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text 2020-01-08 07:01
Locate Someone in Custody and Send Money

If your loved one or friend is incarcerated, they are still dear to you and you would want them to have the best of all that is available to them even if limited. However, to make use of what is available in the commissary, your loved one or friend would need money and you may be wondering how to send money to a prisoner. It really is not difficult. Read on to find out how you could do it.


Let us first establish what a commissary is. It is a store in the correctional home which sells various products that the inmates can buy with their funds. You can not only buy clothing, shoes, snacks and food, but also hygienic products like soap, shampoo, and shavers and other personal use. You can also get books, magazines, televisions, radios, cards for entertainment. Though not mentioned so far but probably the most important thing for an inmate that a commissary sells is paper, envelopes, and stamps. These are very important for an inmate because it allows them to connect with those outside. Some facilities may provide some paper and stamps to their inmates who do not have money but not all prisons will do so. If your loved one happens to be one of those that do not do so then it is important to transfer money to a prisoner to enable them to keep in touch. The money is transferred to an inmate's commissary account which is like a bank account.  


To be able to send the money, you must locate the inmate. There are several sites which will help you with a nationwide inmate search and find someone in jail. You can search by the inmate ID number if you know it or by the first and last name. Other details that you may want to see will be available at the website.


Once you have located your inmate, even if he is in a county jail you can still send money to inmate in county jail. The inmate can also get money into their commissary by working within the institution or if he has some trust fund or inheritance. However getting money from a friend or family member is something special.


When you are planning to send money to an inmate don’t forget that you keep track of how much money he or she may actually need. If they don’t have enough money then they may have to do without some essentials and if you send too much, they may be a target for others.


There are various ways to send your loved ones money. You can even add money to inmate phone account depending on where they are because federal, state and local institutions have different regulations. The restrictions could be about who is allowed to make the deposits, so you must make sure that you are qualified to do so. You must either contact or look up guidelines for the institutions to make sure that you are following the correct procedures.


If you want to send money electronically, you can send using any of the money transfer services available to you. This ensures prompt payment to the commissary account, provided you have given the correct information. You can access these services via an agent also. Besides this you can use the postal services also, that is you may send only a money order which should include the inmate’s full name and register number. While for some facilities you can send money with a cheque in others you cannot. So places will also allow a debit or credit card transaction. It really depends on where you are located and also the place where your inmate’s facility is located. Explore the various options and choose the one most suitable for you. You may also want to want to look into the cheapest but reliable method.


The basics are the same. You first have to locate your inmate, then select whether you want to make a commissary payment or a phone payment and then authorize the payment method. You may make an online payment and if it is going to be on a regular basis you can activate a recurring payment option. You can also send money over the phone. You need to check on the number you will need to dial for doing so. Money transfer services have several locations nationwide and you can check if this is suitable.


If you deposit the money into the “Inmate Account” then they can freely spend the money on phone calls or other communication methods available in their facility. On the other hand in a “Friends and Family Account” the inmate can only call the number you have specified and since the funds go into your account you pay for the phone calls, video visits and messaging. You can also pay for a phone call through your credit card. This is called Quick Connect. You can avail of this if your friend or loved one chooses to call you via Quick connect.


If you remember a few things then sending money will not be a problem. Before sending money, get the specific procedure for the facility that the inmate is incarcerated in. This information is available in websites. You need to navigate to the facilities page and read the   inmate funds section carefully to check out the rules the institution has. Remember also that part of the money may be used for fines and restitution while sometimes the items they buy with the funds can be taken away by other inmates. 


Never deposit any funds into somebody else’s account at the request of your friend in prison. This request may be a sign of illegal activity. The department of corrections discourages funds to be transferred in this manner. 


Make sure that you keep the receipts and order numbers.  If you are using the money order facility to send funds to an inmate then keep the stub with the money order number. This helps you to track a money order gone astray. Ensuring that you have a way of tracking not only provides you with recourse but is also your proof that the inmate got the funds. If you fear illegal activity don’t hesitate to get in touch with your inmates counsellor.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2019-12-11 07:26
Locate Your Inmate Effortlessly with an Inmate Locator Tool

Finding whereabouts of a missing person can be done by making a report, of that missing person at the police station. But what if the person you are finding is already in their custody? How will you be able to know where your convicted person is? Is there any easy way to find in which facility your inmate is in?


Well, for starters, there are many ways to find whereabouts of the convicted person you are searching for. However, of all the techniques, you need to find such a tool that is loaded with the latest information, easy, comfortable as well as affordable. A device, that can provide the information about your inmate in no time.


A jail inmate locator tool of Pigeonly can be the best option that can help you in such difficult times of your life. The tool is so easy to work with that all you need to do is provide the necessary information about your inmate.


The jail inmate lookup tool is so easy that it is accessible on any of the devices like your mobile, laptop, computer, or even on a tablet. There are some basic questions asked on the screen about the inmate you are searching for, provide as much information as possible about your inmate.

The tool has all the latest information about the convicted persons no mater in which facility your inmate is in. The device consists of the database from all the three facilities, be it a state, federal, or country.


The information which you feed in the device is matched with this database, and you are able to see the location of the person you have been searching for.


The basic information likes,

  • Name of the person convicted
  • Sex of the inmate
  • Age of the person convicted
  • The place from where your person is convicted

Along with this information, if you know the identification number or the name of the facility they have been taken to, you can provide that too.


One thing is very crucial, the tool searches through the database of all three facilities, where there are thousands of inmates, hence providing more information will help you to get a faster result.


You can just feed inmate search by name, in the device, and provide only the name age and sex of the person, no problem at all. Only, the issue will be that the search might take some time as it runs the name through the database of all three facilities. Also, the search results will be vast, too, and you will have to look for your person from the results search list.


Let's see an example,

If you feed a name Sam, with the age of 32 years and sex as male, there might be hundreds of Sam with the same age and same sex. The search result will show you the list of all Sams, with the same age and same sex from all the three facilities. And imagine how long this list can be.


So, the more information you feed, the smaller will be the search result list and more comfortable will be the search. Thus for accurate results, supplying all the information to the tool is essential.


However, you need not worry if you won't be able to provide the information, and the list of the inmates will still be available to you. You can then search your specific person from the obtained result search list.


The inmate locator tool not only helps you to find the convicted inmates from the facilities but also can help to locate the person who is convicted in immigration jail inmate lookup. Sometimes it may happen that the person you are searching for might not be in any of the three facilities. Maybe they are detained by the immigration officers in immigration custody.


To find such a convicted person in immigration custody, the inmate search tool helps you to know where the immigration officers have detained your specific person.

The immigration authority has the power to hold such people who are no longer allowed to stay in that particular country. The immigration officers detain such immigration until their case is unheard of.


In general, the immigration officers cannot detain the person, a minimum of seventy two hours or a maximum of a week. As they have not committed any actual crime, they cannot be called as prisoners.


Even then, a period of seventy two hours or a week is a significant amount of time. So it is obvious to be worried about your family member, friend, or a loved one. And if you are in search of such a person, the tool will help you in searching for that particular person from the immigration facility too.


The procedure to find immigration detainees is the same as the one to find inmates in facilities.

Provide the information of the immigrant detainee to the tool like

  • first and the last name,
  • male or female sex,
  • birth date
  • birthplace
  • residential address where the detainee was staying before convection
  • the place from where immigration officers convicted the detainee and
  • Alian registration number

The same rule applies here too just like inmate locator, the more information you feed, the more will be the search more accessible.


Not only the tool helps you to find your inmate or immigration detainee, but the device also helps you to connect with them via phone calls. There are many packages available for different price ranges. You can select any plan, depending on how much you want to call them or send items.


There is a convenience of the free trial before the selection of the plan. So you can choose according to your needs and your budget.


Whichever plan you choose, one thing is very sure that the services are uninterrupted, smooth, and very easy to follow. The tool allows you to find your inmate as well as connect with them, send gifts, letters, postcards, and many other things.


Staying with your convicted inmate has never been so easy, thanks for the tool that is comfortable to use, as well as in budget.

Source: pigeonly.com
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photo 2019-12-09 12:31
Best Services for Inmates from Pigeonly

Our mission is to improve communities by building products that reduce the destructive impact of incarceration. In addition to our low-cost jail calls, Deposit Inmate Account easily, Money On books, share photos, Inmate to Commissary, letters & more. https://pigeonly.com/EasyPay

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Locate Your Inmate Effortlessly With An Inmate Locator

Searching a person in prison, in normal circumstances, is hard, and it is obvious to get confused about where to start? When the search is about your loved one or best friend, or any other family member who has been confiscated by the authority, the whole situation becomes extremely hard to handle.

Thousands of questions start running through the mind, where are they, or are they okay, or what will they do if they need us, and many such more web of questions get thicker and thicker. The main issue being How to find an inmate locator?

However, this is the exact time when you have to deal with the problem with patience and smart thinking. Nowadays, in this modern digitalized world, inmate locator apps can be downloaded on the phone for free.

Once the inmate locator app is downloaded, the next steps are very simple to Find an inmate locator las vegas. The inmate locator contains a database in which all the up to date inmate records are present. Some apps even give pieces of information about the latest releases of the inmates.

The working procedure of the apps is not at all complicated. To find your inmate when you open the app and register for free, you will be needed to provide some information about the person you wish to discover. Some fundamental information like,

  • Name of the person
  • Birthdate or age of the person
  • Sex of the inmate, whether the person is a male or a female.

After this necessary information is entered, the app runs this information through its database, and the results are shown. You can Send Photos to Inmates as well.

Now it may so happen that the results that might be displayed would be for all the same name persons with the same birthdate and the same sex, which may be hundreds or even thousands. As the app contains the database of unlimited inmates, finding one person from a thousand others might be a bit tricky.

However, no need to worry at all,  all you have to do is keep on giving all the known information as and when an app asks for. It may so happen that you may have to provide some more information about the person you are searching for. The more information you provide about your inmate, the easier will be the search.

The following information might be about, from where did the person get convicted? And in which facility is he in?

Well, if you were present at the time of conviction, you might be able to answer this question, but what if you were not available at that time, no need to worry if you do not know you will not have to answer this question.

There can be three facilities where inmates are taken federal, state, and country. So if you know the name of the facility inmate has been taken to, simply type the name. And the database would bsearched again.

However, if you do not know, no issues with the inmate's search in the database will still be going on.

In some circumstances, you may know the facility where your inmate was taken. However, he may have been transferred to some other facility. In such cases, you can provide the name of that place where the inmate was first taken, too, and this will also help to narrow down the search of your inmate. You can send Pictures to Jail to your loved one inside the prison.

The whole process of these inmate finding tools is to become a bridge between you and your inmate. The costing of the registration is free for some apps which send notifications to you if your inmate is transferred to some other facility via SMS or emails.

Hence it is essential to provide as much information as possible to the tool in which you have registered to find inmate locator. Once all the information is fed in the device, finding your inmate is an easy task.

Once when you know where your inmate is, there is nothing that can stop you from boosting his moral. You can call him and have long talks encourage him, and give your support in this hard time of his life.

The inmates in the jail are entirely away from the news of the outside world, as they are not allowed to carry phones, no newspapers are provided, and hence they have no idea what is going on outside, they are even worried about your well-being too. You are the only connection to the outside world, and your talks and visits are the most significant supporter.

You can fill up the application of visitations and go and meet him/her when the permission is granted, even call him/her and let them know what going on in the outside world.

The inmate’s visits are allowed once a while, and you can even send letters in typical courses, but between the visits and the notes, there is quite a time gap. You can fill these gaps by posting the photos and articles.

However, all these calls and meetings and sending of photos or other items are only possible if the inmate is found.

So to find your inmate, download the app and register for free.  Feed-in as much information about the inmate as possible. If at all you know the identification number or the inmate number of your particular person, the search of your inmate will be in no time.

So once the inmate is found with the help of the app, there are other services provided by the tool. The registration is free for these tools, and the services provided are also very well in budget.

The inmate locator app is specially crafted for the people who not only want to find their inmate but also can connect with them. The services provided are such that even a ubiquitous person can afford them.

The prison life is not easy to deal with, so you can also send money to your inmates with Money On books, and with no connection from the outer world can trigger depression, and with your support on their side, coping up with difficulties would be a bit more comfortable.

Source: pigeonly.com
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Effortlessly find your Inmate from any Facility

Has your loved one been convicted? Are you not sure in which facility they have been transferred to? Are you worried about finding them or contacting them? All these questions or any other doubts will be tried and sorted in this blog.


Finding that particular person who loves you is quite tricky in this vast world. However, it is more strenuous as well as troublesome first to get and then lose that specific person, whom you had found with such hardship. As a matter of fact, to lose anyone, be it a friend or a family member or your love, is a type of feeling which can be neither explained nor expressed.


There are tools available like Online detainee locator to locate your inmate in any type of facility he might be,


  • Federal
  • State or
  • Country

The tools help you to find your convicted loved one or relatives or friends from any of the above facilities.


Let us now see the working of these tools:


In order to find for your specific inmate, you will have to take the inmate lookup tool on your mobile or laptop. The online tools will help you to find your inmate from any facility by asking you the information about the inmate you want to search.


The toll has the database from all the prison facilities from federal, State, or Country, and so the tool will search your given information in the database. Jail inmate search the searches will go on till the match is found. Now the device contains the database of hundreds and thousands of inmates, and hence, it can be a time taking process.


However, to narrow the search, you need to provide as much information as possible, other than the necessary information of the inmate such as,


  • Name of the inmate
  • Age of that specific person
  • Sex
  • The place from where the person was convicted
  • The current facility he has been taken too

And so on.


More the information you provide more will be easier to search, for example, if you just feed the name and the sex of your friend in the State inmate search tool, there will be a lot of people of the same name and same sex, so you will for sure get you desired persons facility location but can take time.


 In such conditions feeding the age or the place from where he was convicted can narrow down the search. However, you need not worry if you do not know a certain thing about that person; still, the tool will keep showing you on the results of whatever information you have fed in the inquiry section.


 You can know the whereabouts of your inmate in three very easy steps. You can even try it out at free first and then can make the payments for other services offered by the tool.


The three easy steps are,


There is a space with a word search now, when you open the tool, all you have to do is to click on - search now. When you click, the device will ask about the information of the inmate, like the name of the inmate or the name of the facility he has been taken to or the place where he was convicted and so on. Feed as much information as you can, which will help to narrow the search down.


Once again, there is nothing to worry if you do not know any of the above things, just feed the basic information about your inmate. The tool will run the search throughout its database, and you will be able to know the name of the facility in which your inmate is.

The next step is to make sure that the given information is all true, sometimes it might happen due to some circumstances, that your inmate is taken to a specific facility and then transferred from there to some other facility so make sure before directly going to meet.


And third and final step is to check on that particular facility page, go to the official page of that specific facility and reconfirm that your inmate is within that particular facility only. Once you get the confirmation about your inmate's place, you can then obtain the conditions of the facilities like,


  • Inmates ID number
  • Visiting hours
  • Call timings and so on.

You can connect with your inmate by this same tool too. The device not only helps you to find your inmate but also can help you to keep the connection going on.


The inmate locator tool helps you to find your loved ones or friends or family members, and the name of the facility they are in. Once you know where they are, the tools also helps you to stay connected with them via,


  • Phone calls
  • Sending of articles
  • Sending photos
  • Collecting calls from inmates
  • And so on. All these services are offered by the inmate locator tool and that too at very affordable prices. There are lots of different variety of plans from which you can choose whichever plan suits your needs.


As it is, the overall situations might be very desperate for you as well as your inmate. And on top of the list might be not even knowing where your inmate has been convicted. There may be only three facilities, federal, state, and country, but the number of inmates there are thousands. Finding your inmate from there three facilities from thousands of inmates is like looking for a pin in the stack of hay.


Thanks to the inmate locator tool, that it helps to find the facility in which your inmate is taken too. Not only that, if the inmate is transferred to some other facility, the tool provides you the notification that your inmate is being transferred. And the devices also provide you with the name of the new facility where your inmate is taken.


In this way, you get to know in which facility your inmate is and can contact him according to the rules and regulations of that particular facility. Stay connected with your inmate, which can help both of you in difficult times.

Source: pigeonly.com
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