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photo 2019-07-02 12:24
Avail Best-in-class iPhone app development services in Australia

Want to create an app for your business? Get premium quality iPhone app development in Australia from Envertis. We are a team of expert app developers, who have rich industrial insights and know what kind of app can best suit your business. Request for a free quote today!

Source: www.envertis.com.au/ios-app-development
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text 2019-06-29 09:46
The ultimate guide to mobility trends in 2019

Is your business mobile yet?


If yes, you are doing things rightly. But if your answer is no, then it is time to work on it. 

Have you ever thought why the demand for Android and iPhone app development company is rising these days? It is because the business scenario is changing. The dynamic mobile technology is constantly shaping the entire mobility landscape in corporate organisations. The different mobility trends are streamlining all the stringent business processes. Thus, the day-to-day workflow is becoming very easy.


Here we are going to talk about the top mobility trends of this year. If you are thinking you need an app for business, read on to get an idea on which features and trends you need to focus to get maximum ROI.


Apps for employees at the workplace

These days, employees are extensively using mobile apps for their official work. Be it through video calls, e-mails, or chats - the truth is they are relying a lot on various types of mobile apps. Some of the best examples are Skype, Slack, Fleep, Chanty, Ryver, etc. 


Mobility is increasing employee engagement as well as retention. With the proliferation of role-based apps, employees are getting a thorough understanding of their designated jobs.

The increasing influence of AI

While discussing digital transformation, no one can ignore the impact of AI. This seems to be the future of everything. In mobility technology, we are already experiencing the benefits of virtual assistants, messenger bots, chatbots, role-based mobile apps in automated reasoning, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, and anomaly detection. This trend is definitely going to stay and become stronger with time. 


Contextual communication

Well, customer experience and the concept of mobility are correlated. According to most business owners, who already have a dedicated business app, mobility technology can personalise communication with your customers based on purchase history, past choices, and behaviour.


Contextual communication not only helps in understanding customer needs but also in building long-term relationships with them. So, it is better to make sure you are incorporating this feature while making your business mobile. 


Other than the things mentioned above, you have to consider that mobility can tackle compliance issues effectively. Mobility takes care of the biometric system, data encryption, and authentication with multi-factor authentication. 

So, if you are thinking of getting a business app with all these trends that are worth your attention, time, and investment, get in touch with a trusted Android and iPhone app development company like Visions & Solutions. With our expert app development team of best Australian app developers, we make sure to give your app vision the right solution within your budget.

Source: www.vnsinfo.com.au
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text 2019-06-25 11:52
Helpful facts to know before iPhone app development

This article is going to highlight a few important facts that are important to know before mobile app development. Read on to make sure you make the right mobile app for your business.

Well, mobile optimisation for industry-specific businesses is no more a new concept. From the past few years, most businesses are trying to do it successfully. While some have achieved to retarget their customers via mobile apps, some are still struggling to boost the rate of mobile conversion.


Ipsos is a global market research firm that has recently conducted a survey on mobile app users to understand the market trend. These facts will be really helpful for you if you are thinking of getting started with mobile app development for your business. 


These facts will be helpful for you if you are confused about the target market or not sure what type of apps are at present in huge demand.


Here’s a quick sneak peek to the stats.


<Some Useful Facts on Mobile Apps>


  • 66% of all smartphone users use gaming, sports, news, or other entertainment apps
  • 81% of app users agree that they are the main shopper in their household
  • 49% of app users are female and the rest 51% of the app users are male
  • 80% of all gaming app users use gaming apps at least once a day
  • 52% of gaming app users are women
  • Apps drive frequent ‘snacking’ behaviour with some app users coming back to their favourite app 2 to 3X a day
  • On average, less than one hour a day is spent on gaming, sports, entertainment, and news apps collectively 

Fact 1: Entertaining apps are more popular


The survey report by Ipsos clearly reflects that users prefer to use entertaining apps more than any other mobile application. According to the report, 66% of all smartphone users use gaming, sports, news, or other entertainment apps. 


While developing mobile apps, keeping this fact in your mind will be beneficial for your business.

Fact 2: Reach household shoppers with your mobile app


If you are an eCommerce business owner and still do not have a dedicated business app, get it ASAP! The market analysis report by Ipsos indicated that shoppers these days prefer to shop through their smartphones more than their desktops.  Almost 81% of app users agree that they are the main shopper in their household.


Hence, target your customers through an intuitive eCommerce app that has impressive navigation for a quick online shopping experience. 


Fact 3: Mobile apps are equally popular among both women and men


As per the market research report, 49% of app users are female and the rest 51% of the app users are male. This stat clearly shows mobile apps are almost equally popular among both women and men. 


So, while developing a mobile app, keep the target audience in mind, understand who uses the app regularly. 


Fact 4: gaming apps are probably the most popular


Well, this stat may blow your mind! Why? Because gamers are not who you think they are. The report published by Ipsos depicted that 52% of gaming app users are women. Another interesting stat is that 80% of all gaming app users use gaming apps at least once a day. 


So, if you are thinking of developing a gaming application, do not just focus on male users! 


Fact 5: Throughout the day, mobile apps keep users coming back


According to Ipsos’s market analysis report,


  • Apps drive frequent ‘snacking’ behaviour with some app users coming back to their favourite app 2 to 3X a day
  • On average, less than one hour a day is spent on gaming, sports, entertainment, and news apps collectively


Once the app is developed, you need to work on bringing traffic to your mobile application. Throughout the day, make the app users come on your app repeatedly so that there are more chances of turning the regular users into potential customers.


Candy Crush game application is a perfect instance of such snacking behaviour. This game sends a push notification to users when life is refilled. This is just perfect for making users want to come back and play the game again.

Wrapping Up


All the aforementioned facts depict people’s consumer behaviour, when and how people like to use apps, what people’s preferences are etc. Hopefully, these facts will be beneficial for your mobile app development.

Alex Forsyth is an experienced mobile app developer, who is presently working with Envertis, a leading company for Android and iPhone app development in Sydney. Starting from app conceptualisation to app development to support and maintenance - get everything from the team of best Australian app developers.

Source: www.envertis.com.au/ios-app-development
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text 2019-06-10 08:25
Why Choose iOS App Development Over Android

The world is getting more aware of the goodness of mobile apps and how it can help a business, startup or service to stride out all its market barriers and acquire plenty of customers. In view of the recent rage of mobile applications, this article talks about how an iOS app can be more beneficial for a business and make it a fortunate venture.


While most mobile users are drawn towards the chic iPhones loaded with premium features, launching an app rightly targeting the iOS devices can gain you a lot. You can be popular in a day and have a climbing number of customers for your products or services. No doubt, the tech giant Google has also been equally competent in revolutionising the domain of mobiles and showed up with trailblazing Android devices. Its massively popular Play Store’ nearly has over 2.5 million of apps compared to that of 1.8 million in the Apple’s App Store, according to Statista. However, still, app marketers in Australia advocate the development of iPhone apps if a business wants to make its online presence globally felt.

Hereafter, pulling out the probable reasons from businesses and app experts, we’ve explained why iOS app development is more preferable, especially when one wants to make more money.


Promising customer experiences

In concern to the iPhones and iPad devices, users are always spellbound with their smooth user experiences. Thus, every app pushed into the market targeting the iOS are developed at par the standards of Apple. With world-class services, Apple ensures that each of the users onboarding the app face the minimum hassle.


Apple ensures security and consistency of apps

Apple makes it sure to reflect supreme security in all its devices and inbuilt apps. So, isn’t is obvious that all apps targeted to iOS devices should adhere to its security standards too? The app developers thus take special care to work in adherence with Apple’s guidelines while crafting the apps and as a result, they are outstandingly secure and are consistent in quality.

Besides, thanks to the closed ecosystem of Apple, any apps have minimum chances to encounter data breaches.


Download charges levied by Apple

Apps ensued to be run on iOS devices can allow their owners to earn some money because the App Store charges users for downloading an app unlike the Play Store, where a lot of the apps are free. Even if it can result in the lesser acquisition of customers, but the paid users engage more and are retained for longer. So, a business owner can catch more up loyal customers than any free apps.


Apps’ performance can be evaluated

The businesses owning iOS apps can even evaluate their performances. Subsequently, they can release new updates or improvements or additional features in the apps to make them even better. Having access to the performance parameters of apps, the app development companies can find out easily and timely what’s wrong in them and what can be done!


Advanced visual effects

Any apps in the iPhone or iPad devices get better or enhanced visualisation because of the high-screen resolution and notch displays. Thus, any day, iOS devices make an app look more sophisticated and eye-catchy, adding to its unique design and look.


These are clear reasons why going for iPhone or iPad app development can be a wiser decision for your business. While no doubt, Apple’s brand prominence with its inherent App Store is a  fact that makes every iOS app profitable by acquiring more premium users for businesses, however, let’s not forget not about Android apps development that is still now throbbing in the market with the biggest share, for being affordable to small/mid-sized business.

Alex Forsyth is an iPhone app developer in Sydney, working at Envertis, a renowned mobile app development company in Australia that has been transforming bewildering app ideas into reality.

Source: www.envertis.com.au
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text 2019-05-31 09:24
What Real-time Features That Your Mobile App Needs To Have

This article tries to explain the advanced real-time features that app owners should be considering today to make their apps more lively and engaging.


Apps that give more chances to users to interact real-time are more successful than those which do not. Technology has been evolving fast and apps are no exception to that. Over the years, apps developers around the world are toiling hard to bring in improvements and features that can help an app work like a pro agent for any service or consumer products. Real-time features, that allows users to interact and utilise any service via the app in their actual time is one such great improvement the world witnessed. Most companies owning a mobile app are deploying them with instant features that will facilitate real-time engagement between the app and the users.


However, anyone, thinking to have some real-time features in their app needs to know first what they are actually.



Actual on-time feed

Mostly needed in mass-related or media apps, this feature will allow the users to be updated with real-time information, wherever they are. This must be added with the scheme of multi-user collaboration, which will allow everyone to add, edit, delete or update data simultaneously. With everyone able to put up information from their own end in the feed, the app gets a huge feed of all real-time data and information.


Push notifications

This too comes as a very crucial real-time feature for every modernised app which lets the users to be informed about the new things in the app. For instance, a new feature addition, any discount, promo offers, etc. Businesses can utilise push notifications for enhancing their retention.


Live Chat

Instant messaging or live chat feature is another affluent feature to integrate into your app which can help users engage with type texts, voice calls, video calls, and even group chats. They can even send away files, audios or videos. Real-time chatting enhances the collaboration of the users with the app and helps them better in availing the on-demand services.



Live streaming

This has become another much-needed feature for any advanced app in areas like travel, real estate, shopping and entertainment. Videos simply allow users to receive data with deeper interactions.


Order or Process Tracking

Live order status is another essential real-time feature highly relevant for on-demand service or product delivery apps. While business owners send their executives to deliver their product, the users can track the shipping and delivery information. The GPS feature of the phone needs to be integrated with the app’s interface to make tracking experience possible.  


No doubt, real-time features are taking app experiences to a whole new level. Thus, any app that fails to integrate any one of these is sure to lag behind when the expectations of people are growing too much.

Johan Smith is an expert app developer at GetAProgrammer, a renowned Android and iPhone app development company in Australia, that is helping businesses for years to signify their digital presence with exemplary mobile apps.

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