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text 2020-02-11 09:50
Tips for Picking the Right Video Chatting Service for Talking to Inmates

If someone you love is imprisoned you might not want to just talk to them over the phone, but instead you are going to want to do a video chat with inmates. There are so many services that you would be able to pick and choose from that would make it easier to communicate with them. You want to ensure that you are making the right choice about which company you are going to deal with out of the ones that are available, so keep reading to know more so you can decide if this is the way to go for you and your family.




The first thing that you are going to want to make sure that you are considering is the price of the Securus inmate video calling services. There are going to be many packages that you would be able to choose from, so make sure that you are picking the one that fits your needs. There are other services that you would be able to package it with, so make sure that you are taking this into consideration as well when you are looking at what you want to get, including phone calls, sending pictures and so much more. You should always think about what you want to be able to do and if there is a limit and how much you want to pay for all of this.




There are a few things that you would have to think about in terms of availability of the cheap inmate video calls. Not only do you need to think about whether or not the location that the individual is in would have this facility and if they are going to be available where you are. The best part about this option is that if your loved one or friend is anywhere in the US, then you can access these services, even if you are out of country.


You would also need to make sure that you know where your loved one is and that means you are going to have to use the locator tool. If you don’t know where they are, then this can’t be set up, but if you do, then it can be done easily. Ensure that this option is available for your loved one and that you are considering this when you are picking the package for your needs no matter what options you are picking. If you know where they are, then you can easily get this started and you can start talking to them now.




Another thing that you want to consider when it comes to purchasing video chat in jail is whether or not you would be able to cancel it at a later date. Make sure that you are asking about this since you never know when they are going to get out or if you would stop talking to them for some reason. Go ahead and ask the customer service representatives who deal with this option how you can cancel. Find out what you would need to do and how much advance notice would be required, if any, and what else you are going to have to do  when it comes to canceling your current package.




A major thing that you are going to have to make sure of when it comes to the video chat with inmates packages that you are picking is whether or not you know where the individual is. You want to ensure that you can figure out how to find them and there are many places online where you can find them, including the same site that you can purchase your package.


Make sure that you are thinking about this and that you can get the package that you want wherever you are in the world. This is going to be easy and you can sign up to reach out to them without having to worry about a single thing. This can be accessed from all over the globe, so go ahead and get it set up so that you can talk to them now and so you can send them other items as well.




Another thing that you are going to want to consider when it comes to Securus inmate video calling services and the package that you choose is what happens if they are transferred. The best part about purchasing one of these packages is that no matter where they are as long as they remain in the USA, then you can use this package to contact them, even if they transfer. This is the best thing since you don’t have to change your package if they move, but you just have to update the information online.


Other Services


You are also going to want to make sure that you are aware of the other options and packages that you can get when it comes to cheap inmate video calls. You need to know what these are so that you can make the right choice about which options to select, such as:


  • Normal phone calls
  • Sending them pictures
  • Easy sending of letters
  • Sending money to the individual
  • Sending website articles
  • Sending greeting cards or postcards

These are just a few of the other available options that you can get from the same company, Pidgeonly, so make sure that you are considering which ones would be the best for your needs.


These days communicating with people while they aren’t with you is possible, including those who have been incarcerated. You should make sure that you are considering opting for the video chat in jail packages that are available from Pigeonly and you should pick the right one. You need to consider what is included and how many minutes you are going to get when it comes to the package you choose. Also, consider how easy you can transfer the information from one institution to another and how you would be able to do this and what is required. This is the best way to keep in contact with those who aren’t on the outside with you, but rather incarcerated.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2020-02-05 06:54
Get to Know About Jail Inmate Population

Having someone interned in a prison is rather difficult to accept and particularly if you are unaware of where the person is incarcerated. Fortunately life for those related to people incarcerated as well as the detainees has become much easier today as prisons are now renamed as correctional homes and rather than punishment rehabilitation has become the focus. It has become quite easy to locate your loved one with the help of Inmate Locator or Jail Inmate Population Report which is updated regularly to make sure that it is complete and accurate. However it is likely that the information may change quickly so it may be actually difficult to get the absolutely correct information with regard to an inmate. You can get help from sites like pigeonly.


Information is not Always Accurate


No department of correction guarantees accuracy of Inmate Population List nor does it guarantee completeness of the information contained. Thenames of offenders sentenced to the Department of Correctionsinclude:


  • Offenders sentenced to state prison or state supervision
  • Current and prior offenses
  • Offense types including related crimes

For further information the Department of Corrections may be contacted along with the Bureau of Classification and Central Records. While concern about connecting with someone you know is one side of the coin, the other side is that the information is made available to the public as well as the law enforcement for reasons of public safety.


Fast Changing Information


Inmate information changes very fast and the information provided may not reflect the latest information in the Inmate Population Finder. Though an effort is made to make sure that the posted information is correct, it could reflect factual or other errors. Reliable sources are tapped to process the data provided but there is no warranty expressed about the accuracy or adequacy. You need to know the details of the person you are looking for to be able to zero in on the person.


Use of Database


You need to remember that arresting a person may not mean that the person has been convicted of a crime. Unless you are sure that the person has been incarcerated you will obviously not be able to locate him or her in any database including the Current Inmate Database. Other things that you need to remember are:


  • that you cannot use this database for any kind of legal action
  • You cannot use the information illegally
  • You have understood and are

When you use this information it is understood that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms of use of the information that you have access to.


Remember the Following


You need to remember that the list of jail inmates gets automatically updated every

fifteen minutes and thus reflectsall recent changes in the status of the detainees. In case you require anyspecific inquiries about a particular detainee which is not available in the inmate population list you will need to get in touch with the Detention Center staff at the number provided or you can do it through your private legal counsel.


There is a current inmate database which lists people presently in correctional homes and includes the details on their charges and the bond amount as well as booking photo. This information which is updated every half an hour does not however does not indicate any guilt. Remember that once a person is released from the correctional home your search will not throw up any names.


The list is updated daily and lists the names of inmates who are booked in the twenty four hours starting at midnight of   the preceding day. So if are looking for information on someone you know has been booked you can check on the search engine to find out whether the personis among the inmates listed. You will get every detail about the persons who are still in custody. Even the race and ethnicity statistics are recorded here.


Remain Connected


It makes a lot of difference to you as well as your loved one to be able to remain connected during the tough times. It really is unfortunate if either you or the other person has been detained in a prison. However as you can understand it really is not that difficult to stay in touch as well as

  • Send photographs and pictures
  • Send books, magazines, and other reading material
  • Send money to use at the commissary
  • Visit them in person

You need to enter the inmate’s name which may give you several options unless you know all details. At least this is better than not knowing anything at all. Once you enter the name you will be able to find the rest of the details including release date, or prison location. If you want any further details you need to select the name of the prison which will take you to the website of the location where you can find additional details. If you are aware of the location of the detainee, that is, in which prison he islocated, all you need to do is pull up its website and search to get details of whether the offender is still in custody. If you find that these details are unavailable all you need to do is call the prison and get the status. If the inmate is released it will not throw up any names. You can do a Nationwide Inmate Search for Active jail population which is made available for you to search for your loved one for free. These sites are constantly updated and have detailed information.


 If you have been connected to your loved one during the legal process it is most likely that you already know which prison they are in after conviction.However, if you have no clue about the entire legal process then at least it gives you some peace of mind to know how to locate them. You can register your name on helpful sites like pigeonly for free, and connect with someone you know or a relative who is detained in a correctional home.  Once you have access to all the details you can connect with them and send them money, books, magazines and even make phonecalls.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2020-01-30 06:54
Share valuable memories with inmates by sending pictures

Life is a journey that consists of many worthwhile movements, highs and lows, and many such incidences that can prove it to be meaningful. The incidences, occasions, and all the little gestures that happen to be part of lives are shared with friends and family. All together, go through these movements, be they happy occasions or hard times.


But what if your best friend, family member, or spouse is not with you during any such fluctuations in life, due to some unfortunate incidences? What if they have committed a felony and are convicted? Will they miss what is going on in the outer world? Will they not be able to have even a share of any memorable event in the family?


Well, as it is a known fact that the time stops for no one, you cannot merely avoid celebrating all the occasions. However, you can Send pics to inmates of any small or big events, by which they will be able to know about what is going on in the family.


Sending pictures to inmates will make them encouraged and energized, the photos will act as a strategic move to keep their spirits up. Meetings and calls in the jail facility can be allowed at specified intervals, in between that particular time images act as a



Now the question arises of How? What are the ways to send the photos in jail or even receive Picture of someone in jail? Will the image that you post, will be received clearly by them or, will it be blurred? Will the photo reach the inmate in time? Will the picture be accepted by your inmate, or will it go to someone else?


All these questions can make your head spin. But there is no need to worry! There are such inmate locator tools that are more than ready to help in all your inmate related problems. The inmate locator tool helps in many areas like,


  • locating your inmate
  • sending money
  • calling inmates
  • sending letters, postcards, photos, articles

The working of the inmate locator tool is very easy. Download the app on your mobile phone, and provide necessary information about your inmate, the device then searches through the database of federal, state, and Country facilities to find your inmate.


Once your inmate is found, there are a lot of plans available for affordable phone calls to inmates as well as sending them letters, postcards, photos, articles. Before choosing the plan, you can also try out a free trial to send as well as get a Prisoner in jail photos.


However, there are some specific rules for sending the photos which must be abided by the sender. One thing you have to keep in the mind that your inmate has been convicted so that they improve their behavior, and hence it is a moral duty to encourage them to do so.


The Rules for sending pictures to inmates differ from facility to facility. It would be advisable to follow some basic rules so that the prison authorities do not discard the photos before they reach your inmates.


  • A photo should be printed on a paper with a white background
  • The size of the photo should not be more than 8 x 10 or 4 x 6
  • The paper has to be a plain single, not crumbled or in sheets
  • The number of photos can be from five to ten, not more than that.
  • Avoid sending the photos that contain any nudity or tattoos or any specific logos
  • Avoid sending photos that involve any violence
  • Enter the inmate's number on the backside of the photo, so that the photo reaches your particular inmate.
  • The envelope in which the photos are sent has to be white with an only address written on it.
  • Any images that will help your inmate in jailbreak like blueprints, or maps, or any such informative pictures and images are strictly prohibited.

Keep one very important thing in mind that the pictures or the images, you send are seen by many other inmates as well as staff, so send appropriate pictures.


Do not send any picture that might create problems to your inmate


It is not advisable to send the picture of your inmate or any other person with a criminal record.


You are sending the photos to your inmate to encourage them and keep their spirits high and hence do on send any such image that might disturb them or persuade them to commit any criminal activity.


In general, the pattern to send the pictures or images in the facility is, upload the images or photos from your computer or laptop and post, and the inmate locator tool will then take care of the rest procedure. The device will ensure that the photos sent by you reach your inmate as it is and as soon as possible.


All the laws about sending the photos not only differ from prison to prison but also from which charge your inmate is convicted. It is the best idea to contact jail authorities and act accordingly.


So what should you send them?


Send them family photos which will make them happy and in their best behavior

Make a thing sure before sending, that the photo should contain images of those people who are allowed visitations to the inmates in jail


Send photos of special events that would be appreciated by your inmate

By sending such images, you will ensure the inmate that once they are released, they will be joining you in such events


Most importantly, if you have kids, send their hand drawn pictures. This act will make them feel that their kids are missing them, and once released, all would be able to be fa family once again.


Make sure that the drawings are on plain white paper.


Sending photos is a way of telling them that you all miss them and are eagerly waiting for them.


Send photos, images, or pictures to your loved inmates with the inmate locator tool and be least assured that the clear photo images would reach them on time.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2020-01-02 07:46
Affordable and Accessible inmate calling services.

Talking, as well as listening, is a core foundation of any relationship, lack of communication can give rise to multiple misunderstandings. To make the relationship stronger and to share a secure bond, communication plays a vital role.


Calling someone is very easy, just pick up your cell, dial the number, and start the conversation. In another case, if anyone is calling you, press the talk button on the mobile and start talking.


But, what if your partner, friend, or a family member has been convicted in the facility. Will you be unable to have any contact until their release? What if there is an emergency on your side? Or what if an inmate needs anything? How are you both suppose to have any type of conversation?


Well, there is a Securus inmate calling website, which enables you to have a smooth conversation with your inmate. The movement you find in which facility your inmate has been convicted in, with an inmate locator app, all you have to do is download Securus mobile app.


Contacting Securus is a very easy task,


You will have to call the customer support center, after having pass code all you have to do is to register in their online service. Once your registration is done, you can do various tasks like, 


Calling an inmate must also not affect your pockets, and the conversations with your inmates must not only be flawless or undisturbed, but they must also be in the budget.


Cheap inmate calling services, provide affordable phone call services so that you both can stay connected. You can make the call to your inmate as well as receive the call from your inmate. The jail or correction facility, in which your inmate has been convicted, is for them to understand where they were wrong.


During such times, your inmate needs all the support and encouragement he can get from you. Let not the money come in between the long conversations you might be having, and Cheap inmate calls will allow you to talk for as much time as you want and that too in budget.


Technology is advancing every day, new gadgets, new apps, new websites are launched frequently to ease up human efforts and overall quality of living a life. Talking with an inmate was a very unique thing, but what if you can see your inmate while talking?


Won’t it be like a double bonus? The conversation between you two will take place as if you bothe are sitting face to face, and with Inmate video calls, you can have an uninterrupted discussion that too without putting holes through your pockets.


The entire process is very easy to follow. First, down load inmate locator tool in your mobile, be it an android or an apple, the second step will be to locate your inmate. If you already know in which facility is your inmate is, give the name of that facility. However, if you don’t provide the necessary information, and the tracker tool will run that information through its data base and provide the name of the facility your inmate is in.


Once that process is done, the inmate locator tool acts as your personal assistance as well as a guide for all help you need to connect with your inmate. The tool will help you in getting the lowest rates for inmate calling service. The tool also sees that you do not miss a single call from your inmate and will notify immediately if at all, it happens.


When you are comfortable with the plan offered, the tool then will then help you to set up an account with Securus or any other telly link which the jail or the correction facility has. Once the account is set up or linked, the tool will check whether your phone is working and is able to receive the call.


At every step, the customer support team of the tool is ready to help you in case, you get any doubts. With the help of the inmate locator tool, Securus telly links, and the customer care team, you can now have unlimited talks with your inmate.


Securus video call to an inmate is so flawless and easy that you can talk freely without any binding of time and money. The video calling quality is available at such the lowest rate that you will not be able to believe it.


Managing the telly account is very simple, choose from the available plans and deposit the money in that account. If at all so happens that you are not happy with the policy or want to change, it can be done without any cancellation fees.


The tariff provided to you by the tool or the app is the net amount, and no hidden charges are charged you after you choose the telly plan.


In this way, via phone call or video call, you can stay in touch with your inmate, support them, encourage them, and let them know that they are not alone in this difficult time. With the support and love from family, an inmate will feel at ease in the correction facility.


The time in jail is difficult, but if your support and love are with your inmate, they can cope up with any situation laid before them. The calling and the video call can help the inmates to discuss any problems they might be having in the facility where they are convicted.


Not only you, but even your lawyer can use the video call to discuss the further course of action. With the help of which your inmate might be able to be released earlier that the decided date.


In this way, the inmate locator tool not only helps to find your inmate but also helps you in connecting with your inmate. With the help of this tool, you can make cheap calls that will help your inmate in these difficult times.

Source: pigeonly.com
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text 2019-12-11 07:26
Locate Your Inmate Effortlessly with an Inmate Locator Tool

Finding whereabouts of a missing person can be done by making a report, of that missing person at the police station. But what if the person you are finding is already in their custody? How will you be able to know where your convicted person is? Is there any easy way to find in which facility your inmate is in?


Well, for starters, there are many ways to find whereabouts of the convicted person you are searching for. However, of all the techniques, you need to find such a tool that is loaded with the latest information, easy, comfortable as well as affordable. A device, that can provide the information about your inmate in no time.


A jail inmate locator tool of Pigeonly can be the best option that can help you in such difficult times of your life. The tool is so easy to work with that all you need to do is provide the necessary information about your inmate.


The jail inmate lookup tool is so easy that it is accessible on any of the devices like your mobile, laptop, computer, or even on a tablet. There are some basic questions asked on the screen about the inmate you are searching for, provide as much information as possible about your inmate.

The tool has all the latest information about the convicted persons no mater in which facility your inmate is in. The device consists of the database from all the three facilities, be it a state, federal, or country.


The information which you feed in the device is matched with this database, and you are able to see the location of the person you have been searching for.


The basic information likes,

  • Name of the person convicted
  • Sex of the inmate
  • Age of the person convicted
  • The place from where your person is convicted

Along with this information, if you know the identification number or the name of the facility they have been taken to, you can provide that too.


One thing is very crucial, the tool searches through the database of all three facilities, where there are thousands of inmates, hence providing more information will help you to get a faster result.


You can just feed inmate search by name, in the device, and provide only the name age and sex of the person, no problem at all. Only, the issue will be that the search might take some time as it runs the name through the database of all three facilities. Also, the search results will be vast, too, and you will have to look for your person from the results search list.


Let's see an example,

If you feed a name Sam, with the age of 32 years and sex as male, there might be hundreds of Sam with the same age and same sex. The search result will show you the list of all Sams, with the same age and same sex from all the three facilities. And imagine how long this list can be.


So, the more information you feed, the smaller will be the search result list and more comfortable will be the search. Thus for accurate results, supplying all the information to the tool is essential.


However, you need not worry if you won't be able to provide the information, and the list of the inmates will still be available to you. You can then search your specific person from the obtained result search list.


The inmate locator tool not only helps you to find the convicted inmates from the facilities but also can help to locate the person who is convicted in immigration jail inmate lookup. Sometimes it may happen that the person you are searching for might not be in any of the three facilities. Maybe they are detained by the immigration officers in immigration custody.


To find such a convicted person in immigration custody, the inmate search tool helps you to know where the immigration officers have detained your specific person.

The immigration authority has the power to hold such people who are no longer allowed to stay in that particular country. The immigration officers detain such immigration until their case is unheard of.


In general, the immigration officers cannot detain the person, a minimum of seventy two hours or a maximum of a week. As they have not committed any actual crime, they cannot be called as prisoners.


Even then, a period of seventy two hours or a week is a significant amount of time. So it is obvious to be worried about your family member, friend, or a loved one. And if you are in search of such a person, the tool will help you in searching for that particular person from the immigration facility too.


The procedure to find immigration detainees is the same as the one to find inmates in facilities.

Provide the information of the immigrant detainee to the tool like

  • first and the last name,
  • male or female sex,
  • birth date
  • birthplace
  • residential address where the detainee was staying before convection
  • the place from where immigration officers convicted the detainee and
  • Alian registration number

The same rule applies here too just like inmate locator, the more information you feed, the more will be the search more accessible.


Not only the tool helps you to find your inmate or immigration detainee, but the device also helps you to connect with them via phone calls. There are many packages available for different price ranges. You can select any plan, depending on how much you want to call them or send items.


There is a convenience of the free trial before the selection of the plan. So you can choose according to your needs and your budget.


Whichever plan you choose, one thing is very sure that the services are uninterrupted, smooth, and very easy to follow. The tool allows you to find your inmate as well as connect with them, send gifts, letters, postcards, and many other things.


Staying with your convicted inmate has never been so easy, thanks for the tool that is comfortable to use, as well as in budget.

Source: pigeonly.com
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