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review 2018-12-10 15:05
i love this series!
Hush (Nights #8) - A.M. Salinger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. So! This is book 8 in the Nights Series, but this one really can be read as a stand alone. I'm not sure I recall Lana or Tom from any of the previous books, but that might be me. Also, books one through 6 are male/male pairings and book7 and this one are male/female pairings. Again, I'm not picky, especially when the author pulls off the difference incredibly well, but I know some readers are. Books one through 3, and 6 and 7 are all 5 stars reads from me too. Lana has been the bane of Tom's existence since he fell in love with her at 16. Having worked for her for 4 years, Tom really has reached the end of his tether, and feels he needs to move on. But when Lana turns up at his door, drunk, demanding sex, what's a guy to do, huh?? He does the right thing, and puts her to bed, while sleeping on the sofa. But, things change between Lana and Tom, and Lana begins to feel things more keenly. These feelings she never realised she had. And the feelings that she wants more than the verbal battling they have every day. But Tom runs, and Lana has to face some facts. A thoroughly enjoyable addition to this series, even if i found it not quite up to par as the rest. Oh, don't get me wrong! It's a great book, told from both Lana and Tom's point of view. It's sexy and hot, and I did read it in one sitting. It just doesn't have the heat level the other books have, and I think I missed that! Ya'll know I made a new shelf for these books, "fan yourself, it's a hot one" and this book doesn't get to join the others there, simply because of that fact. There is, though, more emotions in this one, I think. Having loved Lana for the better part of his life, Tom's feeling are front and centre, right from the beginning, but Lana's take some digging out. I LOVED the scene when she's talking to Eveline and Lincoln from book 7, about just WHY Lana is annoyed with Tom! I really have enjoyed this series, and there is just one book to go, and I will be so bloody sad to see the end of these books! I also find myself curious as to what name this author usually writes under, as AM Salinger is a pen name. I'd LOVE to read something written under that name, just to see the differences. But then again, it might be young adult, or zombies and they really don't float my boat. So, on reflection, no, I don't want to know! 4 solid sexy (but not quite as sexy as the rest) stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2017-10-26 20:55
dark and gritty
Hush - Nicole Hart

Hush is a heart-wrenching and emotional psychological thriller. Rachel's story is dark and gritty, and absolutely impossible to put down. The abuse that a child suffers often torments them into adulthood, and in this case, it comes hurtling back with a vengeance. Nicole Hart gives us a wonderfully written, edge of your seat thriller that begs the question of how people deal with trauma. How does one person move on while another's mind bends in ways that are unimaginable? There is quite the twist at the end and while I did see it coming, it doesn't take away from the book for me.

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review 2017-10-25 20:08
Hush - Tal Bauer

Phew. Gotta catch my breath here a bit.
I want romance in my books. The kind with deep connections, plenty of fluff and an HEA. And I got that here. But I got so much more to the point where the romance took a back seat to the rest of the story. And I was fine with that because the thriller/suspense part was so amazing I sacrificed lunch with my colleagues today to spend an hour more reading in order to finally get to the bottom of things.


After a terrorist attack in DC, Federal Judge Tom Brewer is the lucky(!) man who gets to preside over the ensuing court case. The detailed scenes from the trial and the politics surrounding the whole thing should have make me run away screaming - I would usually consider stuff like that utterly boring. But not in this book. I was completely on-the-edge-of-my-seat-spellbound by all of it. It is so well written I could almost feel the tension from that court room radiate off my Kindle.


In parallel to the criminal case Tom and U.S. Marshal Mike Lucciano are getting close but having to hide their relationship Mike would otherwise be pulled off the protective detail assigned to the trial making it impossible for them to be together. And that is just not an option. Tom needs Mike presence, needs him to hold him up through the nightmare of having the entire world watching his courtroom in combination with taking his first tentative steps towards coming out of the closet.

Which brings me to the part of the book that got to me the most; Tom's struggles to overcome the crippling fear of being 'found out'. A fear he has been living with for twenty-five years. The story of how he ended up pretty much running into the closet and bolting the door from the inside, his memories of the world and society in the early nineties from his perspective as a gay man with ambitions, the fear he still carries with him through life and which has kept from getting close to anyone for so many years. It is all so absolutely heart-breaking. And knowing that when it comes to this part of the book, none of it is fiction just makes it even worse.

I actually went and googled 'bowers vs hardwick*'. It's one of those things my small mind just cannot grasp. And we are not talking 17th century here but the 1980s! The case took place during Tom's youth and we get to see the impact it had on him. Having a court confirm that you being you is basically illegal is a concept I cannot comprehend. It hurt to read, yet I am grateful for this part of the book. Grateful for the way it shows that BS laws actually affect people. That they cause real damage to people.

To sum up: I loved this book. There will definitely be more Tal Bauer on my reading list in the future.


(On a  side note - I also learned that apparently it is even today illegal to sell sex toys in Alabama. But I guess nothing should surprise me anymore!)


*Short version: The court in this case basically confirmed that it was ok for Georgia to have a law forbidding gay sex even behind the closed doors of someone's private home.

I particular like (yeah, that's sarcasm!) the Wikipedia note on 'later comments' from one of the majority-vote justices: "However, Powell believed that the case was one of little importance and in 1990 stated that he hadn't devoted thirty minutes to thinking about it since the ruling."
Little importance? Of course it was to everyone who wasn't actually gay. I'm pretty sure it was pretty important to a lot of other people....

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review 2017-08-22 20:13
Hush Money: A Novel (Hush Money Mystery) - T. E. Woods
I love T.E. Woods' "The Fixer" books and was sad when The Fixer decided to get out of the life of fixing. That girl was AWESOME! I wondered what would come next in in T.E. Woods' world and now I know. I loved this book. 

I loved the locale, Madison, WI is a beautiful city and I loved the main character, Sydney Richardson. A woman with a lot of issues of abandonment and a huge heart. During opening night of her "two", yes not just one, restaurants the Mayor is murdered. His wife had to be driven home in a taxi, so she can't be the suspect. However, one of Sydney's new employees, Wanda Fields, is a no show for work. There is no phone call or a replacement found. 

Wanda Fields, with no restaurant experience at all, tugged on Sydney's heartstrings with her status as a single mother. Sydney hired her right away. Now, Wanda is the main suspect in the Mayor's murder.

Sydney comes to the rescue with money for a lawyer, bail and a babysitter for her young daughter. She is bound and determined who killed the mayor because she knows Wanda did not do it.

A great story with not really a lot of suspects. There is no clue that there was anyone in that house besides the mayor and Wanda. However, some shady actions behind the scenes provide quite a few suspects. A fact I was happy to see because I really liked Wanda, as well.

The jaw dropping ending reiterated the fact why T.E. Woods is one author that I request her books without even reading the description!

Huge thanks to Random House/Alibi and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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review 2017-07-21 21:49
Book Review: Hush Now, Don't You Cry
Hush Now, Don't You Cry (Molly Murphy Series #11) - Rhys Bowen

Book: Hush Now, Don't You Cry


Author: Rhys Bowen


Genre: Historical Mystery/Fiction


Summary: Molly Murphy, now Molly Sullivan, and her husband, Daniel, a captain in the New York Police Department, have been invited to spend their honeymoon on the Newport, Rhode Island, estate of Alderman Brian Hannan in the spring of 1904. Molly doesn't entirely trust the offer. Hannan - an ambitious man - has his eye on a Senate seat and intentions of taking Tammany Hall to get it. When Hannan is found dead at the base of the cliffs that overlook the Atlantic, Molly's suspicions are quickly justified, and as much as she wants to keep her promise to Daniel that she won't do any more sleuthing now, there isn't much she can do once the chase is on. Rhys Bowen's brilliant wit and charm are on full display in Hush Now, Don't You Cry, another outstanding addition to her Agatha Award - and Anthony Award-winning historical series. -Minotaur Books, 2012.



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