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review 2019-11-17 09:27
Is This A Dagger Which I See Before Me?
Is This a Dagger Which I See Before Me? (Penguin Little Black Classics) - William Shakespeare

I thought it was strange that Shakespeare was not included in the original 80 Little Black Classics, but it is here, in the additional 46. So rather than waiting when I would finally arrive at #113, I decided to immediately read this one.

Shakespeare is great, and as such I liked this but these were all such little snippets that I didn't think this is the best way to read it. Or, better still, go see a play, that way, for me, the works come to life best!

~ Little Black Classics #113 ~

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review 2019-10-01 03:01
Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17) by J.R.Ward
The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17) - J.R. Ward

The Savior by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Savior progressed slowly following Dr. Sarah Watkins, a biomedical research scientist. However, when it came to the ex-brother Murhder, I could not get enough! I couldn't put the book down. His name screams Old World when names were stereotypical of the warrior, like Wrath, Tohrment, Vicious, Rhage, you get the point. Murhder loses his mind after being tortured in a Symphath colony and is no longer accepted as a member of the Brotherhood. It is a long story but Xhex used to be his lover. He is the only one who has ever been kicked out of the Black Dagger Brotherhood too. We learn later that he was misunderstood and judged unfairly. He spent 20 years in isolation because of it. From reading the book I didn't get the impression he was crazy either. I did sense the other brothers' anger towards him which I didn't think was right. They weren't being very nice to him especially Tohr and V. The only one who believed Murhder should come back and fight as a brother again was John Matthew who Murhder incidentally thought was Darius. I guess they always had a good relationship. I am so happy about how everything turned out for these two. Back to the story... Murhder is on a mission to save a female vampire and find and return her son who was taken away from her. Meanwhile, her son Natelum is being tested in a human lab and is on the verge of his transition into an adult vampire. He will die if he doesn't get the proper treatment from a chosen. Dr. Sarah Watkins is appauled over the secrets and torture treatments being done in the biomedical firm. After her fiancee dies unexpectedly, she sneaks into the facility and plans to take the young boy away from there. She is the first to rescue him before Murhder John and Xhex unexpectedly arrive to save the day. Sarah just gets swept away down a rabbit hole. When one thing leads to another, doing the right thing means that Murhder has to wipe Sarah's memories of everything she knows about the Vampire world, even if it means losing her. As an independent male and free from the rules of the BDB, he asserts himself on occasion but I am still not convinced he is crazy cause he doesn't act it. He seems like he has his shit together when it comes to Sarah Watkins. I guess she brings out the good in him *shrugs Her accepting attitude of the existence of vampires make her job easier and she quickly assumes her role as doctor and works with Manny. Ehlena and Dr. Jane to help them find a cure for a blood anomaly. When John Matthew is bitten by a dark shadow thing, her research prompts her to test out a new theory that might help save him from dying. Murhder volunteers to try it first. It works! Nate has successfully transitioned but his role is not defined fully so he is swept under the rug until further notice :p I am extremely satisfied for reading about my favourite vampires in The Savior.

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review 2019-07-31 11:13
The Chosen: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

It has been a long while since I read a BDB book, and I remember why, J.R. Ward likes to jump around in her plots; so many things going on that it makes for an exhausting read. It was enjoyable, but don’t expect to be able sit back and relax and enjoy an easy read. This one was intense, SO much was going on, the passion was good, the action was strong, and it was nice seeing all the characters again. V is on a bad path in this one and shame on him for not being happy with Jane and their relationship. From reviews of the next one, The Thief, that I have read, I have heard it is a lot about them and V’s possible choices he decides to make. Not sure I’m ready for it. Layla and Quinn and Blay have a lot to deal with in this one and I did really enjoy their scenes. There are also a few shocking, but good, surprises in this installment. Overall, not my favorite in the franchise, but not the worst either. It is a good read. If you have been following along with the BDB series, this is a good one and you shouldn't be disappointed--just go into it expecting all of the different plots. If you haven’t, I do recommend giving it a try if you like high intensity vampire romances, just prepare yourself for Wards writing style-too many plots going on at the same time. Blay and Quinn's book is still my absolute favorite in the series.

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review 2019-07-30 18:45
Smoke and Dagger: A SPECTRA Files Prequel - Douglas Wynne,Thomas Fitzsimmons


THE SPECTRA FILES books have all been a pleasure to read. Now with SMOKE & DAGGER, we get a peek behind the scenes at the beginning of it all. What fun!


In New York City, feeling far from her seaside home in Massachusetts, Catherine Littlefield haunts the local museums when she's not studying for her college courses. She especially likes to sit and gaze at a certain meteorite. It gives off some kind of...signal, a kind of...hum, which she can actually feel. She notices an elderly gentleman, often on the bench opposite from where she sits, and she wonders if he feels it too. Soon the two meet, one thing leads to another, and then she's working for the man and off to California to investigate! There are reports of black magic, sex magic, spells and singing-all with the intent of bringing through the Old Gods. Who are the people so devoted to doing this? What and who exactly, are the Old Gods? Lastly, will this group be successful? You'll have to read this to find out!


I loved the trilogy of SPECTRA FILES books, and thought the author was finished with those tales, until I saw the beautiful cover of this book on Twitter. Not only is the cover gorgeous, but there are a number of lovely illustrations inside, though many of them are of monsters and the Old Gods themselves. Some are renditions of ancient spells and chants from grimoires devoted to the black arts. These illustrations added another level of "cool" to this tale. (I'd love to see this book come out in a signed/limited edition including the drawings.)


I've come to expect a level of satisfaction from Douglas Wynne when it comes to his SPECTRA FILES books. They combine Lovecraftian type story telling, (dark, ominous and atmospheric), without the flowery language, racism and other distasteful portions of Lovecraft's actual writing. What I really love about Wynne's work though, is his characters. They are always so devoted to protecting the world from the Old Gods all while being unable to claim the credit for doing so. In this book, however, things are a little different. I wasn't sure about Catherine Littlefield's inner motivations, and it was her adventure that kept my eyes glued to the page. I'd love to read more about her in the future, and more about the Order to which she was initiated. In short, I just want more!


You do not need to have read the trilogy in order to appreciate SMOKE & DAGGER, though I recommend you do anyway, because...FUN. This volume can stand alone, tickling your sense of adventure and your curiosity. Combining those things with a brave, admirable heroine, and some Old Gods action, I just cannot see how you wouldn't have a good time!


Highly recommended!


Available everywhere August 20th; you can pre-order here: SMOKE & DAGGER


*Thanks to Douglas Wynne for the beautiful paperback ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*


**Also, thank you, sir, for the wonderful inscription that made me both blush and smile.**

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text 2019-07-24 03:40
Booklikes-opoly Roll! (Finally)
Smoke and Dagger: A SPECTRA Files Prequel - Douglas Wynne,Thomas Fitzsimmons

It's been another chaotic weekend here at CHC, but I finally finished THE LAST ASTRONAUT, so I'm ready to roll. But first, a quick bank update:

+$5.00 (400 pages), brings me to $83.00. Since I'm on space 36, I will have to pass GO, so another $5.00 for that, so $88.00 it is!


You rolled 2 dice:

4 5

Timestamp: 2019-07-24 02:06:05 UTC



Wherein I arrive at 8:




I'm racing around to spot 33:


And my choice is:



Smoke and Dagger: A SPECTRA Files Prequel - Douglas Wynne,Mat Fitzsimmons 



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