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review SPOILER ALERT! 2020-02-28 06:46
Review: Follow Me by Kathleen Barber
Follow Me - Kathleen Barber

 ***I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Gallery Books!***


Up until the last 30 pages or so, I would have rated this book as a solid four star. I struggled really hard to decide if I could keep it at a four star but I just can’t. That ending was bad. Really bad. The kind of bad that gets worse the longer I think about it. Almost Stephen King, giant spider bad. Okay, I’m being facetious now, it wasn’t giant spider bad.


his was a very compelling book. It starts with an introduction on how the author stumbled onto Reddit threads about installing remote access onto someone’s computer so that you can cyber stalk them without them knowing about it. That’s super creepy. And so this gave the author an idea and away we go. The complexities and problems presented by social media are interesting fodder for the fiction world. It’s unknown enough that you can really delve into the dark part of the human psyche and prey on the terror that lurks there. But it’s commonplace enough that millions of people seem to be okay with sharing every moment of their existence to an online audience that feels like a group of friends, but is in reality a bunch of strangers. It’s an interesting dilemma and this book told it well.


I did not particularly like Audrey, it is my one big complaint apart from the ending. She wasn’t very likeable. She is narcissistic, naive, self absorbed and more than a little bit stupid. The entire book is about her almost never doing her actual job and occasionally posting on Instagram. But most of the time she complains to her friends about her endless list of woes and vehemently denies that she has a stalker problem. She doesn’t come around to the idea that someone is stalking her until she literally catches someone peeping in her window. And even then she dismisses it rather quickly as just a creep, doesn’t bother to call the police, and goes about her day. She was a moron and I hoped (a little bit) that her stalker might end up killing her because she was too stupid to continue living. She proved this to me in the ending, which I will get to in a minute.

The stalker’s narrative is okay. It’s creepy at times but mostly just really pathetic. This guy comes across as so socially awkward that he might vomit on a woman’s shoes if she spoke to him. Once things started ramping up, however, I enjoyed his narrative quite a bit.


Cat, Audrey’s best friend, is quite possibly the most interesting character. She seems like an intelligent woman who doesn’t easily dismiss that Audrey might have a stalker and urges her to protect herself. None of her suggestions are listened to, but she tried. She is horrified when Audrey begins dating a childhood acquaintance of hers, Max, who knows a secret about Cat that she desperately doesn’t want Audrey to know. I got the sense throughout the book that Cat was in love with Audrey. Although that was never confirmed, I still think there’s some validity to the theory. Why else would you put up with someone so woefully stupid and self absorbed? And not just put up with her but idolize her too.


Now we come to the ending. So I am going to make this plain. This is a huge SPOILER. A giant SPOILER. If you do not wish to be SPOILED!!!! then please read no further.








Seriously, really big SPOILER ahead, last warning to jump ship!








So, the ending. They teased me a bit with who the stalker was, but I figured that Max HAD to be a red herring. The author was hitting me over the head with him being a suspect way too hard. And it just simply makes no sense. The idea that he ramped up the stalking to scare Audrey into coming to live with him for protection makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that you then continue to escalate the stalking behavior until she is frightened of you. WTF? You wanted her to be with you, check. You wanted her to live with you, check. You wanted her to be afraid enough to turn to you, check. And then you continue? Why?


Then we have a whole scenario where Audrey gets hurt in a confrontation with Max and Cat comes into the room and believes Audrey is dead. She has a conversation with Max about how he can’t help her and needs to leave, he says that at least he isn’t like Cat. And we get a whole long story about how Cat tried to kill someone at summer camp, and he’ll tell everyone about it if she doesn’t help Audrey. That part wasn’t surprising, the author had been leading us to that for most of the book. But then Cat decides that she needs to kill Max to prevent this. In the process she discovers that Audrey is still alive, and then proceeds to think “Oh no, did she hear us talking about camp? Well, I guess I better kill her.”


Wait, hold on, what? None of this makes sense. All of a sudden two rational people are acting like psychotic killers? Where on earth did any of this come from? And isn’t it a bit too coincidental that the person stalking Audrey for eight years just so happens to know her college best friend, and just so happens to know said best friend’s deep dark secret? Nope. There were so many better options available and this one was terribly executed.

Then we get to my favorite part. Audrey recovers and we flash forward to her moving into a new apartment and having a conversation with the old college boyfriend, Nick. Cat is apparently in prison, rightfully so. Max isn’t in prison, just a restraining order. Despite the fact that he was stalking you for eight years, broke into your friend’s house, got into an angry confrontation with you in which you proceeded to almost die. I don’t know that sounds like an arrest-able offense to me. And here is where Audrey proved to me that she is, in fact, too stupid to live. Behold this exchange with Nick:


“Be fair,” I said softly, “Max isn’t a psychopath. He’s…well, he’s not wired right, that’s for sure, but he’s not a psychopath. It’s not like he was going to hurt me.”


“You don’t know that. Just because he didn’t hurt you doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have.”

“He never would have hurt me.” I said with certainty, “He’s not violent. And he loved me too much.” (Page 284 of the ebook version)


Well, isn’t that just so romantic!! He loves her so much that he almost got you killed. But he’s not violent. Isn’t that so sweet! This is worse than all the romanticizing of domestic violence that was prevalent in Young Adult fiction for a while. He literally stalked you for eight years. He took thousands of pictures of you without your knowledge. He broke into your apartment and watched you sleep (Hey Edward! We see you!). He watched you in your apartment for weeks at a time. He intentionally terrified you so that you would move in with him. He demanded that you continue being with him and terrified you so much that you tried to run out of the house and fell down a flight of stairs. But no, you’re right Audrey, he loves you too much to be violent. She’s one of those people who writes love letters to Charlie Manson because “well he never killed anyone”.


So that’s it. A great book, with so much potential to be amazing and the ending completely ruined it for me.

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review 2019-07-26 23:37
Tips To Find The Right Instagram Hashtags For The Business

A hashtag is the combination of alphabetic characters, emoji, numbers preceded by “#” symbol. The role of these hashtags in boosting engagement is imperative. The study suggests that a post with relevant hashtags tends to have more engagement than a post without hashtags.
The Instagram algorithm continuously evolve with time; practices that worked best in the past won’t remain effective in the present. Instagram is indeed the most popular platform among youth. Therefore, everyone who joins the platform wants to have a massive following.
Our in-depth guide will help you from following hashtags to incorporating them to your posts/stories and how hashtags assist you in strategically meeting organizational goals.
Avoid Spammy behavior:
It is mandatory to switch up hashtags in every post to avoid spammy behavior. Copying and pasting the same hashtags into every post is useless. It will never impact the engagement moreover don’t use the gimmicky hashtags that have been employed over one million times as these hashtags will never help you in getting the engaged and targeted audience.
Choose hashtags that describe best about your service, brand, or target market.
In case you are reluctant to invest your time and effort, then you should opt for paid promotion such as “Buy Instagram Followers” to build a quick fanbase or “Buy Instagram likes” to have thousands of hearts on your posts.
Use industry Specific Hashtags:
It is essential to use niche centric or industry-specific hashtags. There are tons of HASHTAG SUGGESTION tools where the most relevant hashtags can pop out, and you can sort out them by relevance.
All you need is to choose and click the hashtags you like to be incorporated into the post. Those individuals or brands who have switched to the business profile can enjoy some added perks like how fantastic your post has been to attract a new audience. Furthermore, it enables you to analyze the progress of individual post and comparing it with others to beef up the marketing strategy.
In contrary, you can opt for an alternative like buy Instagram likes to get maximum engagement for the posts.
Why Hashtags Are Essential To Get Results:
Wondering why we are emphasizing on hashtags selection and implementation because it decides how high the post can appear. The higher the post appears, the more it gets discoverable to the audience.
You can Follow hashtags:
Instagram has updated policies and emphasized more on engagement and relevant keywords. Instagram users have the choice to follow hashtags, meaning if you use relevant keyword and quality content, it is likely you become discoverable to your target audience, and if they like the content of the page, they may start following you. In case you find it too complicated, then you can buy Instagram followers to get fast and secure results.
Use hashtags in Instagram Stories:
Have you ever noticed hashtag pages come up with story icon? Upon clicking those icons appearing on the left side corner, you can witness stories tagged with hashtags. In case you are lucky enough to have the post in hashtag story, then you are about to gain more substantial exposure to the audience.
Make sure not to clutter the whole story with hashtags, although it is best to hide it with Emoji or Gif. Moreover, you can incorporate hashtags link in your bio.
The right amount of Instagram Hashtags:
There is conflicting information regarding the right amount of Instagram hashtags. Although it is recommendable to use maximum hashtags and the ideal count is thirty. You can better decide by yourself that which strategies work best for you either finding and using 30 relevant hashtags in your post or going for less but super relative hashtags.
Finding the sweet spot is essential!
You need to keep one thing in mind that you are being intentional with a selection of branded hashtags and use the same that your target audience is searching for.
Wrapping up:
Businesses and individuals remain in a consistent struggle to figure out ways that can increase their fanbase as being Insta-popular offers added perks in terms of money, fame, and more. Using hashtag is an excellent way to foster engagement. The best practices involve using the branded and relevant hashtags and avoid using repetitive, irrelevant, or gimmicky hashtags. To find out the best hashtags, check out what your competitors or influencers of your niche are using or consider Instagram search function to sort out best hashtags.

Source: buyinstagramfollowers22.com/buy-instagram-followers
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review 2017-10-23 17:49
Happy Days of the Grump Everyone Knows a Grump by Tuomas Kyro


Happy Days of the Grump Everyone Knows a Grump by Tuomas Kyro is a book released this month by Bonnier Zaffre and it is, trust me, spectacularly beauty!
Funny, ironic,dense of considerations about death, life, existence as every book written by a Nordic - Finnish in this case - author is.

The book is written following the thoughts in first person of The Grump. An R-x of this society without too much compassion from the Grump born in the 1930s and unable to understand the abrupt changes of the society and its new rules and "guidelines."
The modern society read and seen through the eyes of The Grump.

I knew more than a grump. My dad was born in 1926 and he was a grump exactly like the protagonist of this book. The people of this generation more or less Kyro considers the ones born in 1930s are all part of one of the most enchanting generations to me.
They experienced Mondial War, they have been starved, they worked hard for re-building the country where they lived or live in, but although the hard life they suffered, misery, poverty, God I don't think I will meet anymore special people like these ones.
Generous, altruists, they donate themselves to the others genuinely, people in grade to share good feelings and sentiments with other ones. Real friendship, real connections, real character, without masks, they are people of peace because they experienced the sufferance of war and they knew what it meant to live in time of wars and in time of peace and appreciated and enjoyed peace so badly.
It's a contradiction in terms but although we were born in a best time, with more modernity, peace, with good houses where to staying we are different.
Our generations to me has lost the humanity of that people.
Well, not everyone.

Reading this book will mean also to understand the point of view of someone who had known a different system where the navigator was the mind, where Instagram meant a good walk enjoying the beauty of nature, where Facebook a real house with real friends and real chats.

Mr. Grump is 80 years, and he lives alone. Sure he has a wife. Unfortunately because of her mental illness she was brought in a home and everyday The Grump loves to visit her, cooking for her some good meals so that she can eat with good appetite. Dear old times where he also discussed with his wife, where not all the moments were plain but love existed and was strong enough for arriving 'till here.
The Grump feels that he is like a fish out of the water when he is in company of his son, because the new generations changed this world completely.

And he complains. Please read this extract about the youth  and how frenetic is lived the perception of life from The Grump. It's because of the use of these devices. There is more velocity than not in the past in every sense.

His son tries to let him understand that after all this society is not so bad. The Grump wants to build two coffins for himself and his wife, in his spare time. There is a dissertation at this point about the burial traditions in the world.

The son of the Grump tried to let him appreciate during a trip the navigator, but the Grump doesn't understand why it's necessary a navigator. According to him this society creates lazy people because most of the intellectual work is done by PCS and other devices. Another guy will ask him to take a picture for posting it on Instagram.

Yes, another dimension for someone who enjoyed long walks, real talks with friends, good company.

I admit that some of the written words in this book are also the ones said by our priest every Sunday. Who became God for people with the time?

Please, read this passage of the book as well, and if you can please buy Happy Days of the Grump.
Maybe you have some grumpy relatives close to you, and so it will be a pleasure to discover the similarities that there are in these minds.

The experience of this Grump Old Man, will portray a picture of our society without too many compliments saying what there is to be said frankly.  It's better to understand where we are going.

I thank surely Bonnier Zaffre for the physical copy of this wonderful book. It reminded me every page at my dad! Another grump man I will always miss a lot.

Anna Maria Polidori
Source: alfemminile.blogspot.it
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review 2017-04-13 11:52
[Rezension] Aimee Song - Zeige deinen Style: Optimiere deine Instagram-Fotos und mache dein Leben zum ultimativen Schaufenster
Zeige deinen Style: Optimiere deine Instagram-Fotos und mache dein Leben zum ultimativen Schaufenster - Aimee Song
Bei mehr als 3 Millionen Instagram-Fans weiß Aimee Song offensichtlich ziemlich gut Bescheid, wie man das perfekt Foto bekommt. In ihrem Buch verrät sie nun zum ersten Mal ihre Geheimnisse, wie man einen überwältigenden Feed erschafft und seine Follower-Zahlen nach oben zieht – natürlich immer mit perfektem Style. In diesem innovativen Instagram-Guide zeigt Aimee Song u.a.:
· wie man das perfekte Instagram-Foto macht,
· wie man die eigene Instagram-Story einzigartig macht,
· wie man Style- und Food-Fotos perfekt vorbereitet,
· wie man seine Follower-Zahlen vervielfacht.
Zeige deinen Style zeigt, wie man aus seinen Smartphone-Fotos das Beste herausholt und seine eigene Online-Präsentation perfektioniert.
Taschenbuch: 208 Seiten
Verlag: mvg Verlag (10. April 2017)
Sprache: Deutsch
ISBN-10: 3868828079
ISBN-13: 978-3868828078
Größe: 20,3 x 2 x 20,5 cm
Eigene Meinung:
Amiee Song gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Fashion-Bloggern der Welt und mit ihrem Blog "Song of Style" zieht sich Millionen Follower an und kann sich somit als wirklich erfolgreich bezeichnen.
In ihrem Buch "Zeige deinen Style" erklärt sie nun Einsteigern, aber auch erfahrenen Instagram-Nutzen, wie man beispielsweise Fashion, Food oder auch Produktfotos in Szene setzen kann, aber erklärt auch an ihren eigenen Bildern, was sie dann an den Bilder macht, wie sie beispielsweise mit Linien, Farben und Akzenten arbeitet, welche Apps sie zu Instagram nutzt und welche Vorteile es bietet, die Bilder so in Szene zu setzen, dass sie einen möglichst großen Publikum gezeigt werden und das ohne bei Instagram werben zu müssen. Zusätzlich erklärt sie wahnsinnig viel über die ganzen Begriffe, die in der Instagram-Welt eine erhebliche Rolle spielen und was sie selber für wichtig und auch zielführend hält. In ihrem Texten hat sie auch keine belehrenden Ton an sich, sie zeigt einfach nur auf, was sie macht und wie man das auch auf die eigenen Bilder anwenden kann und man muss zugeben, der Erfolg, den sie damit hat, gibt ihr absolut Recht. Aufgelockert wird die ganze Theorie durch die vielen Bildbeispiele, die das Buch bereit hält. Zudem regt sie durch Checklisten (in denen sie das Wichtigste nochmal knapp zusammenfasst) und "Nun seid ihr an der Reihe" - Seiten immer wieder den Leser an, es selber mal auszutesten und dann zu schauen, ob es für einen selber einen Effekt ergibt, so nimmt man auch mehr aus dem Buch mit, weil man es selber ausprobieren kann.
Ein interessantes Buch über Instagram, seine Begriffe, Tricks und Tipps, was man nicht nur Einsteigern sondern auch erfahrenen Instagram-Nutzern empfehlen kann, da es vor allem in Sachen Bildoptimierung und Publikumsvergrößerung hilfreiche Tipps gibt. 
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review 2014-07-08 00:00
Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel
Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel - The Creator of Rich Kids of Instagram,Maya Sloan What we are staring at people is black and white proof that money doesn't buy class.

What is the point of this 'book'? People have tried to compare it to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and i don't see the connection. If this 'book' followed people on their road to success i might give it a honest rating, such as it is....nope....why? It has no MEANING.

Am I supposed to be impressed by twats that haven't made anything themselves? All that luxury and money has been made by someone else. Like watching chickens stuffing peacock feathers in their ass.

The only thing they truly have is good fortune of being born in the families that are wealthy. Easily enough they could have been born in some African tribe, starving all their lives.

Remember the Hilton sisters? They have tried to make a career of being 'born'. They did little else except being the Hilton sisters...and look how well that turned out.

Although money can be fun, this didn't entertain me. This 'book' like it's characters accomplished a big fat NOTHING.
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