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Week Long 99 cent Sale on the INDIGO LOUNGE BOXED SET (1-4) By Zara Cox


Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the Scandalously Sexy Sky-High Playground Where Anything Can Happen...


Get High, Higher, Spiral and Soar, books 1-4 of the INDIGO LOUNGE SERIES by Zara Cox NOW for only 99 cents! This limited time boxed set was released September 21st. It includes books 1-4 of the INDIGO LOUNGE series. This exclusive boxed set will also only be available for a LIMITED TIME. The price will be 99 cents for RELEASE WEEK ONLY. After that the price goes back up to $5.99. Get it while its HOT…and trust us, its very hot.


The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.










Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen...


Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGH is the perfect next read for lovers of the internationally renowned EL James' Fifty Shades and Sylvia Day's Crossfire series.


Zachary Savage is a man accustomed to getting whatever and whoever he wants. He's buried his demons and risen from the ashes to become the playboy owner of the internationally renowned Indigo Lounge, a fleet of ultra-exclusive sky-high pleasure palaces.


He has everything he wants, until he sets eyes on Bethany Green. One look is all it takes ~ she has to be his.


Bethany Green has endured the worst year of her life; bad luck and heartbreak at every turn. Karma swings wildly in her favour when a money-can't-buy golden ticket lands in her lap - an invitation to experience the scandalously sexy Indigo Lounge for herself.


Green by name and green by nature, is she brave enough to accept the hottest ticket in town?


One glimpse of Zachary Savage is enough to convince her that she isn't cosmopolitan enough to play in his glamorous, sinfully sexy world. But they're already in the air, and reality is a long way behind them. The only way is up.


The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.


HIGHER is the sizzling conclusion to Zach & Bethany’s love story which began in book one, HIGH.


When Bethany finds herself back on board the Indigo Lounge, this time for work purposes, she knows her life is about to once again slide into free fall.


Zachary Savage has branded himself onto her senses, and despite her attempts to protect her heart she’s pulled right back into his sizzlingly intense orbit of sex, more sex and dark secrets.


But even out of this world sex won't save Beth's heart when Zach is finally ready to reveal the truth…


HIGHER. The only way is up, and this time they're going all the way.


HIGHER is the perfect read for lovers of the internationally renowned EL James' Fifty Shades & Sylvia Day's Crossfire series.




Sinfully sexy venture capitalist, Noah King - a man with a haunted past and dark cravings - is a short fuse away from being consumed by his needs. When his desires propel him to the Indigo Lounge, there’s only one course of action - unleash his innermost hunger or lose his mind.


Leia Michaels has spent the last five years trying to find her way out of a shattered labyrinth of pain and tragedy. In a daring move, she takes a chance on a sizzling adventure aboard the Indigo Lounge.


Within seconds of meeting on the luxury, decadent adults-only jet, they realize they're better off apart...but their chemistry defies logic and their needs have gone far too long unanswered.


Seven Nights. Seven Highs. He will strip away her inhibitions and show her that edgy existence between pleasure and pain. Will she survive his dark secrets and risk revealing her own, or will her world spiral out of control?


Seven Nights, Seven Highs…the story continues!


Noah King thought he'd left his past behind in New York. He should have known better. The past isn't not done with him yet.


Leia Michaels thought she was finally free. Free of the shadows of her past. Free to contemplate a future with Noah. She should have known better. The past isn't done with her either.


Perfect for lovers of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, SOAR is the conclusion to the scorching duet in the bestselling Indigo Lounge series. Step back aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.

On Sale in Digital: September 21, 2015

Amazon B&N Kobo



Add the boxed set of the Indigo Lounge series to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

Check out all the books in the INDIGO LOUNGE series!



Excerpt #2:


He broke the connection first, his head dropping down until his forehead touched hers. Their breaths mingled as he slid his arms around her shoulder and pulled her close.


Her thighs shook with tension and she loosened her hold on him.


Did I say you could let me go?” he demanded, but his lips curved in a smile against her shoulder.


I’m so liquid right now, not all the ballet training in the world can make me keep this pose.”


His head slowly lifted, his eyes gleaming with keen interest. “You’re a trained ballerina?”


Was. Unfortunately, my ass started to grow when I was fourteen and hasn’t stopped growing. I had to give up hopes of becoming a world-famous prima ballerina and settle for being a not-so-world-famous events organizer.”


His interest grew. “So just how…flexible are you?” The question was so blatantly sexual that her barely lowered pulse spiked higher again.


Why do you want to know?” she asked, despite the blush creeping over her skin.


Because I want to know just how…adventurous we can get together.” Lust slid over his face. He licked his lips in a purely predatory way that made her stomach muscles clench hard.


Unbelievably, he started to get hard again inside her.


At her shaky breath, he grimaced. “Let’s continue this in the shower. I want to know all about your dreams of becoming a ballerina. And the hot topic of your ass growing.”


He laughed at the glare she gave him. A moment later, they both groaned as he pulled out of her.


Zach reared back and looked down her pink sex. “You’re so fucking beautiful down there. I could eat you all over again.”


Her visible shudder made him laugh, even as he drifted his knuckles over her still tingling sex.


But first, a shower. And some food for you.”


He stood up and held his hand to her.


As Bethany followed his tall, lean body, she tried to make sense of the myriad emotions tumbling through her.


She’d just experienced the most incredible sexual episode of her life. Elation, confusion and trepidation fought within her.






Grand Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N gift card 


Rafflecopter giveaway



Author Bio:


Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn't until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone but her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara's next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading her stories!


Connect with Zara:


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Street Team | Amazon




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Author, Zara Cox


Author Bio:

Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn’t until nine years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone outside her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she would love to hear your thoughts.

Connect with Zara:  

Website -- Newsletter  -- Facebook -- Twitter --  Goodreads -- Instagram -- Pinterest




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Come take a trip and fly in the infamous and sexily scandalous Indigo Lounge and meet Keely & Mason, in FREEFALL by Zara Cox.

Thanks for stopping by and helping celebrate the latest Indigo Lounge novel, FREEFALL, by Zara Cox with the week-long blitz! One lucky reader will win a $50 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card AND a digital copy of one of Zara’s backlist titles. TWO lucky readers will win a $15 gift card and a digital copy of one of Zara’s backlist titles. We hope you have a sexy flight in the Indigo Lounge!





Zara Cox - Rafflecopter giveaway





FREEFALL (The Indigo Lounge Series) #5


Keely Benson:

Nineteen. The age I threw my life away.

Twenty-Five. The age I decided to try it a second time.

Twenty-Five plus one day. The age Benedict Mason Sinclair III walked into my life.


Mason Sinclair III:

She was a curse. 

A sex bomb. 

A perfect reminder that not having a heart was the best choice I ever made.



Available at:

Amazon -- Barnes & Noble -- Kobo -- iBooks -- Goodreads






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“You’re going out?” Keely asks.


I head for the indigo and black Mclaren P1 GTR and slide behind the wheel. I throw open the passenger door and start counting silently. I reach eight before she slides into the seat.


I almost wish she hadn’t. The moment she shuts the door and her scent engulfs me I know I’m going to fuck her.


“Seatbelt,” I growl.


She complies.


I step on the gas, reversing in expert an arc that throws her against me.


“Whoa, easy there, Rusty,” she admonishes as she rights herself.


My jaw clenches and my fingers curl around the steering wheel. “I’m keeping tally, Keely. For every time you call me that name.”


She laughs and fiddles with the temperate modulator until warm air flows into the car. “And how exactly do you intend to get me back, seeing as you’re leaving tomorrow?”


The smile barely twitches on my lips. “The night is still young.”


“Umm, no it kinda isn’t. It’s almost 1 a.m.” Her voice hold a cautious delivery as if she’s realising just what she’s let herself in for.


I don’t respond as I quickly navigate the quiet streets on the outskirts of Montauk, letting the powerful engine beneath me growl and fly. I drive fast and aggressively, and every now and then I hear her breath catch when I take a corner too quickly. After about ten miles, the turmoil in my chest start to feel calmer. In direct proportion the turbulence in my pants is growing. My cock has been hardening since she slid in barefoot beside me. Seeing one fist clenched around the door handle and the other gripping the center console is not doing my libido any good either. Nor is the rapid rise and fall of her chest and the very visible outline of one breast since she stop paying attention to the gaping robe.


I glance at the sat nav and spot a mile long road leading to a dead end coming up on the left.


I take the turn and floor the accelerator.


She slams back against her seat. “God, slow the fuck down, would you?”


“I’m keeping a tally of that, too.”


The needles rises to a hundred, then one-twenty. One-forty. Her breath shudders out. “You can keep all the goddamn tallies you want. If you make me dead just one day into my twenty-fifth year, I swear you’ll never have a moment of peace. I’ll haunt you until you beg me to kill you.”


My foot doesn’t lift from the pedal, but I glance at her. “Yesterday was your birthday?”


She visibly shakes as the row of white oak trees mark the end of the road. “Jesus, slow down, Rusty!”


“Answer my question.”


“What question? God! Yes, yesterday was my birthday.”


“What did you wish for?”


“Not to fucking die in a psycho’s car today!” Her fingers have long turned white and her face is ashen with fright. One nipple is fully exposed and I feel the blood rushing through my veins.


“Please!” The word explodes from her lips. “Slow down,” she whispers. “Slow down, slow down, slow down.” The words trip over themselves.


“What about your foul language?” I ask, returning my eyes to the road.


“Fine. I won’t swear again!” She starts shaking her head frantically as the trees rush towards us. “No!” Her right hand flies towards my thigh, digging in with a tight, nail-biting grip.


I narrow my eyes, scan the dashboard, then the tree line. After exactly three seconds, I transfer my foot from gas to brake.


The McLaren skids to a stop at the exact point where the road ends.




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