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quote 2014-10-10 17:02

Let me get this straight . The future of our relationship hinged on advice from a fifteen-year old girl , a probally untrue story from a one - eyed chihuahua trainer , and me unromantically - yet skillfully - kissing you on top of silver-ware and china ? yep , I said . page 395
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quote 2014-10-10 06:06
You made me summon a dragon ! I exclaimed I most certainly did not , she responded Callistanas are a type of demon . I froze A demon well she amended . A very minor and generally benign kind . I didn't reply for a while Sydney ? are you there ? you had me summon a demon , I replied , voice stiff . you know how I feel about evil and the supernatural . You spent all this time trying to convince me that the magic we do is all for some greater good in the battle against evil , and yet you made me summon a creature of hell. Creature of hell ? she snorted . Hardly . you know nothing about demons . I told you it's benign , didn't I ? callstatans can be very useful . they'll warn you if dark magic is nearby and will even defend you if you're attacked - not that they can do much damage . I wasn't buying it . If they're so useful , then why don't you have one ? oh , well I'm at a level where I can sense dark magic on my own . That , and - if you'll forgive my language - callistanas are a real pain in the ass. they make the most irritating noise when they're hungry . Cats are more than adequate for my needs. page 280
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quote 2014-08-11 22:26
What happened to to loving me from a distance ? what happened to not, um, bringing up any of this stuff ? for someone who was allegedly just going to watch me from afar , he wasn't doing a good job of being indifferent . he moved in front of the door and blocked my way. I said I wouldn't if you don't want me to . But your kind of giving me mixed signals sage . I am not , I said amazed that I could even say that with a straight face . Even I didn't believe it . You're presumptous and arrogant and a whole lot of other things if you think i've changed my mind . You see, that's just it . There he was again , moving into my space . I think you like the other things. page 217
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quote 2014-08-06 07:50
you know , he said under normal circumstances , you inviting me to the bedroom would be the highlight of my day . I crossed my arms and sat on the bed . I did so out of simple fatigue , but a moment later, I was struck by what I was doing . this is where Adrian sleeps. i'm touching the covers he's wrapped in every night . what does he wear ? does he wear anything ? page 119
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quote 2014-08-06 07:39
Oh god she probably thinks were off doing you know romantic type um things that amused Adrian far more than it should have .see there you go again that's the first thought that comes to your mind . he shook his head melodramatically . i can't believe you keep accusing me of being the obsessed one. I'm not obsessed I exclaimed ! . i'm just pointing out the obvious conclusion . maybe to you . but she's right about one thing: we need to get inside . he anxiously touched his hair. I think my hair gel's frozen . page 71
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