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text 2019-09-18 12:37
How to Prep Your Ceiling Fans for Fall and Winter

Fall is fast approaching and might even be in full swing depending on when you’re reading this. With the last half of the year comes changing leaves, after-school snacks, football, and home maintenance to prep for the incoming cold. Ceiling fans are so much more than summertime appliances. The reality is, just like how you use your lights year-round, you should also use your elegant Casablanca fans year-round too! Here are some tips to help you prep your ceiling fans for fall and winter.


Why You Should Use Your Ceiling Fans in the Fall and Winter

Some people assume that since ceiling fans can keep you comfortable with a breeze, they are only good for the spring and summer months. In reality, fans don’t produce cold air, but rather help to circulate the air in a room, making the room more comfortable. Since hot air rises and cool air stays near the floor, ceiling fans will spin counterclockwise in summertime. This pushes the hot air down while stirring up the lower, cooler air, allowing it to circulate.

When you power up your heater, you can help spread that warm air around the room with your ceiling fan. Simply locate the directional switch on the fan and flip it. Now the fan will pull cold air up, pushing down the hot air at the top of the room to increase heating efficiency. Start the ceiling fan on low to double-check that it’s moving in a clockwise direction and you’re good to go!

Get Rid of Any Dust Bunnies

Get out your step ladder because now is a good opportunity to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition and your ceiling fans are clean. Fan blades typically collect dust bunnies over time, but with a soft cloth and some cleaner, you can wipe them off with ease. If you want to avoid making a mess, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a hose or even a pillowcase to neatly scoop up any dirt and debris.

Perform Any Maintenance

While you’re paying attention to your ceiling fans, check to make sure they are in perfect working order. Double-check that all of the screws are tight. You might also need to lubricate the motor if it’s squeaking—the top of the motor housing should have a small hole for oil if it is required. Also, if the ceiling fan is wobbling while in use, it might be due for balancing. You can pick up a balancing kit and do it yourself relatively easily—that should take care of any wobble!

If You’re Thinking About an Upgrade, Now’s Your Chance

Maybe you have wanted to upgrade your ceiling fan to one of the aviation-inspired Minka Aire fans, but you’ve been putting it off. Well, since it’s the start of the new season, it’s as good a time as any to upgrade your old, tired fan. Check out online retailers like LightsOnline for a huge selection of ceiling fans and lighting solutions that will complement your existing interior design scheme and really bring the room together.

About LightsOnline

LightsOnline has helped people across the country find their dream home décor since 2009. They offer an extensive selection of premium lighting solutions and ceiling fans for a variety of interior design aesthetics. They know that the lighting world can be complex and confusing at times, which is why their trained experts are ready to help you find the right fixtures to suit any room or style. They offer ceiling fans from the best names in the business, including industrial ceiling fans, many featuring light kits. Whether you’re building your dream home or want to upgrade your existing ceiling fans, they have a solution for you.

Shop their selection of ceiling fans and premium lighting solutions at Lightsonline.com


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2lSBjKE

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text 2019-08-20 08:53
How to Celebrate National Ceiling Fan Day

As we wrap up summer and transition into the fall months, National Ceiling Fan Day is almost here. National Ceiling Fan Day, which falls on September 18 every year, is dedicated to any and everything ceiling fan-related. Although this occasion might not have come across your calendar, it’s a day with a purpose and for a good cause. Here are a few ways that you can join in on the celebration.

Shut the Air Conditioner Down

Yes, really! Celebrate by turning off your air conditioner. During the heat of the peak summer months, especially down south, it may seem almost impossible to go without that cooling central air. By September, however, the temperatures in your neck of the woods have probably cooled down to “bearable.” All you might need to keep things cool are your Casablanca fans and an open window.

If you’ve still been using your air conditioner, shut it down for the day and crank up your ceiling fans. You’ll probably realize that you didn’t even need AC, plus the energy savings are well worth it. In fact, according to the lighting experts at LightsOnline, if everyone in America turned their air conditioners off for just this day, it could save enough energy to power New York City for months! Take the challenge and enjoy the cool breeze of your ceiling fans.

Give Your Ceiling Fans Some Much-Needed TLC

While ceiling fans are fresh on your mind, take the day to give yours some TLC. Even in the cleanest houses, fans will gather dust on the blades. Grab a step ladder and dust them off for a cleaner appearance and to stop that dust from getting tossed around in the air.

Now is also a good opportunity to address any maintenance issues you might have (like that broken fan blade in the guest room). If you find that you need replacement parts, trusted vendors like LightsOnline can help you place a replacement parts order for items you ordered from them. And if even if your Trade Winds or Savoy House items didn’t originate with them, they may still be able to help source replacement parts as a preferred vendor. This way you can get your ceiling fans up and running as good as new.

Upgrade Your Existing Ceiling Fans

If you live in an older home, your ceiling fans might be due for an upgrade. New fans can take care of a variety of annoyances from minor squeaking to wobbling. Plus, there are so many innovative, striking designs out there these days, like Minka Aire fans with aviation-inspired blades. Upgrading your ceiling fan can not only help make your home more comfortable but can also add a visual, modern element that not many other interior design pieces can.

Shop with the Best

If you do decide to take National Ceiling Fan Day as an opportunity to install a new fan, make sure that you’re shopping with the best. Not only do you want to choose a provider that offers a ton of different brands, styles, and options, but they also should help you narrow down your search. Choosing a new ceiling fan can be a lot easier said than done, so shop with a company that emphasizes superior customer support. They will help you find the perfect ceiling fan for your needs!

About LightsOnline

Since 2009, LightsOnline has helped people across the country find the perfect ceiling fan or light fixture (sometimes both!) for their home. The lighting world can seem very complex and confusing at first, but the experts at LightsOnline will help answer any of your questions and ensure you make the right choice. They are proud to carry lights and ceiling fans in a variety of styles and designs, including industrial ceiling fans, from some of the best names in the business. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing fans or you’re remodeling, LightsOnline will help you find the right product for your needs.

Shop their entire selection of premium ceiling fans, quality lighting solutions, and more at Lightsonline.com

Original Source: http://bit.ly/2P1tuQQ

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