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review 2019-03-04 20:57
The Path Keeper
The Path Keeper - N.J. Simmonds

I liked the cover. I probably should have read a bit further before requesting it on Netgalley. Ella has it all in London, but she can't find her place until she meets her stalker, ehm love interest. He spends the entire book saying how he always loved her, through all her previous lives. That is not scary at all.

It was one of the most cringe worthy romances I read in a long while. After she meets Zac there is not a single thing besides him that she can do or think about. He will break the rules, just for her. Add to this a random attempted rape, which was completely glanced over, and a rather ridiculous subplot about Ella's parents and I found I was not really caring any more about any of the big revelations with the angels, who may or may not play a part in life.

It was a fast read, sure, but I never got into the story. The characters don't really have a personality besides loving each other. This was definitely not for me.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!




After I took the snake I was back to square 1: by a female author. This book is written by NJ Simmonds, a woman, so I get to roll 2 dice.


7. Author's last name begins with the letters A, B, C, or D.

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review 2015-03-30 02:05
Indigo Dawn (Josie Hawk Chronicles #1) by Elle J. Rossi
Indigo Dawn (The Josie Hawk Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Elle J Rossi

The pixies are causing trouble, and it is up to Josie and Keller to put a stop to it.


Josie is a great heroine. I like that she is strong and smart. I enjoy Josie’s conversations and sarcastic personality. She is very humorous.


She has a great group of friends: the vampires of Crimson Beat and Sage. She also has some useful contacts. I love their gift to her, complete with pretty read bow. You’ll have to read the book to find out what it was.


The pixies are entertaining foes. They are creative with their fighting. I mean seriously, spit balls, sick. I think Esmeralda had a death wish. I personally would not mess with Josie.


Indigo Dawn has a fast-paced and action-filled plot. It had numerous surprises and was interesting. This is a really great series that I look forward to continuing reading.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2014-07-24 02:15
{Blog Tour} Review: Indigo Dawn (The Josie Hawk Chronicles #1) by Elle J Rossi
Indigo Dawn (The Josie Hawk Chronicles, Volume 3) - Elle J Rossi

Indigo Dawn by Elle J Rossi
Series: The Josie Hawk Chronicles #1 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Published by: Moon Rose Publishing on March 24, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 150
Source: Author 
Amazon • Barnes & Noble


*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Vampires, witches and pixie dust…Oh My!


I can’t get enough of Josie and Keller and INDIGO DAWN finally gave me what I was craving…a full length story with these two. Just when I think things can’t get any crazier for Josie, Elle J Rossi surprises me with a new adventure for the snarky Huntress. Adding some pixies to the mix definitely made for an intriguing tale!


The Josie Hawk Chronicles continues with Josie doing what she does best, kicking some supernatural tail! I was thankful that her relationship with Keller is established and they’re finally a real couple working together in this book. Being with Keller has made Josie more open to let others in (which I like), but she hasn’t lost her fiestiness and protective nature. She’s now part of a team, working alongside Keller and his Crimson Beat band-mates not only at her bar Wolfie’s, but while hunting nasties on the streets of Nashville. Life is never boring for this gang and this time proves no different when Josie discovers some mischievous little pixies are distributing some psychedelic pixie dust in her city.


INDIGO DAWN wastes no time and jumps right into the action with Josie, Keller and their newly formed Assembly team. Each member of Crimson Beat brings their own set of skills and charming personalities to the table, I love that they all treat Josie as an equal and aren’t too alpha with her. Grant, Lucian, Alex and Matthew have great chemistry and definitely leave their mark, I wouldn’t mind a novella with just these four sexy vamps (I’m talking to you Ms. Rossi!).


Demons, vampires and shifters are some of the usual supes explore in this series so I thought the introduction of the witches and pixies just added to this fascinating world. Keller continues to make me swoon with his sexy Irish accent and passion…Josie is one lucky girl, that’s all I’ll say! We see a little more smexiness between them in this book and they certainly do a fantastic job of heating up the pages.


This book alternates between Josie’s first person POV and Keller’s third person POV, but I actually enjoy this style to the series, it allows me to connect with both protagonists. I love that Elle reveals the meaning behind the title INDIGO DAWN in the story, giving it a special connection to the characters. Josie and Keller are a breath of fresh air in this genre that can sometimes be a bit dark, I love their love and can’t wait to read what comes next for sexy couple, after all, you know what they say, the couple that slays together…




Source: romancingthedarkside.com/2014/07/blog-tour-review-indigo-dawn-by-elle-j-rossi.html
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review 2014-07-14 13:05
Tour Stop & Book Reviews: Crimson Beat & Indigo Dawn by Elle J Rossi
Crimson Beat - Spring Equinox (The Celtic Tapestry Collection, Book 1) - Elle J Rossi
Indigo Dawn (The Josie Hawk Chronicles, Volume 3) - Elle J Rossi

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my stop for the Josie Hawk Chronicles tour! To see the full schedule click here or on the banner above. I have been soooooo excited about this tour since I read the novella Alabaster nights in May this year. 

Previous reviews:
Alabaster Nights (#0.5)

Series: Josie Hawk Chronicles #0.6
Publication Date: 21 March 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Dark World Books (In exchange for an honest Review)
Audio or Book: ebook
Length: +- 13k words


The Spring Equinox brings a slew of nasties to the streets of Nashville. Huntress Josie Hawk is determined to get her arch enemy to sign a treaty, whether the Assembly is behind her or not. But when Keller O'Leary--sexiest vampire alive--returns, will Josie learn to be a team player, or will she stake the heart that has captured hers?


(Originally part of the anthology A Celtic Tapestry)


My Review:


I loved this Novella!! I could just eat up Josie & Keller or squish them with love. This story is a great connector between Alabaster Nights & Indigo Dawn. You find out how Josie & Keller finally find a way to 'work' out their issues. This novella is all from Josie's point of view and I just love how her mind works.


Final Thoughts: 
This is a great read that just whets your appetite and gets your ready for book 1!


Series: Josie Hawk Chronicles #1
Publisher: Moon Rise Publishing
Publication Date: 25 March 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Dark World Books (In exchange for an honest Review)
Audio or Book: ebook
Length: 144 pages


Vampire Lust and Pixie Dust.


Josie Hawk is a Huntress. A killer devoted to protecting the humans of Nashville from the shadows that lurk in the night. But the shadows are gaining ground.


When an infamous pixie tricks Josie into a drug-induced nightmare, Josie envisions the death of her vampire lover, Keller O'Leary. Was the vision a threat ... maybe even a promise? But from whom?


Desperate to track down the source of the toxic psychedelic pixie dust, Josie kicks and punches her way toward the truth. But her efforts backfire, provoking a deadly attack at Wolfie’s—the bar Josie co-owns with her sister-in-arms, Sage.


Tag. You’re it.


Haunted by the threat to Keller, Josie scrambles to outwit her elusive opponent before the deadly game escalates and claims more lives. But in saving Nashville, will Josie lose those she loves?


Or will she be too late to stop the deadly game of tag?


My Review:

Indigo dawn is a fun fantastic read filled with pixies, witches, vampires, attitude, love and friendship! You cannot help but be drawn in from page one. I definitely think that reading the novella's helped set the scene for Indigo Dawn and this book did not disappoint! 


I love the explanation of the title Indigo dawn - it really is beautiful. You'll need to read it to appreciate it. It's one of those passages that you can picture so clearly and it touches your heart. 


Characters & Storyline: 4/5

Every single character is easy to connect to and easy to love. Elle creates interesting characters that are fun and crawl into your heart. 


I really enjoyed the fact that Josie and Keller were already a couple. They didn't need to figure it all out and were not trying to save each other, just protective and possessive. They are already a team and that adds so much more to the story for me. 


Josie - Josie is so kick ass! I love her feistiness & attitude. Yes - she is stubborn, but it is not that annoying pull out your hair stubborn. She holds out just enough and knows when she is being unreasonable. I love being in Josie's mind and her attitude made me laugh so many time. Josie's character is written from the first person pov. 


Keller - Keller us so cool, calm, collected & passionate! He just oozes smexiness and is head over heals in a good way for Josie. Their banter cracked me up and the romance is intense with a few steamy scenes. What's not to love.. Keller is a sexy vampire who is crazy about Josie and is the drummer in a band? Keller's character is written in the third person pov. 


Crimson Beat - Crimson beat is Keller's band that plays at Wolfie's in the evenings. They also help Josie keep the streets of Nashville safe. Each member adds flavour to the story and all adore Josie to bits - they would do anything for her! 


Plot, Pace, Writing style: 4/5  

Elle has an easy writing style and the story flowed easily. The plot was good, even if I did figure out a few things before the time - I enjoyed the ride. The change in pov style didn't bug me in the least. I enjoy Elle's writing style and it just works for me! I was annoyed  that I kept getting interrupted when reading this story, this had nothing to do with the story though. 


Elle ended Indigo Dawn on a rounded note with lots to work on in books to come - no cliffhanger here.  


Cover talk: 5/5 

I love this cover! I love it so much I want a copy for my bookshelf one day... It would look so beautiful <3


Final Thoughts: 

I love this series! It is easily one of my new favourite and I will be following it closely. 


(Unfortunately I lost all my favourite quotes when I originally wrote the post because it didn't save!)

Author Bio:
Elle J Rossi is a writer of Dark Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Overly fond of the happily ever after, Elle lets her characters take control as they lead her down dark and twisted paths on their haunting journey toward love.

When not writing, you'll more than likely catch her hanging with her husband, two kids and a cat who truly does rule the roost, or stealing the mic from her friends as the duel over country karaoke.

Author Links: Goodreads l website l twitter




Source: meanwhoyouare.blogspot.com/2014/07/tour-stop-book-reviews-crimson-beat.html
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review 2012-06-13 00:00
The Indigo King (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica) - James A. Owen A strong continuation of the unique fantasy series that begins with Here, There Be Dragons. Interestingly what makes this series unique is the features which are not unique. Yes this series has pretty much a combination of all kinds of mythic, fairytale and fantasy characters from Peter Pan to Captain Nemo or even characters who are real like Jules Verne. The uniqueness of the series is however how the author blends these various ideas together to create a singular story within each book. It could be very easy for him to simply throw a variety of fantasy ideas together, attract a reader by the idea of what his book is and then conclude in a highly unsatisfactory way. However James A. Owen is able to take his unique ideas and create a convoluted story that concludes by the end of the book and proves satisfactory.

Like the previous two books The Indigo King takes time to tell a story that focuses around the Arthurian legend while also incorporating fairytale and sort of fictional characters into the plot. James A. Owen suggests that the fictional places in his book are behind the creation of the fictional characters in works such as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia,Peter Pan andTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
Unlike the other two stories this novel spends much of its time focused around incorporating a popular science fiction element into its fantasy world: that of time travel and alternate dimensions. Because due to one character's blunder in the past the future becomes transformed and our protagonists are forced to travel back into the past themselves to both find him and fix the mess he created.

While the story is a stand alone novel there are many plot elements which tie into the previous two books so I would recommend if this novel sounds intriguing that you begin at the start. I do highly recommend this series, although I view the first and second novels as the better imaginative works. However I still found this an intriguing addition to what is a fine series and one which I recommend for all lovers of mythology, fantasy, fairytale and legend.
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