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review 2017-10-02 17:50
The Shadow Throne
The Shadow Throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen

I'll update this post with my final review once I've finished/quit the book. But before then I just have to say I wish Nielsen were more patient with her story and with her readers. She explains too much too early and it's getting worse with every book.


Ugh, I got bored in the middle and just skimmed to the end. A disappointing, but not unexpected, ending to the trilogy.

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review 2017-10-02 07:28
The Runaway King
The Runaway King - Jennifer A. Nielsen

I cannot stop comparing this series to The Queen's Thief, which is really not fair to these books since the Queen's Thief series is better than most everything out there.


Like The False Prince The Runaway King is compulsively readable. But I wasn't that into the story. Again it takes a loooong time to get going. And then too much of the story felt coincidental. Like, oh this person just happened to show up now, and I just happened to roll under a convenient plot device, and I did all this physically impossible stuff but yeah, let's have another sword fight.


The series could use some more women. Imogen is the best one but she's also pretty much the only one. Where are the lady pirates? Where are the lady thieves? Please develop the lady regents that were mentioned once in The False Prince.


Also this series is cataloged as both children's and teen's fiction at my library (separate branches), so now I'm confused if it's MG or YA and worried that a love triangle is coming. I'm tired of love triangles. I don't care.

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review 2017-09-28 19:31
The False Prince
The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen

The False Prince is very easy to read, but it's kind of a strange reading experience. It takes a loooong time for the story to get going and then the ending is quite abrupt. The twists are pretty easy to spot* especially after having reread all of Turner's The Queen's Thief series earlier this year. Nielsen uses similar techniques to Turner just not as successfully.


I will check out the second book just to see where the story's going, and Nielsen's other trilogy, Mark of the Thief, sounds interesting so I'll probably check that out as well. I'm mostly just trying to fill the void finishing Thick as Thieves has left if my life. If it all goes badly, I might just read The Queen's Thief series all over again.


*The biggest reveal comes in the middle of the book, so you're not kept waiting the whole time at least.

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review 2017-05-10 08:00
Look - Jon Nielsen

Artie, the cute robot from the cover, Wall-Es his way through life when he starts wondering why he does what he does. What follows is a strange mix of boring and just not so good, that left me wondering 'why did I read this?'.

Let's start with the good things. The art was not special but it was nice. Artie's really cute, and has a nice interaction with his friend Owen, the Vulture. That's about it.

The story was filled with a lot of interchangeable/forgettable characters and scenes with clunky expositions. I was not a fan. Which is a shame, because I had good expectations for this one!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2017-01-07 14:06
Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom
Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom - Susin Nielsen

I liked the realness of this novel. From the subject matter, to the honesty of the characters, to the characters themselves, I could see this novel being played out right before in my eyes as I read it.


Violet’s father has had an affair and moves out, leaving his two daughters and his wife behind. Suddenly, Violent and her sister Rosie have another family in California as their father has remarried and has moved on with his life. With a new wife and twin daughters, the girls travel from Canada to California to be with their father but its twelve- year old Violet who is furious at her father for his affair. Life at home without their father is not the same and Violet takes out her anger while in California visiting her father, their trip is shortened.


The feelings and thoughts are sincere and valid as Violet tries to handle the adjustments to her new life. Everything she feels and thinks, she has a right to own them. I really enjoyed Violets relationship with her sister and her girlfriend, they each meant something special to her and they showed us a part of Violet that was important to the novel. I thought the reference to the Magic Eight Ball that the author included in the novel, was fun. I feel that this novel is a great novel for children and one that many children could relate to. It might even be used to open up some meaningful conversations dealing with the issues that the author addressed inside.

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