens. (To his credit, even Ciel is bored by the case. This game doesn‘t amuse him much.) This volume essentially serves to do three things:

1. to explain what Ciel‘s role as watchdog to the Queen and as one of the Aristocrats of Evil actually means;

2. to provide the first flashback to the traumatic events that let him summon Sebastian (who apparently wears hooker boots when no one is watching);

3. to introduce some new regulars: For one we have Ran-Mao, Lau‘s… whatever she is, another favourite of mine. She doesn‘t talk much, but when she does, she has a point, and she‘s generally bad-ass. Then there‘s Prince Soma Asman Gandal, son and heir to the King of Bengal – pretty, impulsive, spoiled Soma, even more of a brat than Ciel. Last but not least we‘ve got Agni, aka „The Right Hand of God“, a human imbued with superhuman strength. Soma and Agni aren‘t among my best liked characters, but I can see their significance.²


They serve as a mirror for Ciel and Sebastian: Ciel summoned Sebastian in a time of need, theirs is a relationship born out of hunger, hurt and despair. Agni turned to Soma out of gratitude, when the Prince saved the formerly brutal and selfish man from being hanged for his sins. Ciel created Sebastian, gave him his name and I assume also his form; Soma created Agni by letting him die a symbolic death and declaring him reborn, giving him a new name and occupation as well. Both butlers are loyal to a fault, but for very different reasons: for Sebastian, serving a master well is a demon’s aesthetics, for Agni it’s about love and faith.

(spoiler show)


Agni is also the only one who can compete with Sebastian’s capability as a butler, and even bests him in some regards. Much to Sebastian's chagrin, he even manages to put the Phantomhive staff to good use – through the sheer superpower of positive reinforcement.


I wasn’t too in love with some of the panels here. Sebastian’s movements are smooth, fluid, and gracious. You can really see this, especially when the two butlers are fencing. Agni is supposed to be wicked fast, so he’s often depicted rather blurred, and - I didn’t really like the look of it? But the full colour panels are exceptionally beautiful, and there are still many, many details to appreciate, like the intricate china and most of all the clothes. Oh, the pretty clothes. I love Victorian attire for men anyway, and then we have Lau’s Chinese robes and Soma’s Indian dresses (not to forget Bassy’s hooker boots)³… it’s all so very, very pretty. I also love how Ciel’s eye patch changes from casual to formal depending on occasion, and he apparently has a separate one for fencing lessons, too.


This adventure will continue for another volume of not-much-happening, but at least it’s nice to look at. And it still has it’s moments of humour…


hell of a deer

(That's from the anime, obviously) 


And we get a taste of Professor Sebas-chan:


¹ That’s pronounced Se-bust-chiun, btw, not in the American way.

² Btw, never look at character sheets. I've spoiled myself for one of the Big Twists that way. But at least, knowing what to look for, I can now see how carefully Yana Toboso set it all up.

³ Eh, I’m just jealous. I’ve never learned to walk in really high heels. Hell, I’m glad if I find shoes that fit (the disadvantage of having very long, but very slim feet)



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review 2019-02-15 16:08
Review ~ Steamy
Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

Book source ~ NetGalley


Dallas SWAT, under Commander Gage Dixon, has shaped up to be the best unit in the US. He’s built his team from scratch in under 10 years, recruiting only those that meet his exacting criteria - they have to be the best in their field. Oh, and they have to be a werewolf. Say what?!


Journalist Mackenzie Stone smells something funny about the much-touted Dallas SWAT team and she’s determined to dig until she finds out if they’re dirty or pumped up with PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). She had no idea she was walking right into the wolf’s den.


I admit that I kinda loathe reporters/journalists and Mac is no exception. What a self-righteous prig she is. Not a fan of her, but at least she’s no shrinking violet. I love Gage and the entire SWAT team. The action is fast-paced, the bad guy is a bit too real, the steamy stuff is definitely fan-worthy, and I like the lore and humor. I’m not much on the plot device of having a woman be The One or whatever anyone else calls it. I think it’s a cop out. Blah. Anyway, other than those two points this is a pretty good read.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/02/hungry-like-wolf.html
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