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review 2018-03-15 00:27
Yes, please!
Transformers: Lost Light #15 - James Roberts,Brendan Cahill

Oh, man, as much as I was shocked by the last issue, this one?   This one had me just in shock throughout.   


And I was pleased.   This series keeps getting better and better, although, dammit, why can't Grimlock be part of a story for more than, like, two issues at a time?   Bummer.   I look forward to meeting up with the Lost Light crew at the same time that I regret leaving Grimlock behind, so mixed feelings about that. 


And if Python hadn't melted my brain, I would be giving you a longer, better review.   So there you go. 

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review 2018-02-17 00:35
Transformers: Lost Light #14 - James Roberts,Brendan Cahill

So much yes!   Grimlock comes back, and of course, it's not quite how you'd expect, and it certainly doesn't end how you'd expect.   It's brutal and far, far worse than anything I'd expect.   


The Scavengers agree to find the Magnificence, for a whole lot of money.   Instead, they find Scorponok, the Decepticon who used Grimlock, torturing him, experimenting on him, and it's revealed why it was done now.  


Scorponok also has some control over Grimlock.    And it's this fact that is truly tragic.  

I was left astounded by the ending.   Well worth reading!

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review 2018-01-30 00:07
This is soooo good!
Transformers: Lost Light #13 - Alex Milne,James Lamar Roberts

Classic MTMtE vibe, with Ultra Magnus writing a 'self-help book with strict penalties for non-compliance', Drift and Ratchet doing their Spock and McCoy routine, and that surprise ending with Ten.   


Just fabulous fun, and I found that I was missing the whole crew, and how MTMtE felt.  It's good to be back to laughing out loud at this book.

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review 2018-01-29 23:27
Transformers: Lost Light #12 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

Roberts is fearless: he's got big ideas, and he's not afraid to do whatever he needs to do to get where he's going. 


This is also beautiful and hopeful, but man, is it epically brutal. 


It's a good time to be a Transformers fan!

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review 2017-12-15 23:49
Love, love, love
Transformers: Lost Light #11 - Jack Lawrence,James Lamar Roberts

Rodimus gets deposed and another, shittier captain takes charge of the Lost Light.   Poor ship can't seem to get a proper captain!  


I'm missing all my favorites, but their disappearance has been explained.   This is really just getting good, and it's only going on for one more issue, apparently.   But I'm really excited: it's knotty, it gets more twisted the more I read, and I"m seeing some characters come back that I'd forgotten about to be quite honest.   I'd gotten so caught up in everything else...


Anyway, looking forward to issue twelve when that comes out. 

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