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review 2016-09-23 21:06
Interesting and compelling
Devils' Line, 2 - Ryo Hanada

The art is still not that great but the story is becoming more interesting, I'm down to see where this story goes.


(Read 8/18/16)

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review 2015-09-04 17:30
Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms - Fumiyo Kouno
A beautiful, touching josei manga; a perfect reading on the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb. Three chapters only, 2 stories (Town of Evening Town and Country of Cherry Blossoms) in different era.

The first one was very sad, about a young woman who presents the symptoms of the radiation years after the exposure to the bomb. It starts quite normal, like a slice of life, of Minami working, meeting with friends, taking care of her mother, of their little house, remembering often that fateful day. The end is very sad.

The 2nd and 3rd chapter is about a girl, her brother and father. The girl follows her father when he goes for "a walk". It is also sad but at least it ends better -not better, but with a positive tone-.

Some scenes that were realistic and simple, yet touching:

- when Minami takes off her shoes (I don't know why, but it was).
- when Nanami visits her brother at the hospital and takes with her the sakura leaves.
- when her father was sitting on the bench.

The art worked so well. Seems simple in details of the faces, but the background + the clothes were stunning.

I may buy the paperbook, to share it with others and re-read it whenever I want.
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review 2015-06-10 15:51
Midnight Secretary 1 - Tomu Ohmi
In regards to the plot, I would have rate it 2 stars. It is a bit MEH, because it is not original. It is something I have read to boredom. "Plain" secretary + womanizer, cold-heart rich handsome boss who turns out to be a vampire. Everybody thinks he is dangerous, would never love, blah blah, until the plain girl changes his mind.

But this manga is well written and I liked the Kaya. She made me laugh several times, she is sarcastic when the situation requires it, and I loved that. Specially after the first kiss. Not a blushing, silly maiden (so far).

I knew this manga a long time ago, but I did not want to read it because I thought it was smutty. It is not, thankfully. And although I still don't get why many things (why she lets him drink her blood, why is he a vampire and his brother not, why would she fall for her slutty boss), I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, and I may continue reading this series.
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review 2015-04-02 16:39
Tramps Like Us, Vol. 1 - Yayoi Ogawa

etter than I thought. It is dramatic but has it sweet moments as well. The story develops too quickly for me. Like, Sumire meets Momo, he starts living with her and they love each other all in the same day. I like, sympathize and somewhat relate to Sumire.

The art is not good. To think I used to dislike older woman/younger man or taller woman/smaller guy relationship before; I don't mind that anymore, and I think is actually sweeter (Gokusen, Love.com).

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review 2015-01-20 14:06
Hotaru No Hikari Vol.5 [Japanese Edition] - Satoru Hiura

All chapters that involved Hotaru and Buchou: 5 stars.

All chapters that involved Hotaru and Makoto-kun: 2 stars.

The problem that Hotaru can't see because of her gigantic crush, is that there is no bond, no trust and no comfort while she is with Makoto. Yes they are sweet together but she is always hiding her true self. Which doesn't happen with Buchou.

The chapter where they were looking for the missing cats was funny, and the last chapter, where she says goodbye was sad :(

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