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review 2019-10-16 18:33
Baking All Year Long
Baking All Year Round - Rosanna Pansino
This is baking. In this book, Rosanna is creating themed desserts and other foods for the special holidays and occasions that are in her life. From a young child, Rosanna has been in the kitchen baking and she brings that love of cooking to us in this book as we celebrate with her, all these special days. I was on a sugar high just by looking at all these fantastic creations on these pages. If you’re looking for some ideas, she has them.
Rosanna has the book sectioned off into each holiday starting off with Valentine’s Day and ending with Special Occasions (birthday, school graduation, wedding, baby shower). Here are a few things that make this book special. All the recipes in this book are marked gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, if they apply - there is an icon for each of these. Everything in this book is homemade, my friends. So, if you’re looking for a simple, quick recipe that calls for a tube of sugar dough, you will not find it in this book. There are also full-size, colorful photos of every recipe in this book. A few of the recipes also have detailed step-by-step photos, just so you get everything right. And, I found this kinda crazy but, she included templates of the shapes that she used in her creations, in the back of the book, so you could use the templates to create your own cardboard design.
The book begins with the all the tools and candy she used and the definitions of some of the words that she uses. A huge choice of frosting recipes (royal, vegan royal, vegan buttercream, champagne, honey buttercream, vegan caramel, white chocolate glaze, (just a sample). Then, the special day sections begin for which, there are between 4-9 recipes in each section. Ingredients, directions, how many the recipe makes are included with the recipe but no nutritional information is given. A conversion table, index, and resource list of the items she used, is in the back of the book also.
Valentine’s Day recipes looked really good and included homemade churros, pretzels, whoopie pies, ravioli and mini cakes. Father’s Day had donuts, whiskey caramels, cupcakes, pizza, and truffles. These recipes are interchangeable and those cupcakes would be a winner at a bake sale or a BBQ. The caramels could be wrapped up for a present and those donuts, use a different cookie cutter and the possibilities are endless. Are you hungry yet? Some of these creations are too cute, even to eat!
I liked many recipes in this book, yep again! The soft pretzels (I could make them for any occasion or just for book reading), those salted whiskey caramels (did someone say whiskey?), the blackberry cobbler, lollipop cookies, and Santa Brownies with the suit on them were so cute. I’m debating on purchasing this book. It’s definitely one to check out.


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text 2019-10-15 10:33
Interesting Round Dining Table Designs To Make Every Meal-Time Enjoyable

A dining room has the potential to serve as an interesting hub for all your family meals and friendly get-togethers. But the moment there is built-up clutter or dated decor, it can cause you to relocate to your living room or kitchen. This way, you end up missing out on the most central room of your home. So, take a good hard look at the dining space - does it need a little more attention? We have assembled a list of our all-time favorite round dining table set for you to choose from. From family friendly spaces to formal settings - the choices we have in store for you is bound to update the look of your room. Be it colorful and bold or rustic and casual - you are bound to find stylish and perfect choices at Woodenstreet. 


  •   Ashford 4 Seater Dining Table Set:


The reassuring and solid design of the wooden dining table is grand enough to invite everyone. Check out the extraordinary design, the clean and sleek lined dining set that has a fashionably contemporary mid-century modern appeal. It is playfully revival. The round table with central support along with deeply cushioned chairs is about to be the centre of attraction in the room. Premium quality Sheesham wood has been used to manufacture the table and four chairs that come with it. 


  •   Isadora 4 Seater Round Dining Set:


The magnificence with which this round dining set has been created is worthy of praise. Without breaking the bank, it has the potential to fit both the style and function of modern-day contemporary homes. It is crafted with supreme quality dark stained wood that is in perfect sync with minimalistic detailing of the chairs. The circular shape of the table creates an impressive and trending feel to the room. If your dining room is more on the compact and smaller side, then you can enjoy the beauty of this space-saving, close-knit dining set. The round dining table design offers well-crafted detailing, versatile seating, and extraordinary space-saving features. The use of premium quality smooth, solid wood, and ergonomic circular design allows four people to sit comfortably and enjoy their meal. 



  •   Clark 4 Seater Round Dining Set:


You must be familiar with the fact that circular tables are the perfect choice for sociable dining. This holds true for the magnificent wooden dining set on display. This spectacularly stylish table extends to make room for four with its smooth butterfly mechanism. It's crafted with perfection using solid Sheesham wood whose glory is further enhanced using transparent honey finish lacquer. The table is paired with four equally stunning lavish chairs with luxe upholstery and comfortable seating, all of which demonstrate sturdy construction. This affordable dining set will fit right into your dining room or kitchen. 



  •   Alvan 4 Seater Round Dining Set:


The timeless style of this beautiful wooden dining set will match your modern and traditional interiors. This dining set is designed, keeping in mind the timeless charm of contemporary designs. It will add a sense of character and effortless elegance to any modern home. The chairs have a deluxe feel about them with the profoundly comforting cushioning and button-tufted high rise back. Though the chair has a fascinating rustic appeal to it, the chairs stand in lovely contrast with a chic, contemporary look. 



Complete your dining room with these outstanding choices. The thing about dining rooms is they come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, which means, at times, all it takes is a creative eye to transform the space into perfection.



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text 2019-10-04 08:37
Leather Cord | leather Cord men jacket | Sun Enterprises


But with the rocker stylish look, this jacket affords you; you may ne'er wish to require it off. carrying your jacket for long hours at a time can signally end in you sweating into the within lining. This sweat cannot solely build your leather cord jacket smell funky, however it may also harm the gorgeous material of your leather jacket. For this, you'll be able to use 3 strategies.


The first thanks to tackle this downside is by removing the within lining of the jacket and throwing it within the wash - pretty normal stuff. However, if your lining is connected to the jacket, there area unit 2 additional ways that to a way to shield a leather jacket from sweat and odor.


For a fast fix, simply flip your garment within out and spray a bit Breeze over it for a jacket that smells recent and crisp. If this still doesn't solve the matter, then we tend to advocate getting in with a DE-salter and spraying munificently everywhere the within lining of your animal skin jacket.


CLEANING AND MAINTAINING the colorful COLOR and therefore the GROOVY PRINT OF a pretend leather JACKET

Last however not least, we are going to discuss a way to preserve the recent color of the jacket once making an attempt to scrub it. For this, there area unit a handful of rules you want to understand before you start with the cleanup.

Number one: exploitation cleanup merchandise that have animal oils will cause your beautiful leather jacket to discolor. Steer away from all such cleaners and conditioners.

Secondly, you would like to listen to the technique you're using once cleanup the jacket. ensure that you just area unit employing a piece of soppy cloth to wipe off any stains, dirt, or grime off of your jacket. once exploitation the merchandise, build a degree of applying cleaner to the cotton rag so cleanup the jacket with it instead of applying it on to the jacket.



There area unit lots of and thousands of cleanup merchandise marketed to leather merchandise enthusiasts within the market. However, not all of them area unit right for no matter animal skin jacket you own. to create positive that you just aren't damaging your animal skin jacket within the method of cleanup it, you would like to rigorously browse the cleanup directions - each on the cleaners and conditioners, in addition as no matter leather product you're making an attempt to scrub.


Have you got any longer insights into maintaining a leather cord jacket? What merchandise have you ever been exploitation on your leather jackets? Comment down below and allow us to understand.


Contact details:
Call us: +31-62-7061933, +31-646335825
Mail us: info@sunenterprises.eu

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text 2019-10-04 08:23

Explore the highest quality leather cords made from the finest leather at wholesale prices.

We are one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler for leather and our production of braided leather cords includes round braids, flat braids, oval braids and square braids. Our braided leather cords are tightly braided and can be customised based on your specific needs. Our braided leather cords are popular for men’s jewelry collection, belting needs, chokers and other fashion accessories. Furthermore, our color range varies from plain shades to metallic hues to vintage shades.


Get your hands on braided leather cord in different sizes, colors and styles. Combine our braided leather cords with some of our stainless steel clasps and findings to create exquisite accessories.


Contact details:
Call us: +31-62-7061933, +31-646335825
Mail us: info@sunenterprises.eu

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text 2019-10-04 08:19

Explore our high quality Round Leather Cord's at wholesale prices available in different colors, quality and sizes.

We offer round leather cords for jewelry in different diameters to suit each customer’s peculiar request and taste. Our assortment gives you the opportunity to choose from multiple shades of colors, ranging from the primary colours such as Blue (Bermuda Blue, Turquoise, Ocean), Red (Fuchsia, Pastel Pink, Purple), Green (Bottle Green, Apple Green, Pistachio), Brown (Coffee, Hazelnut, Chocolate) and Yellow (Orange, Beige, Cream). Our brown and black leather cords have great demand in the market. Additionally you will find a variety of vintage colors in our collection as well.



Our round leather cord is available in the following sizes: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm.


Our products are made from genuine leather, in order to provide our customers with the maximum level of softness and the highest quality of the product. Furthermore, we work towards making sure that our round leather cords are durable and there is no fading of colors. Our Round Leather Cords can be perfectly used as stringing materials for braiding, beading, making bags and fashion accessories and for creating elegant and exclusive necklaces and bracelets.


Contact details:
Call us: +31-62-7061933, +31-646335825
Mail us: info@sunenterprises.eu


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