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review 2017-04-01 01:05
Wait til you read about the sweatshirt.
I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks - Gina Sheridan

After I started my dream job last year, my mom bought me a copy of I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks by Gina Sheridan. (Thanks, mom!) I'm actually glad that I waited to pick this up because of the experiences I've already had after working as a Children's Librarian just a few months. (Don't worry. I'll remember them in my future memoir.) It still would have been funny back in December but it's exponentially more hilarious comparing it to my own experiences. (Note: If you don't work in a public library you'll still think this book is a hoot.) Sheridan has amasseds a collection of true things that have occurred in public libraries all over the world on her blog aptly named I Work at a Public Library which she started when...she started working at a public library. (I think you get where this is going from the title right?) It's organized according to the Dewey Decimal System and absolutely bursting with hilarious, heartwarming, disturbing, and disgusting tales. If you don't laugh out loud at some of these or gasp in shock then you're probably an automaton (and I'm terrified of you). Whether you're a library nerd at heart or just want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of where the library nerds gather this is the book for you. 10/10 and already trying to get all of my co-workers to read it. :-)

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2014-12-01 01:44
I Work at a Public Library Book Review
I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks - Gina Sheridan

First of all, I don't think anyone who doesn't work in a public library will really be able to appreciate this book. While I do work in a public library - for about a year and a half now, I found this book a bit annoying at times.


Gina Sheridan has written and composed several happenings in the libraries she's worked in her past. From patrons asking amusing questions to overhearing conversations while shelving. This book brings her blog to book form.


I do appreciate what Sheridan is doing here, and rather enjoyed the last chapter more than anything - the point of being a librarian and helping the community. It did make me laugh on a few occasions but I felt annoyed because of some of the answers to the reference questions as well as the fact that she felt the need to publish people's questions. But, other than that this is enjoyable and many of my friends and coworkers will enjoy this little book.

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review 2014-08-23 00:00
I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks
I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks - Gina Sheridan You can tell from checking my million updates on this book whether you'll like it or not. My husband surprised me with a copy -- no special occasion, he just knew I'd love it -- so I wanted to share the wealth.

There were two awesome anecdotes that were too long to share as updates. This one made my son do a spit-take:

PATRON: [Gestures at son.] He doesn't like to read, but he needs a biography. It has to be more than one hundred eighty pages.

ME: Do you know if autobiographies count? Hole in My Life is a pretty engaging story.

PATRON: What's it about?

ME: Well, Jack Gantos is a Newbery-winning children's author now, but when he was a teen he ended up in jail.

PATRON: [Snatches book out of my hand.] No. No. Absolutely not. I want something Christian.

ME: Well, uh...he learns a lot from being in jail and ends up being a writer who doesn't commit any more crimes.

PATRON: What about Anne Frank? (note from reviewer: my son was taking a drink of water as I read to him, and almost choked when I said this. "It gets better," I told him, and continued.) Do you have anything about Anne Frank? He'd like that, right? It's got trapdoors and secret passages?


I want to file this last story wherever Dewey keeps "straight, priorities":

MAN: Them's toilet is broke.

ME: Pardon me?

MAN: Yer toilette...it's broke.

ME: Oh! Is it not flushing? Did it overflow or...?

MAN: It 'pears someone put a Pabst down that thang.

ME: Beer?

MAN: Yar. A can of it.

ME: I'll go check it out.

MAN: Waste of a beer, y'ask me.

ME: Yessir.


Keep this book in mind the next time you need to buy a gift for someone. It's the kind of book even nonreaders will enjoy.
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