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photo 2021-06-22 06:57
Designing A Website Based On Human Behavior

Understanding the role psychology plays in web design can help you better understand your target market and make their experience in visiting your website a memorable one. Their first impression of your website, whether it’s good or bad, influences the likelihood of them visiting again. In terms of web designing, placing key information in strategic locations can help your visitors remember specific words and phrases. This approach to web design can make your website and your content more memorable.  Hire the website designers in Westminster, CO who understand your needs and who can help build your website with your customers in mind. 

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review 2014-12-21 00:00
TTC - Psychology of Human Behavior
TTC - Psychology of Human Behavior - David W. Martin I'll accept all genres of learning except the boring genre. There's no reason that psychology with its intersections between philosophy, science, the mind, and human nature should ever be anything but interesting, but this lecture gives the exception to the rule. Save yourself from this lecture and read "The Blank Slate" by Stephen Pinker instead. The one redeeming feature about this lecture is the lecturer comments favorably on that book.
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review 2014-08-08 00:00
Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior
Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior - Suzanne L. Davis This is a short, quick study of human behavior. Although, granted, most of the "human behavior" discussion is admitting that there's no one way for humans to behave.

If you're interested in psychology in the least, the "interesting things" in this book probably won't be anything you didn't already know. Otherwise, you'll probably at least come out of the book with a few ideas you can use for conversation material.
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review 2011-08-12 10:03
Homicide (Foundations of Human Behavior)
Homicide (Foundations of Human Behavior) - Margo Wilson;Martin Daly Depressing, gruesome, exasperating, and various other things. It drives me crazy how nobody seems to care about urban renewal. It's amazing how Baltimore got worse after this. The one thing perhaps lacking in this book is that it's totally from the cops perspective, but I guess that's why we have the Corner...and now we have the Wire.
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