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review 2016-11-10 21:36
The Common Pleas Lawyer (A Casey Cort Novel 0) by Aime Austin
The Common Pleas Lawyer: A Casey Cort Novella - Aime Austin

It’s spring in Cleveland, Ohio, but Casey Cort isn’t going to let rain and gray skies get her down. The last year of law school is a magical time. At any moment her long-time boyfriend, Tom Brody, is going to pop the question. She’s ready to finish a successful year as a senior editor on the law review, and her dream job at Morrell Gates is right around the corner. The bar exam is her last hurdle, and she’s more than ready to jump it.
Or so she thinks.
When Casey reports an honor code violation to the dean of the law school, her perfect future comes crashing down around her as friends and fellow students fail to come to her rescue.
In this prequel novella of the Casey Cort series, Aime Austin—a former trial lawyer in Cleveland—weaves a tale that blends the best of today’s top legal thrillers with the heart and soul of women’s fiction, in a story ripped from real-world headlines.
















The Common Pleas Lawyer is a prequel to the Casey Court series / books: Qualified Immunity, Under Color of Law, In Plain Sight, Conflict of Interest.
Austins writing likens to LaPlante and Grafton's story building and talent in creating a fantastic well detailed book.

For Casey in this prequel sometimes life isn't what its all cracked up to be when you have to walk the fine line of trust and lies.

Readers get to hit the reset button on the previous installments and open the connecting plugs that wake up the history readers to this series have experienced that make them even more vital and impressive.

The Casey Court series is a law drama with an impressive cast and is a really great read. I highly suggest reading these books in order, jumping into the middle will leave you missing some important details.


































Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.









Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from: the author.









If any of Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like my post or leave a comment to let me know what you think. I love hearing from followers!

Thank you so much for stopping by!







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review 2016-10-26 21:11
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest (A Casey Cort Novel Book 4) - Aime Austin,Sylvie Fox
Casey Cort #4
ASIN: B01IQ534U8
Publisher: Penner Media
Publication Date: 10/18/2016
Format: Kindle 
My Rating: 4 Stars 


On the heels of Aime Austin’s (Fox) In Plain Sight (2015) with one of my favorite female lawyers (sleuth), and a quick rewind of Casey Cort’s early life in a recent novella, Common Pleas Lawyer (2016), she finds herself front and center in yet another high-profile controversial racial battle, in her latest installment, CONFLICT OF INTEREST (Casey Cort #4) which could be ripped from today’s real-world news headlines.

There is a lot going on here!


"Casey is in Cleveland which has seen its share of economic collapse, political corruption, and urban renewal. In many ways, the city is at a crossroads. In Conflict of Interest,Casey confronts one of this country's most controversial issues, police shootings."

Having read all the books in the Casey Cort series they are full of adventure, action-packed legal scenes, cop procedures, suspense, mystery, tons of humor, creative plotlines, and very real characters.

Austin's (Fox) knowledge of the criminal justice system and the courtroom is apparent throughout her writing, as is her understanding of how the media influences public opinion of high-profile trials, and the actions of those involved.

Cort, the protagonist of Austin’s (Fox) rambunctious fourth legal thriller is in the "middle of controversy" which always has a way of finding her. She never had a desire to be in the public eye, yet she finds herself caught in the middle of both sides of the law, in her career as well as her personal life. She had assumed she would eventually get married, have kids and maybe work part-time. None of this was what she had planned for her life.

In the previous book, Casey was involved in a case defending a sex-trafficking ring leader, Jarrod Carter (Sledge Hammer) and became involved helping some innocent young girls. Afterward, she had her fill of criminal law which was a contributing factor to the demise of her love relationship with sexy U.S. Attorney Miles Siegel. (love him). He questioned her morals.

After an uplifting year of pro bono adoption work under her belt, she was hoping to start a practice free of the emotional turmoil and problems of criminal defense and divorce.Anything, but simple!

Presently, she is trying to make it on her own with her faithful assistant, her friend Lulu, and of course her adorable gay neighbor friends, Greg and Jason. Miles (her ex-boyfriend) is back once again for some rekindled love action (yeah, if she does not screw it up again). Appears she "needs" his expertise in more than one way.

Set in Cleveland, Ohio, December 28, 2005. We move intoConflict of Interest, where we meet some new characters told from different POVs.

Marc Baldwin, a white cop, married to Jen, with two children, on the beat for twenty years, gets a tip about suspected drug activity near a restaurant alley in the Flats area. He is a little cocky. His partner in the squad car. He checks out the location and sees a suspicious black man approaching in the alley with a sweatshirt and hood up, and he does not stop. It looks like he is coming toward him, reaching for a weapon and Marc, the cop shoots him.

Troy Duncan, the victim; a black young chef with a promising future, a fiancé, and two children. He works at a restaurant Spencer’s for the owner, Spencer Milburn. Troy is really the one who is the foundation of the restaurant and keeps it running, and the doors open. From cooking, prepping, menu planning, food ordering, to stretching their budget and innovative marketing ideas. He has talent. He had worked hard at the upscale bistro, even though his boss does not seem to be doing his part.

The New Year holidays were approaching and his boss tells him he can leave as they are closing early due to lack of business. However, Troy being the efficient one stays to clean up, planning menus and cleans his knives. It is winter and cold outside. He leaves out the back door to head home to his family to catch the bus. When he is shot by a cop in the alley.


The Flats, area where the restaurant is located:

"The White folks would think they were getting something exotic. Black folks would feel at home. Seemed like the perfect compromise for this area smack dab in the middle of Cleveland’s so-called revitalization. Light some bridges, build a light rail and bam, you had gentrification."

Troy lives with Lynell (last eight years), and they have two children: Ellison and Zora. He is still legally married to his childhood friend, Campbell (story here) and they have never got a divorce. He is close to his parents and loving supportive family.

Troy winds up in the hospital. Everyone thinks he is a drug dealer ignoring a cop’s orders, when he was totally innocent- without a weapon. Marc gets put on leave during the investigation. He needs an attorney since the union is representing his partner. Was the shooting necessary to defend his life? Was using his weapon a good idea, in light of the perceived threat? Was what he did, reasonable?

However, at the hospital, Troy is treated like a common criminal. He is black. No one is taking care of him properly and dismissing him and his health. He is taken into custody- meaning jail or prison. His family is devastated. He is seriously injured and will be in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Who will take care of his family?

Told From different POV Augustus, Marc, Troy, and Casey.

Augustus (Gus) Duncan, is the older father of Troy and wife Myrtle. They are not even allowed to see him. Why are they treating Troy like a criminal, when he is the one who was shot by a cop? Arrest, Charges, Jail. Troy needs a lawyer. He is the victim. An unarmed black man. Panic set in. Both he and Myrtle had escaped the South, but they had not escaped racial injustice.

A high profile case, Vernon Dinwiddie takes Duncan's case. It is now the first of the year, January 2006. The media, riots, and a divided city. Marc hires Casey Cort. Troy is paralyzed. Due to a conflict of interest, the union was taking care of Darlene Webb, his partner and cannot take him on. (a conflict of interest is an ongoing theme throughout the thriller).

Casey does not want to get back into criminal law. She takes the case. A civil lawsuit, but if he has possible criminal actions, then he can get another attorney. High profile Reverend Emery Wilkinson is leading a protest, of the way the city is handling the Troy Duncan shooting. Now she finds herself on the wrong side - she is not popular.

On a personal note, Lulu wants Casey to start dating, but she does not have the time nor the effort to go through the emotions. (funny stories here) on the dating scene.

Things turn worse for Troy. The charges change. Marc is not upfront about his past. Casey is blindsided. There are circumstances. The hospital, jail, and the staff are not attentive to Troy’s needs. A death. A broken system. A black man shot at the hands of a white police officer. Housed in a jail infirmary that had no provision for caring for him. Instead of getting the medication he needed he was denied care until he became critical until it was too late. Who is to blame? What about Marc’s past?

A town of black and white. Reverend Wilkinson and Mayor Gates would be looking for a scapegoat. Murder, Manslaughter, Assault with a deadly weapon. Three felonies. The badge cannot protect. Times have changed. A political grandstand. Gus and his family want revenge or at least justice.

In the midst, of the drama, Casey turns to her ex-boyfriend Miles for help with the case. By his calculations, he was on the right side of the law; she was on the wrong side. He had not had room for any wrong in his life. Here she is in common pleas; he in the US Attorney’s office. The moral compass. Miles was also black, was a cop before he was a prosecutor. However, even though they butt heads, the chemistry is still there. (Sizzle)! Miles may want to try again; however, is Casey up for the effort?


Casey uses her creative sleuthing and her legal expertise to gather critical information. When things are not always black and white. Will the investigation bring other items to the surface? Also, a city of the verge of a riot and her future career. Will the town find peace and will justice be served?

A non-stop ride, marked by legal and moral gray areas, a great suspense novel with an extra dose of humor and a lot of clever twists. One of my favorite legal series! Loving the new branding to differentiate Fox’s writing of women’s fictions and her legal thrillers now Aime Austin (pen name). Whether it is Aime or Sylvie, they both know how to shake up a courtroom with enough real-life expertise to keep legal fans coming back for more, Casey Cort.

The real magic of Austin’s (Fox) writing is her dynamic, richly textured characters which come alive on the page, and the visceral, often gritty settings they frequent, with modern real life topics, mixed with the perfect personal dynamics and lots of wit.

Always an adventure, Casey is witty and smart, (often, poor judgment), good instincts. She reminds me of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum (Stephanie/Lula/Ranger/Joe Morelli), similar to Casey/Miles/Tom/Lulu. Does Casey or Stephanie really want, a relationship, or just like the thought of one?

Gus was a great addition and loved his wife Myrtle; from a different generational viewpoint -a nice touch. I am a huge fan of Miles, so hope they can stay together and give it a shot.

On a serious note, fans of Jodi Picoult’s, Great Small Things will enjoy the racial conflict with the highly charged topics, different points of view, and lawyer (s) caught in the middle.

A side note: As we left off with In Plain Sight (a cliffhanger) was expecting to pick up with these characters. Hopefully, Austin will pick up with a continuation, (HINT) in future books. There were too many characters left with unresolved issues and unanswered questions. I am positive they will resurface again in the future.

After all, if Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum is coming up on her 23rd Turbo Twenty-Three installment next month, then surely Casey Cort has at least 20+ more books to come. (I truly am invested in these characters). Can you tell?


Looking forward to Casey Cort #5 THE RIGHT TO LIFE, Coming March 1, 2017. 


Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!Conflict-of-Interest/cmoa/573bd20f0cf20a8824de09cd
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review 2016-09-27 20:12
The Common Pleas Lawyer
The Common Pleas Lawyer (A Casey Cort Novel) - Aime Austin,Sylvie Fox

By:  Sylvie Fox as Aime Austin

A Casey Cort Novella #.5


Publisher: Penner

Publication Date: 9/20/2016 

Format: e-book

My Rating: 4 Stars


Sylvie Fox now writing as Aime Austin for her (legal series -clever move) taking us back to the beginning to learn how it all began, with THE COMMON PLEAS LAWYER, one of my favorite sassy, smart, and witty lawyers, (sleuth) and legal series, Casey Cort.

A prequel rewinding to the early days of Casey while awaiting #4 Conflict of Interest, coming Oct 18.

When introduced to Casey, in #1 Qualified Immunity, (2014) she was in her thirties. An ambitious young Caucasian law student, with a promising career. She made the mistake crossing a classmate from a prominent and influential family (she told the truth).

She found herself blacklisted, jobless, no boyfriend, and rather than a successful law career she has worked so hard to attain—was left with hefty student loans, and an unfulfilled and poor struggling attorney working on a case by case basis as public defender, fighting a broken and injustice legal system, dealing with juvenile and family services.

Since this time, she has found herself on a rollercoaster ride with her career and personal life. (Good luck and bad, mostly bad). Life is never dull for Cort, the Cleveland attorney. She has had a string of bad clients, complex cases, corruption, sex trafficking, politics, and seems to always be in the middle of trouble. Tom seems to be in and out of her life like a revolving door.

#2 Under Color of Law
#3 In Plain Sight

Returning to 1996, Casey is in Cleveland, Ohio and in her last year of law school. She has waited for this day and also for her boyfriend, Tom Brody to pop the marriage proposal. She is sure there has to be some kind of family ring passed down through the generations of Brody’s. She could not wait for the dream job, the top tier white shoe firm like Morrell Gates. She already had the offer to start in the fall.

However, as Senior Editor for Law Review, she is faced with the law school’s code of ethics. Plagiarizing. The rules do not apply to the rich. She has to turn it over to the dean. She cannot publish something that is someone’s else’s work.

How was she going to explain why someone so privileged would bother stooping to plagiarism when he didn’t need to do it to graduate, or get a job, or achieve anything really? A moral dilemma. By coming forward, she will jeopardize her own future career. She can’t let them guilt her, for doing the right thing.

Now she is being summoned before the Law Review Board of Editors. She had been blindsided. She had done a great job for almost the last year. Plus, she has been hearing rumors about Tom, and now she stands to lose prestige and honor of having served as an officer on law review.

Her reputation was all she had but she knows if she wanted to be a Brody, her thoughts were best kept to herself. Of course, there is Judge Brody (future father in law), and Tom --she is so close to graduation. She stands to lose it all. Her job, her boyfriend, and her new job at the law firm. Her life had imploded. Blackballed

Maybe it is time to open the Law Offices of Casey Cort. After all who can fire her from her own firm? It is time to hang out her shingle. Who would have thought when she entered law school, she would become a sole practitioner in private practice? A Common Pleas Lawyers. Guardian ad Litem Juvenile Court. She has student loans, bills and a girl has to eat.

A huge Casey Cort Legal Fan!


Casey reminds me of one of my favorite shows, The Guardian.(binge watch). Both find themselves in the middle of the most intense cases, mixed with humor and heart. The novella is perfect for Casey Cort legal fans as well as new readers with a nice intro into this fascinating series. Sylvie/Aimee definitely knows her way around the courtroom with lots of wit and drama.

Can’t wait for October 18. "Conflict of Interest" for the continuation of Casey and the last cliffhanger. Welcome Aimee, please keep the series going. (I want TV series or at least Prime). If you enjoy Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, Casey Cort could be her sidekick on the law side.

The Right To Life Casey Cort #5 Coming: Mar 1, 2017


Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/single-post/2016/09/08/The-Common-Pleas-Lawyer
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review 2014-09-29 09:48
D'autres royaumes - Richard Matheson
D'autres royaumes - Richard Matheson,Patrick Imbert

Quelle déception quand on sait que ce livre a été écrit par le même auteur que le génialissime Je suis une légende !

Le narrateur qui s'adresse constamment au lecteur était une bonne idée, mais ses incursions dans le récit deviennent vite redondantes, et donc lassantes. Oui, au bout de la 20ème fois, ON A COMPRIS que tu étais un jeune homme de 18 ans pas très futé et guidé par tes hormones !

Le début (la vie du narrateur, ce père salaud au possible et la vie dans les tranchées) était pourtant franchement chouette. L'atmosphère du village et de la forêt enchantée qui l'entoure est franchement bien restituée, mais la platitude de l'histoire qui s'y déroule gâche tout. Je ne me vois pas aller plus loin sans spoiler, mais le scénario est sans surprise, et les personnages terriblement stéréotypés. Quant à la fin... Juste : NON !

A éviter donc.

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review 2013-11-30 00:00
J'aime Pas Les Autres (French Edition)
J'aime Pas Les Autres (French Edition) -... J'aime Pas Les Autres (French Edition) - Jacques A. Bertrand Un peu d'humour, un peu de tendresse. Pas très profond, mais un beau livre, quand même.
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