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review 2017-04-19 19:02
Loved it, But Still Had Problems With This One
Jessica Jones (2016-) #6 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

So in issue #6 we have Jessica Jones finally some would say turning against the mess that Carol Danvers has gotten her into. We do know that Jessica plans on exploring what she was told in the prior issue, which is that the super-heroes have purposely destroyed other realities in order to make sure the reality they all currently exist in stayed the main one.


We do have a swift end to some nonsense with someone who is out to get Carol and who never watched a movie before about what happens when the bad guy spills all of their plans.


There is some rhetoric thrown out about Carol helping Jessica with soothing Luke's anger at  her (seriously, does no one own a phone?) and then Jessica realizing that maybe she has given up way too much for such a little payoff (you think girl?).

The artwork and language made me smile since it made me think more of the Jessica Jones I saw on the Netflix show (that is a good thing). The first few issues felt off to me, and now I know why.


We get an appearance by Maria Hill and also seems to be in the dark about what Jessica has been up to and why and once again I just don't get the secrecy behind it.

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review 2017-04-19 18:57
Continuing Saga of the Mess of Jessica Jones's Life
Jessica Jones (2016-) #5 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

I honestly loved this and the next comic in the series. The colors in this one seem more vibrant, ie. I can see people's expressions. I know that the watercolor effect is kinda cool, but man oh man the first two issues I was squinting away.


In issue #5 we have Jessica being brought down to the jail to help out the police and talk to the husband of her former client. What the man starts to reveal to Jessica Jones about other realities and what exactly the Avengers and other so-called heroes have been up to will shock Jessica's world.

We also then having Luke Cage (still an ass) getting talked to like the child he is acting like from Ben Ulrich (see Daredevil). 


I still don't get why Carol Danvers had Jessica lie about what was going on to her husband (Luke Cage) and whys he felt the need to kidnap her daughter and hide her with her mother. Frankly it feels like things that romance novels would include that would tick all of us readers off. You would think that none of these people heard of having a freaking conversation before.

This one of course ends with Jessica about to make a deal with the devil.


I have to say though that one reason why I am starting to fall out of love with reading comics (Marvel) right now is that I don't want to have to read across different series to figure out what is going on. There are references to the Inhumans, another Civil War between the superheroes, etc. I already read Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) so I know enough ins and outs to figure out what people are talking about. But I really wish that most of these authors would consider these being standalones for us comic readers who don't want to dip in and out of a bunch of different series to follow one story-line. 

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review 2017-02-17 13:45
Jessica Jones (2016-) #4
Jessica Jones (2016-) #4 - Brian Michael Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David W. Mack Finally! We finally find out what the heck is going on. What caused the rift between Jessica. Why did she go to jail? Why is Misty acting like a stalking fool and talking crap about Jessica? Okay that last one we don't get an answer to, but I was so over Misty that I am hoping Iron Fist shows up and is all so baby, are we not a thing anymore? I have no idea what she is doing besides acting like Jessica cannot and will not beat her butt for trying to steal her husband. Okay where was I?

Please do not continue reading if you have not read the first three issues.

We readers finally find out that Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones are working together to find out who is behind a plot to take out the world's superheroes. Jessica really has not turned her back on her friends (like she ever would) and instead went to jail and pretended to have a break with her old life. I have no idea why Carol picked Jessica for this. And why Luke wasn't told. I feel like we are dancing towards some soap opera levels of stupidity with some of this, but we at least know that Jessica is still a good guy. So yeah to that. But, we do realize that Carol realizes who the woman is behind this. And she doesn't exactly deny working her over. So what the heck Avengers? Is Carol going rogue? Or was this okayed by someone? Also though, I have to wonder why they are so worked up about this woman. She has a henchman and all. But I am not seeing an elite amount of villains running around that should have the Avengers worried.

Carol goes on about them having to protect the younger kids like Kamala (yeah! Ms. Marvel shoutout) from this evil organization. And color me stupid, but I don't think Hyda is involved.

We do have Luke having a run-in with a police detective who seems to think that Luke is up to no good. Weirdly he is protective of Jessica against Luke and Luke maybe finally realizes that someone is out to hurt his wife and is going to do what he can to find her and keep her safe. Aww Luke.

Though the whole thing with the detective thinking that Luke could hurt Jessica was not a good sub-plot. I hope that doesn't pop up again. The optics of a strong black man hitting a strong white woman.....no. Let's hope Bendis doesn't have an issue with Luke being mistakenly arrested for domestic violence or anything.

So yeah to reveal finally being revealed. But boo to the reasons behind it. I just thought it strained all credibility. And, Jessica being so hell-bent on talking to her client's husband and investigating cases to feel normal just needs to stop. I want to get back to who is behind this organization and what their plans are exactly. I want Jessica reunited with Luke. These issues are so small I may want to the volume releases in the future.
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review 2017-02-17 13:45
Jessica Jones (2016-) #3
Jessica Jones (2016-) #3 - Brian Michael Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David W. Mack Well at least we finally get to see who has captured Jessica and what they are up to. We still don't know about the great rift that no one is giving any details about. But I still had issues with thinking that somehow Jessica has hit up the dark side or whatever was going on through issues #1 through now.


We see that someone is out to get the Avengers and actually any superhero out there. A woman reveals to Jessica that she plans on using Jessica to find out the secrets of all of her friends and use that to take them out one at a time. We also see a hint that this character is holding a big old grudge towards Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) who she blames for taking her away and torturing her because Carol thought she was working for Hydra.

I did have to do a bit of a head shake at this moment. Cause I can't see any of the Avengers being down for a thing like that. Or at least I can't see Captain America being okay with anyone doing anything like that. I haven't been following the new comics much besides Ms. Marvel, so I have no idea who is a good guy or bad guy at his point in this universe.

Once again the colors are so freaking muted at times I could barely see anything it felt like. I am glad though that the zoom and pinch was working on this via my Kindle Fire so I could at least enlarge the text and study the scenes a bit better.

We have Jessica eventually being released with this mysterious woman thinking she can eventually turn Jessica since all of her friends and her husband have turned on her. And she even shows Jessica a photo of Luke looking way too cozy with Misty Knight. Also can I say, I don't care for comic book Misty at all. She is a bit too pressed about Luke. Girl, he is married with a kid, keep it moving.

I read issue #4 directly after this though, so can I say that finally secrets are revealed. Too long enough. I think that Bendis could have combined issues #1-3 honestly into one issue. The drag to find out what happened and why Jessica went to jail is the first mystery I wanted to figure out. And everyone talking circles around it was not very realistic.
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review 2017-02-02 00:00
Jessica Jones (2016-) #2
Jessica Jones (2016-) #2 - Brian Michael... Jessica Jones (2016-) #2 - Brian Michael Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David W. Mack Please note that I gave this comic 3.5 stars and rounded it up to 4 here.

I think I may just wait after I finish the third comic for a full volume to be put together. There are still too many unanswered questions for me to be able to even figure out why there is a schism between Jessica Jones, the Avengers, and Luke Cage. This comic focuses more on Jessica and Luke though which I appreciated. We get some flashbacks to Jessica giving birth, and then going back to the present with Luke being angry that Jessica "has ruined everything." So honestly, this just felt like more of what we saw in issue #1 with everything related to why Jessica went to jail as a big old question mark.

Things that I liked:

I loved seeing Jessica and Luke happy in love while she was giving birth. We get to see the Jessica I think of who is more in line with the television series. She swears, she is loud, and she doesn't back down when she thinks she is in the right.

Jessica is trying to get her private investigation business back up and running. Her work quality is kind of crappy right now. Not that I blame her.

After reading Wires and Nerve after this, I am so happy that this comic actually had colors in it. Every character looked distinct from each other.

Things I didn't like:

Readers still have no idea what happened to cause such a rift between Jessica and most of the world.
Luke treats Jessica terribly, but then again she has their daughter in hiding, so maybe this is one of those, I am on no one's team.

We see Carol Danvers who doesn't even look Jessica's way, and based on how they are writing her in the Ms. Marvel comics now, I may have to pass on reading anymore about her.

Jessica's mother shows up with Jessica's kid and is in the dark about what is going on. Is everyone at this point?

The dialogue between Jessica and Luke was raw. And her inner dialogue being angry at herself put me back to the television series a lot. I do have to say though that I really wish some of the other Avengers would show up and at least try to talk to Jessica. Did they all just go Team Luke and ignore things. I can't see Cap doing that. He seems to like to make sure he has everyone's side before coming to decisions.

The flow was okay right up until the end. We (Jessica) gets another wrench thrown her way by some mysterious figure and I literally said out loud, oh come on. I want to know about the big rift thank you very much. I am really not in the mood for randoms to be showing up that Jessica has to deal with solo. Also where the heck is Patsy in all of this?

Here's hoping that issue #3 finally clears some stuff up.
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