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review 2013-08-15 00:00
Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerr... Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerra Come check out my stop on the Interim Goddess of Love blog tour and enter the giveaway to win copies of the trilogy!OH MY GODS, YOU GUYS. Where do I even begin? It's funny how at first I didn't really expect to rate any of the books higher than three (hey, I gotta be honest here) but with every book in the trilogy I was left wanting more. I guess that's just the magic that is Mina Esguerra's writing.(I've tried writing this paragraph's intro so many times but I just have so much feels for this book I kept pressing the backspace because I can't think straight. It's been four days, guys. FOUR DAYS. I'm still hungover this is insaaaaane. *clears throat* moving on...)There are two big things that this book is about: Hannah's love life and her goddess duties. I just loved how Hannah's love life panned out! We got to meet Robbie in the previous books but here is where we really get to know him. And boy do I love him. Seriously. Robbie can go head-to-head with a lot of popular young/new adult book boyfriends and he'd come out victorious. Okay that's a tad bit dramatic but I'm all for drama because this book has so much of it. Yes, drama. You'd think things would be easier for Hannah, what with her powers and all that but it really isn't. Apparently, playing temporary Goddess of Love complicates your chances of falling in like. Robbie and Hannah's relationship was sweet and complicated but I liked it. Despite knowing everything that Robbie was going to do, Hannah was surprisingly cooperative. It's like she just allowed herself to be normal. I was half expecting her to just give up on making a relationship with a regular human work but she didn't. And that's one of the things that made her character all the more lovable. No unnecessary drama. She's simply uncomplicated. And Robbie.... oh yeah. Robbie. So adorable and cute. And in love. This may be the one time I choose the regular human over some paranormal being. The ONE time. How can you not?! We need more Robbies in the world. Please? Thank you.Now in the final installment, pieces of the puzzle are finally put together. I won't drop hints whatsoever because I want you all to get goosebumps, just like I did, when everything's uncovered. Hannah's dreams were finally given meaning to and everything that were vague before. Which goddess did the dreams belong to? Is the Original Goddess of Love ever coming back? What happens with Quin? And Robbie? (I'm getting goosebumps as I type this) All of that is answered here and I can't express fully just how AMAZING it was all tied together. Hannah's also a lot more kickass here so that's definitely a plus. Everything that transpired made me want to read the whole book all over again and write fan fiction for myself just to satiate this need for more. It's not that the story didn't satisfy me, because it did - so much, but there was room left for a lot of possibilities. And I think that's what the story leaves readers with - this attachment to all the characters. That's probably the reason why I'm still very much hungover this story.An exciting conclusion to an imaginative and well-written trilogy, Icon of the Indecisive has it all. You'll regret not picking this trilogy up. ;-)P.S. #TEAMROBBIE I'm calling out to the Goddess of Love, I need a Robbie in my life. Heeh.(I received a copy for review. This did not influence me in any way.)
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review 2013-07-26 00:00
Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerr... Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerra For more of my reviews, visit Books For YA!After the intense cliffhanger in book 2, Hannah is back and she will have to face a difficult challenge that will test her commitment and passion as the Interim Goddess of Love. In the end, she will have to take a leap of faith (literally!) and make a decision that will completely change her life.Hannah, used to sense the feelings of those who summoned her as Goddess of Love but ever since Vida Castillo, a.k.a. Goddess of the Moon and mortal enemy no.#1, visited her one night, Hannah's ability was getting worse. Not only did she sense their feelings, she physically experienced what will happen to them minutes before it happen to them.Hannah, doesn't know what's going on and it's scaring her. If this is the price of becoming the Goddess of Love, she'd rather give it to someone who wants it but unfortunately, Vida is the only willing candidate. Will Hannah give it all up or will she endure? Also, the MOST important question will also be answered. Who will Hannah pick? Quin? Diego? or Robbie?This is the most awaited conclusion to the awesome Interim Goddess of Love Trilogy and if I'm going to sum up the whole series, I'll say it was a really enjoyable one. I can't believe that this is the last and to tell you the truth, in the three days that I read these books, I've come to love all of this characters (even Vida).All the questions and loose ends in the first two books were answered here, like where is the original Goddess of Love, why she went missing and what Hannah's weird dreams were all about. I couldn't be more happier with Hannah's decisions about her lovelife. I will not say any name but you could guess if you want.What I don't like about the ending is chapter 29. The story could have ended with chapter 28 and I will be happily satisfied with it. But because of that last chapter, more questions popped up and were left unanswered and it felt like it ended with another cliffhanger. Ugh, the agony of having to speculate what will happen next without knowing if I'm right is killing me.Overall, it was an entertaining read. I'll just pretend that chapter 29 didn't exist and be happy with it. LOL! I will definitely recommend it to everyone who wanted a fluffy contemporary romance with a tad bit of mythology and magic.
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review 2013-06-07 00:00
Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerr... Icon of the Indecisive - Mina V. Esguerra An epic sweeping end to a fantastical tale of contemporary romance. Mina V. Esguerra deftly ties all loose ends, answers burning questions, and reveal the intricate rules behind a world of college kids and Philippine myths. She gives her headstrong heroine, Hannah with what could only be described as a uniquely satisfying sendoff (Team Quin!), leaving us readers happy and fulfilled. Lesson learned perhaps best said by our resident Sun God / college heartthrob -- Life is short.Best to spend it reading books you love and getting swept into a feel good / heart happy story.
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