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review 2017-12-16 14:35
Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built
Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built - Duncan Clark

Many years ago Jack Ma was just an English teacher who has struggled to survive, today, he’s the founder of one of the most valuable, one of the most visited, and one of the most largest companies in the world, called Alibaba, for which I hope you're familiar with. This biography of his life and of his company, written by his friend Duncan Clark, shares Jack Ma’s humble beginnings and his road from mediocrity toward riches. It was far from easy for Mr. Ma to reach the top on which he gloriously stands today, but nevertheless, according to him, it was worth all the effort, and every penny he’s invested in it. This biography of his life and his company to some extent, clearly shows that Jack Ma is the kind of person that you can seriously count on to bring laughter and seriousness simultaneously to the room, and it clearly shows that he’s a very smart businessman and a very great leader. Which I didn’t doubt at at all, since I’ve seen his interviews and have heard so many nice things about him from people who have seen him live. In any case, this book is perfect for those people who wish to learn more of Jack Ma’s business and personal life and perhaps when the timing is right for them, follow his footsteps, and maybe someday enter his shoes. I’m well aware though that many people have criticized this book and that it’d gotten a lot of bad reviews because of Mr. Clark’s writing style, but to me, it was a perfect way to spend free time and learn something new of Jack Ma's life and his company's past, present, and possible future, and I honestly wish that I could learn more about this admirable man someday and perhaps work with him if an opportunity ever presents itself to me. For, I can honestly say thar I admire this man for what he's done so far and for what I can say with certainty he's going to do with his company in the future.

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review 2017-12-04 23:46
Strange but True Tales of Car Collecting - Keith Martin,Linda Clark,SportsCarMarket.com

A fun book. Can you imagine, inheriting some property from a relative, opening the garage door and finding an old car worth millions of dollars? This book has that story, plus many, many others that are just plain fun to read.
I would suggest this book for serious car buffs. There is a lot of detail that just plain went over my head.
My only complaint on the book is the lack of good photographs. Perhaps it is because I received it as an ebook from NetGalley, and future hard copies of the actual book will have them?

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text 2017-12-04 13:03
Bear With Me by Everleigh Clark
Bear With Me (Mates of Bear Paw River Book 2) - Everleigh Clark,Wizards in Publishing

Bear With Me by Everleigh Clark is book Two in the "Mates of Bear Paw River" series. This is the story of Jane and Bo. I have read the previous book, but feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Jane has been running with her son, Liam for a while trying to keep them both safe. Now she is in Bear Paw River hoping this place will keep them safe. When Bo first sees Jane he knows that she is his mate. But first he has to find out what she is running from and to prove he is her mate.
Really enjoyed their story...loved Bo for sure!



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review 2017-11-18 13:57
Secrets For The Mad by Dodie Clark
Secrets for the Mad - Dodie Clark


You can tell that Dodie is not a professional writer, not that this is written badly by any means. There are just some parts that drag a little or the wording is a little odd and doesn't flow too well. I still really enjoy the book.

I love her as a person, and enjoy getting to know more about her, at least the stuff she was willing to share in this book, and it seemed she shared quite a lot! Thanks Dodie. We need to talk more about stuff like this so people know we're important, too. Invisible illnesses are the worst, because nobody believes us.

I relate to the mental health stuff she is going through, though I do not have the exact same mental disorder she has. It makes me so sad to know someone as nice as Dodie feels as bad as I feel, if not worse (at times) because of her fame and differences in her life.

This book makes it even more clear how strong and brave Dodie is. It's not easy to share your innermost feelings, let alone with millions of strangers. I do not know if she fully realizes how much of a role model she is to people of all ages. She seems like such a humble person. Of course this is from what I see of her online personality and this book.

One of the things in the book that I liked is how she talked about being able to find humor even during the worst of times. We've got to be able to laugh and sometimes we need that humor to get through tough situations.

She stresses about how important self care is. This is something I really agree with, but often forget, so I am glad she talks about it.

The poetry and song lyrics were a great touch. I also loved the photos and drawings scattered throughout. I can only imagine how pretty the physical book will be.

My final thoughts: If you are a Dodie fan, you might like this! Even if you do not know her, you might relate if you suffer from mental health issues. I do feel this is written for a teenage audience, but who cares about age. I hope all ages can love this and get to know Dodie.



Side Note: Unrelated to the book, I really adore Dodie and her music!

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review 2017-11-09 04:23
Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality, and Hitler’s Lightning War: France 1940 - Lloyd Clark

"BLITZKRIEG - Myth, Reality, and Hitler's Lightning War: France 1940" provides the reader with a fairly comprehensive account of the German invasion of the Benelux countries and France during May and June 1940. The author sets out to show that the German victory in Western Europe was by no means certain. Indeed, Hitler had plans to invade Western Europe as early as November 1939. But postponements were made on several occasions owing to the weather. There was also an occasion in which a Luftwaffe courier plane carrying the invasion plans veered off course and crashed in Belgium in January 1940. The German officer who had the plans, tried to burn them but was thwarted by the Belgians who soon arrived on the scene. This led the Allies to believe that the Germans would attack them in the same way as had happened in 1914. For their part, the German General Staff had their fears of repeating the mistakes of 1914. Thus, the plans for invasion were altered. 

The French entered the war in a state of wearied resignation with little enthusiasm for offensive operations. Their political and military leadership were prepared for a war of attrition. They had expectations of the Germans attacking them, Luxembourg, and Belgium in much the same way as they did in August 1914. To that end, their plan was to commit their best units - along with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) - to Central Belgium in response to a German attack there. But, as the author points out, the French top commander Maurice Gamelin failed to take into account the possibility of the Germans making a bold thrust through the Ardennes Forest with their tanks (the Ardennes was regarded by the French as impassable to tanks and thus was lightly defended on the premise that the Germans would never make a major attack there). So, when the Germans sent their tanks, motorized units, and infantry through the Ardennes and into the key town of Sedan, Gamelin treated the German thrust as a diversion, requiring little response. But the Germans were wary of attritional warfare, knowing that their chances for success rested on exploiting any breakthrough with speed, dash, and savage attacks against the French designed to shock them both militarily and psychologically. Consequently, the Germans were able to reach the English Channel 10 days after the invasion began and within the following fortnight to compel the BEF to evacuate from the ports of Boulogne and Dunkirk. 

"BLITZKRIEG" contains pages of maps showing the development of the German offensives in the West (codenamed 'Fall Gelb' and 'Fall Rot') and several photos, which should appeal to any student of military history, as well as the general reader. 

Again from reading this book, I learned how much success or defeat in a military campaign encompasses many factors - human, economic, political, and psychological - that, taken together, contribute to the triumph of the conquering nation (Nazi Germany) and the demoralization and defeat of the opposing nation (France). 

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