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review 2017-05-26 12:30
Boo! by David Haynes
Boo! - David Haynes


Cue the circus music! Boo! was just plain fun! What horror fan doesn't enjoy a good evil clown story? I know of exactly none. 


A young boy has his smile stolen when a clown murders his parents right in front of him. How that affects him and those around him is the basic plot of this book. Toss in the author of a book called Clownz, a spunky police detective, and a super lovable grehyound, and that basically rounds out our main cast of characters.


Everything moves along, maybe not always completely believable, but that's ok-evil clowns can make up for a lot and these are especially evil. There are some nasty scenes in this book, and man oh man, it's just so darn FUN! (I may have mentioned that before.)


If you're in the mood for some creepy-ass clowns, characters you can relate to, and a fast paced story you can take down in a few settings, Boo! is what you need! Just don't blame me if you wake up in the night, and there's a dark figure in the shadows of your bedroom. You'll just have to hope that Sparkles decides to spare you.


Highly recommended to fans of creepy clowns!


You can scare yourself silly here: Boo!

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review 2016-12-18 15:55
Man & Beast (The Savage Land Book 1) by Michael Jensen
Man & Beast (The Savage Land Book 1) - Michael Jensen


John Chapman, (loosely based on Johnny Appleseed), led a pretty exciting life towards the end of the 1700's. Man & Beast makes it even more exciting by exploring the romantic side of John's nature. This was my first book containing m/m romance and I found it to be just fine.


Chapman isn't much of a frontiersman and when he turns up on Daniel's doorstep in Pennsylvania, alone with no supplies and winter close on his heels, Daniel takes him in. "In" being a one room, two story cabin with an outhouse and a small barn. Soon snowed in, Daniel and John get to know each other better, but that soon turns out not to be a good thing. Daniel has a very nasty side and likes to drink and John can't wait for the spring thaw to make his escape.


The second part of the novel is about exactly that-John Chapman's escape. He soon begins to make a life for himself in a small town, even though he still has to hide his true nature, (being a homosexual during this time in American history is about the worse thing a man can be.) But not long after his new life is established, his past catches up to him as he always suspected it would, and John is forced to finally make a stand. Instead of running as he always has before, John turns and faces the enemy. Will he survive? You'll have to read this to find out!


Not being a reader of romance at all, never mind a gay one, I was extremely nervous to read this book. Turns out, I needn't have worried. Most romances I've tried in the past just seemed silly and the characters rather vapid, but none of that occurred here. The story took precedence, the romance being secondary, and that worked well for me. To be honest, I was a little freaked out by the sex scenes in the first half of the book, but those scenes were distinctly different in the second half and I settled down with it.


For a novel entirely out of my wheelhouse, I enjoyed Man & Beast. Not having had much experience with romances or gay fiction, my opinion may not mean much, but what's important to me is the STORY, and in that regard, this book delivers. I learned a lot about history, (this book was thoroughly researched), and a bit about gay relationships as well. I learned that in the end, we're all the same and we just want to be ourselves and to be loved. How can a book with that message be a bad thing?


Recommended to fans of historical fiction and romance!



You can buy your copy here: Man & Beast (The Savage Land Book 1)


*I was given a review copy free of charge, in exchange for my honest feedback. This it it. Additionally, I've known the author online for a while now and consider him to be a friend. This did not affect the contents of my review.*

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review 2016-12-13 15:55
Burning Amber by Paul Roberts
Burning Amber - Paul Roberts



Burning Amber is a little bit of mystery, a smidge of ancient myth, and a tad of cosmic horror. Shake it all up and you've got yourself a compelling story! 



Amber is a college student working on a paper about forest fires and the environment for her creepy professor. While out on site at a huge fire, she catches a glimpse of something and that is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as the mysteries in this book are concerned. Just then, she is contacted regarding her comatose mother suddenly waking and Amber rushes off to see her. From there, things get complicated.



I admired Amber as the protagonist of this story, she did not take any bull from anyone and I've always liked that in my female characters. She's tough and smart without becoming a cliche and in my opinion, there are not enough women like this in horror and dark fiction.


Regarding the mysteries in this story, I liked them and found them to be compelling-though, at times, I thought the story got muddled between all the different aspects of the events occurring throughout. 



Was this a Lilith story, a Firewalker story, or a Cosmic Horror story? I'm not sure even the author knew.

(spoiler show)


I think a tighter focus might have helped pull things together into a more compact package. That said, the pacing never suffered for it and this was a fun, exciting read that kept me engaged all the way to the killer ending. (Pun intended!)


Recommended for fans of dark fiction! 


You can view the super cool book trailer here: Burning Amber Book Trailer


You can find your copy here: Burning Amber


*I received a free paperback copy from the author well over a year ago, with no expectations of anything from me in return. This did not affect my review in any way.*

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review 2016-10-05 08:21
Hot Insta-Love Romance
BOUGHT 2: Lucien and Olivia's Story (Billionaire Buyers Series) - RedHott Covers,Dahlia Delights

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

If you're a fan of insta-love, then oh baby is this the story for you. BOUGHT 2: Lucien and Olivia's Story (Billionaire Buyers Series) by Dahlia Delights was one sexy adventure. And I loved that this can be read as a standalone OR as part of the series, where our heroine Olivia Crown is the daughter of Marshall and Mary from book one.

'This man, this person who was a near stranger to me a few days ago, was now the center of my universe.'

Basically, Olivia is the new head of her family's business, Crown Enterprises, since her father retired. And the good old boys investing in the company are not happy that it was Olivia and not one of her brothers that took over the reins. Looking to head off a bad financial situation, she is on the hunt for investors. So in walks multi-billionaire Lucien Dare. He is very interested in working with Olivia, seeing in her the same shrewd business sense that he possesses. But he wants even more to make her his very own and build a life with the gorgeous woman who's stolen his heart with just a glance.

'...When the time was right, I would let her know that I intended to make her mine--heart, mind, body, and soul. No less than that would ever sate me.'

I think what I liked most about Lucien and Olivia together (aside from their instant attraction, of course) was how they brought out the best in each other. She was very methodical and rational in the way she approached things and Lucien needed her calmness to focus on the tasks at hand. And conversely, he was an extremely passionate, sensual man who was able to see exactly what Olivia needed to be herself and experience love for the first time. *sigh*

Our couple found themselves stuck in a remote mountain chalet in the middle of a blizzard--which is always a fun theme. Stranded alone, there were several ways they could keep themselves occupied and one activity in particular that helped heat things up quite a bit. Talk about erotic and sexy as hell! In addition to that, I really liked the balance of their real fears over losing power and heat due to the storm with how Lucien and Olivia were able to remain playful and laugh while they were solving their problems.

BOUGHT 2 was every bit as steamy as the first installment in this erotic series. And I think the lovely connection between the hero and heroine will be sure to bring a smile and a sigh to every reader's lips.

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