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review 2018-11-14 18:28
Good ending, although it doesn't hold up for me completely
Death Of The Inhumans (2018) #5 (of 5) - Donny Cates,Kaare Andrews,Ariel Olivetti

Marvel either needed to get more brutal, or less.   (And to be honest, given the rest of this series?   More brutal would have been the most appropriate!)   That being said, this felt... off.   The mixture of brutal and hopeful at the ending was gut wrenching - but didn't seem to fit the premise of this series, nor the promise held in the title.   I know I like a good brutal story about characters I love, although I'm not sure why, so I felt a little let down - and relieved at the same time.   


So I'm not sure: I just wanted a little more oomph from this ending.   It feels like the mini-series wasn't sure where to go while doing something in particular - allowing certain characters to make it if you want to get particular - and then this.  I know comics are more well planned out.   Marvel cancelled Chelsea Cain's Vision series because it conflicted with plans for Viv in the Champions.   That is: Marvel wouldn't let Donny Coates do whatever he wanted.  I'm not sure if his vision for this conflicted with what Marvel wanted, or if this was a carefully crafted ending that just didn't work for me, but it didn't.   Overall, though, it's a five star series: even with the choppy ending, there was enough here for me to highly suggest this, from the lovely art to the plot twists that won't stop, plus the philosophical thoughts that were dropped in here.   (Yeah, it wants you to think about mortality and what you'd do in the most extreme situations.)   And the ending wasn't a complete mood killer, or even bad: I was just expecting more given the pace. 


And I think that might be what be wrong.   This barrels along at high speed - and the stop is sudden and disorienting and that's making me cranky-pants and nitpick about the ending.  


I think I'll be more okay with it when I reread this - and this is good enough to reread. 

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review 2018-11-14 18:08
Marvel isn't afraid to get brutal
Death Of The Inhumans (2018) #4 (of 5) - Donny Cates,Kaare Andrews,Ariel Olivetti

And they do here.   I've been wondering when they're going to kill people off with something called "Death of the Inhumans."  I mean, there was the huge death count in one, but very few of the royal family?  Esepcaily with them on all the covers.


Arguably the royals are the Inhumans franchise as they've always been central to that.   Is Marvel killing of other Inhumans?   The franchise?   Both?


And then they managed to bring some of the royals back.   So what's going on?    But I'm starting to think this might be more of a spiritual death: their hope is being killed off, and that's far, far more brutal than merely killing off the royals.   Just look at what they've done to Black Bolt for an example of something far more brutal than killing him off.   I'm still hoping for hurt/comfort there, but I think it's going to be hurt and then more hurt, and then me curled up into a ball at the end of issue five, the final issue in this mini-series. 


But until I get there?   I'm loving this!

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review 2018-11-14 16:11
Death by Chocolate Lab
Death by Chocolate Lab - Bethany Blake

Daphne Templeton is a pet sitter. She has a soft spot for animals, but she doesn't have a soft spot for arrogant, womanizing Steve Beamus. He's the owner of Blue Ribbon K-9 Academy and Daphne's sister's ex-boyfriend. When she finds him dead on her sister's property while preparing for a dog agility trail, Daphne can think of a long list of people who didn't like Steve. She knows her sister didn't kill him, but the police think otherwise. Daphne, her basset hound sidekick Socrates, and a hyperactive chihuahua named Artie set out to clear her Piper Templeton's name.

I've read books two, three and four before reading this one which is the first in the Lucky Paws Petsitting series. While I did remember who was the murderer I thought that the whole mystery was well done to the point that I thought maybe I hadn't remembered correctly. It didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book, but I do recommend starting book one first. I like the characters, both human and canine, and I like Sylvan Creek. It's always fun spending time inside these pages and I will patiently wait for book number five!

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review 2018-11-14 16:06
Claws of Death
Claws of Death - Linda Reilly

Deanna Daltry grew up in Whisker Jog, New Hampshire, before she became a famous actress. Now that she's older she wants to return home and does so by buying the stone mansion off Cemetery Hill. She has also just adopted two kittens from the High Cliff Shelter for Cats. However not everyone is a fan of the fading star. After being the target of some nasty pranks, Deanna finds herself the prime suspect in a murder investigation when a body is found on her property. Lara is on the hunt for another killer, with the help of a certain blue-eyed ragdoll.

I love the cover. I love cats, I love all animals. I love that Lara and aunt Fran run a shelter, along with their new employee Kayla, that provides the care and love the cats deserve until they can find their perfect home. But these people have their quirks and after reading book three then book one these quirks got on my nerves - the crying!! These people, all of them in the book!, are always crying!! And the abbreviated words got on my nerves. And Lara's childishness when it came to her relationship.. "we had a great night last night but when he text me today he didn't put a smiley face, which can only mean he doesn't like me anymore and wants to break up" Ugh. Otherwise it's another good book in the Cat Lady Mysteries. The mystery itself is well done. I look forward to a break from the people, I'll miss the cats, but I'll keep my eyes open for book four.

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review 2018-11-13 19:39
This series is breaking my heart
Death Of The Inhumans (2018) #3 (of 5) - Donny Cates,Kaare Andrews,Ariel Olivetti

The characters are making hard decisions, and I just feel so badly for them all.  I really, really just hope Black Bolt actually survives this mini-series at this point, although I think it looks like it's likely that he'll be killed off at this point. 


Sighs.   Just what I needed today :(

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