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review 2018-07-11 03:19
Open Season
Open Season - Archer Mayor

I've been sorting through my books again and reorganizing them and I found a book in this series.  I looked up the first book in the series, which is this one, and it was a lot better than I expected it to be.  I thought it was going to be one of those really corny books.  It was pretty good though and held my interest till the end.  


Joe Gunther is a police detective that is called to a crime scene where an elderly woman had blasted an intruder with a shotgun.  She explained that she had been getting threatening calls and messages left in her house.  She called the police but they didn't help.  Finally, the man killed her cat in a gruesome way and said the same was going to happen to her.  She got her dead husband's old shotgun and was ready when her backdoor opened.  After the police investigated the body and discovered his identity the old woman was shocked.  She knew the man from when they were on the same Jury.  Later, more crimes kept happening where someone from the same jury was set up to look like they did the crime and there was suddenly a lot of reports of a man in a ski mask causing trouble and always connected with that old case. Joe Gunther noticed the trend and started to look into the case where a woman was murdered and a black man had been found guilty of the crime even though he insisted he was innocent.  It looked like and open and shut case but when Joe started to look into it himself he realized it was too perfect.  When he started questioning the people involved he found a lot of things the police missed or didn't look into.  It was starting to look like the police locked up the wrong guy because they were in a hurry to close the case.  Gunther soon learned though, that the man in the ski mask wasn't doing this for the innocent man who was locked up.  He was after revenge.  He wanted the cops to find the real killer.

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text 2018-07-05 15:23
TBR Thursday
Berlin Game - Len Deighton
Jade City - Fonda Lee
Even - Andrew Grant
Bog Child - Siobhan Dowd
N or M? - Agatha Christie
A Poisoned Season - Tasha Alexander

The Summer of Spies continues, with Berlin Game, Even and N or M?  I get double points for Even, as it is a spy novel and its author, Andrew Grant, will be attending When Words Collide in August.


Plus two more books towards the When Words Collide conference:  Jade City and A Poisoned Season.  Both authors, Fonda Lee and Tasha Alexander, will be in attendance.  Tasha Alexander is one of the replacements for Deanna Raybourn (along with her husband, Andrew Grant, above).


And I've got only 1 renewal left for Bog Child, so I better just read it and return it to the library!


I've made great progress on the stack of books from the library--I'm down to one teetering stack rather than two!  My boyfriend is currently getting ready to move and is paring down his books, so he's been making some comments about the stacks around my house, cheeky bugger!  I've been having great luck at the used book store lately and I'm running out of shelves, but eventually those books will return to said store.  Having said that, a reorganization may be in order this weekend. 


Good reading, friends!



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review 2018-07-03 16:41
Return to Jenkins Cove by Rebecca York, Ann Voss Peterson & Patricia Rosemoor
Christmas Spirit (A Holiday Mystery at Jenkins Cove) - Rebecca York
Christmas Awakening (A Holiday Mystery at Jenkins Cove) - Ann Voss Peterson
Christmas Delivery (A Holiday Mystery at Jenkins Cove) - Patricia Rosemoor

***copies provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Chelsea Caldwell is right back where she started, seeing ghosts and being the talk of the town. Yet there's something sinister happening in the small town of Jenkins Cove, and Chelsea might just be the person to uncover it.

It felt like this book couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Romantic suspense, paranormal romance? Each separate classification would've worked, unfortunately, mixed together created an unfortunate mess.

The characters were bland and dull, the plot got lost in the suspense/paranormal/killer/ghosts mess, and the romance left me utterly cold.

After ten years, Marie Leonard is back in Jenkins Cove determined to discover why her father's been murdered...But she'll have to deal with skepticism by the local chief of police, the man who broke her heard ten years ago, and a killer determined to silence her forever.

Though this one also had some paranormal elements, it was a much more straightforward romantic suspense story than its predecessor.

Unfortunately, the suspense aspect was the only thing I enjoyed about this one, even though the villain's motive left much to be desired.
The characters were bland (the hero was a self-pitying fool and I simply couldn't stand his moaning toward the end), and the romance tepid.

CHRISTMAS DELIVERY by Patricia Rosemoor
Lexi thought Simon, the father of her preteen daughter, dead for thirteen years, but instead of dead, he's merely been through hell, thanks to human traffickers operating in the small town of Jenkins Cove.
But now, Simon is back, determined to make whoever the culprit is pay...

This second-chance quasi-romance left me utterly cold. The characters were dull and bland, I didn't care about their relationship in the past (since we never got to see it) or in the now (because they simply weren't that compatible).

The main suspense arc of this "series" was never that interesting, so the resolution (rather predictable in all ways) didn't bring much satisfaction.

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review 2018-06-30 08:26
A Texas Christmas Past by Julia Justiss
A Texas Christmas Past (Whiskey River Christmas Book 1) - Julia Justiss

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

One year ago, on Christmas, Drew Harwood returned home from the Great War, only to lose his fiancée to the Spanish flu. Determined to never love again, he's become standoffish and a recluse, but that is all about to change, when the sister of his army buddy comes to visit her brother on Christmas, and Drew's personal ghost decides the man is ready to move on.

This one started off really well. I liked the sad prologue and I liked the first couple of chapters, where the characters were introduced, where the nice countryside and little town picture was painted.

Unfortunately, after those few chapters passed, everything ground to a standstill. The characters, especially the hero, turned rather childish and immature in their actions, decisions, and even some conversations, there was no development whatsoever, the romance felt forced and came across as rather awkward, and the fact it was helped along by the ghost of the hero's departed sweetheart didn't help matters at all.

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review 2018-06-24 22:57
Season of Mercy (Sled Dog #4) by Melissa Storm
Season of Mercy - Melissa Storm


There is no black and white when it comes to life and love. Only a mass of contradictions. There is no greater evidence of that then the plight of Hunter and Sofia in Season of Mercy. Sofia is all heart. She aims to do the right thing, yet she goes about doing so in the wrong way. Hunter always follows the rules. What happens when he loses his heart along the way? The purpose of a good story is not just to entertain, but to exercise the mind as well as the heart. With Season of Mercy, Storm succeeds in doing both. A heartache that thrives on hope and inspires faith.

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