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review 2018-03-08 00:55
What does the Purple Man want?
Jessica Jones (2016-) #15 - Brian Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David Mack

He wants to be different, good, not to manipulate everyone all the time, he tells Jessica.   Whom he is talking to face-to-face, because he's promised to let Danielle go if she does.   I didn't see a lot of this coming.   I mean, I saw her skepticism coming, but nothing else. 


And now this pits a Purple Man controlled superhero against Jessica, one of the superheroes helping her and Luke Cage stop The Purple Man.  


In the end, it all may not be enough.   I have no doubt he will come back to wreak his own nasty brand of revenge.  Does he want to change?   Maybe, but not enough to do the hard work.  The fact that he thinks Jessica owes him enough to help him on his quest, the fact that he would use her daughter to get her to meet, prove that he only wants this if it's convenient for him.   


I hope they kick him in the dick.   He's an effective and creepy dude. 

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review 2018-03-08 00:51
So, let's talk about the baby, can we?
Jessica Jones (2016-) #14 - Brian Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David Mack

Because when I read that she was taken by the Purple Man, I suspected kidnapped.   Which would be horrifying enough, but, damn, this got far, far darker.   


And it was truly awful.   


But in a way that made me feel so much for Jessica.   Can she save Danielle from the grip of the Purple Man?   Oh, I had no doubt she'd find a way, but I was still tense, that's how well written this was. 

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review 2018-03-08 00:43
The Purple Man returns
Jessica Jones (2016-) #13 - Brian Bendis,Michael Gaydos,David Mack

And all Jessica Jones knows is that no one knows where he is.   Can she figure out whom she can trust?   Can she keep her daughter safe?   Her paranoia is explained, quite well, and in a way that makes her seem rational.   Is she paranoid?   Well, yeah, but what's that saying about not being paranoid if they're really coming after you?


I disagree with this statement.   Sometimes you're paranoid, and it's completely rational, because they are really coming after you.   


She's paranoid.   And the Purple Man is really coming after her.   He can be anyone and everyone, even her husband.   (Yes, she's back with Luke, although I've only read the first issue, then this one, so I'm not sure how or why.)   She explains how it's so much worse, knowing what he can do to her now, and her paranoia seems even more rational.   If anything, I worry she's not being paranoid enough. 


It's completely creepy and effective.   And I love Luke.   Bless him.   Whatever's happened between him and Jessica, his first thought at the Purple Man being back is 'holy shit, get to safety.'   She does, with Captain Marvel, and they are adorable together, needling each other, and just generally trying to calm down Jessica's panic.   Also, that look she gives Captain Marvel is priceless.   She tells Luke she needs him to say the thing.   You know, the thing.   He's like 'I love you...?'   And she's like, shit, oh, shit, Carol!


Luke is adorably clueless.   Oh, the thing!    The secret phrase they have to let her know he's not under control.   (Of course, if he guesses, or gets paranoid enough, he can make Luke say it anyway.   If I were him, I'd be like, well, yeah, do everything to make it seem normal, no matter what that might be, and get around having to know the details, so this seems like the best of a terrifying situation she can't control.)


I'm kinda loving this.  I really love Jessica and Luke together.

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review 2017-08-13 20:28
Did I miss something?
Jessica Jones (2016-) #1 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

Jessica Jones, ex-superhero and current private investigator, is separated from her husband, or ex-husband, Luke Cage.   She's hiding their baby and this is a huge thing: Cage sends all his hero friends to ask about Danielle, and Jessica Jones tells them it'll be a Big Thing if they keep harassing her. 


Meanwhile she picks up a case: a husband wakes up, says he's not married to his wife, and is in fact married to another woman.   He has a child with this woman.   Meanwhile, the lady who hired Jones can't have kids, so this may be something personal, something the husband is doing to hurt her. 


Or maybe, she says, it's an alternate dimension or a super villain thing.  That happens in their world.   Maybe he's crazy.   But she wants Jessica to figure it out and tell her. 


The problem is that without knowing why Jones was in jail or how she hid the baby during that time, without knowing what happened between her and Luke, I'm too confused to be anything but frustrated.  You don't show confusion by making the reader confused. 


I didn't get enough answers for me to continue, although I might later on.  For now, I got this free as a Marvel Insider - I used my points to get some free comics - so I enjoyed getting to read this.  Think I'll wait for a sale to continue, though. 

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review 2017-04-19 19:02
Loved it, But Still Had Problems With This One
Jessica Jones (2016-) #6 - Michael Gaydos,David Mack,Brian Michael Bendis

So in issue #6 we have Jessica Jones finally some would say turning against the mess that Carol Danvers has gotten her into. We do know that Jessica plans on exploring what she was told in the prior issue, which is that the super-heroes have purposely destroyed other realities in order to make sure the reality they all currently exist in stayed the main one.


We do have a swift end to some nonsense with someone who is out to get Carol and who never watched a movie before about what happens when the bad guy spills all of their plans.


There is some rhetoric thrown out about Carol helping Jessica with soothing Luke's anger at  her (seriously, does no one own a phone?) and then Jessica realizing that maybe she has given up way too much for such a little payoff (you think girl?).

The artwork and language made me smile since it made me think more of the Jessica Jones I saw on the Netflix show (that is a good thing). The first few issues felt off to me, and now I know why.


We get an appearance by Maria Hill and also seems to be in the dark about what Jessica has been up to and why and once again I just don't get the secrecy behind it.

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