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review 2019-12-09 21:52
Suspenseful Sense of Deja Vu
The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney

After reading J.P Delaneys "The Perfect Wife,' I gave this audiobook a try and was not disappointed.


Delaney once again does a good job developing plot and characters in this suspenseful story about a woman who moves into a home owned by a man with curious requirements for his renters. The woman discovers that there are quite a few similarities between her and the girl who lived in the house before. 


A well drawn mystery told through the perspectives of several people - in the past and present.  Left me rethinking how quickly I would sign a rental agreement . . . 



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review 2019-12-03 18:57
More Human than Bot
The Perfect Wife - J.P. Delaney

Abby wakes up. Everything is normal until her husband, Tim  tells her that she isn't his wife.  She's an A.I who has been made in Abby's image because she disappeared and he couldn't bear to live without her. How sweet, you think? So does Abby A.I. until she discovers human Abby's old Ipad. It doesn't work so she heads out to get it fixed. BUT, that's when she meets people who are shocked to see her and say things that make her suddenly suspicious of Tim. Why did he really create her? What really happened to Human Abby? Would she really have left her son behind? 

And so, the mystery begins.



The mystery had me trying and not managing to figure out exactly what was going to happen. However, I found the whole portrayal of the Humanoid/A.I well done and quite thought provoking, especially as A/Is are being rolled out and developed to be more and more human.


This is the first of J.P. Delaney's books that I have read. A good mystery with a satisfactory ending. 

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review 2019-08-09 22:55
The Perfect Wife
The Perfect Wife - J.P. Delaney

The Perfect Wife centers around AI without all the science-y stuff. Thankfully, the author gives us the gist of it without getting too technical. The story is told in second person point of view, which isn't a favorite for me, and that combined with an unknown narrator did create some confusion at times. According to the acknowledgments, the author's aim for this book was psychological suspense, and there is a speculative element. For me, it's a little more on the speculative side than I care for, and parts of it stretch the suspension of disbelief quite far. Some of my favorite parts of the book centered around Danny and Abbie's interactions, especially as the parent of an autistic child. Those parts had a ring of truth about them, and most times were incredibly sweet moments between parent and child. The conclusion does have a pretty good twist, and I certainly didn't see all that coming, but some of it was also part of the above mentioned confusion. In the end, I found The Perfect Wife to be a little bit strange but still compelling enough to keep me reading. JP Delaney does have an interesting writing style and I'll be interested to see what's next from this author. 

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review 2019-07-24 06:17
The Perfect Wife - J.P. Delaney

All this book seems to be about is robots and autism. As someone who has always enjoyed previous books by this author, it pains me to say that this one was awful. It was confusing to say the least with one “character” saying “you”, meaning “I”. Why not just use a different font? It really was over long for what actually happened and I skipped page after page and didn’t seem to have missed much! Was it meant to be sci-fi, thriller or what - I couldn’t tell you. Sorry but this was a book I was relieved to finally get to the end of - just not for me this time.

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review 2019-05-28 14:28
Nice Blend of Science Fiction and Suspense
The Perfect Wife - J.P. Delaney

Please note that I received this book via NetGalley for free. This did not affect my rating or review.

So, I was pretty vocal about how badly I disliked "The Girl Before." So you are probably wondering what in the world caused me to willingly pick out "The Perfect Wife" to review. Well, I heard that it had a lot of science fiction elements in it and since I want to read more science fiction this year I decided to go for it. I initially thought it was going to be something superficial, but Delaney works in the science fiction aspects very well. I am a bit disappointed though that other reviewers gave away the jaw dropping beginning (don't do that!) though was happy I was unspoiled for the rest of this. "The Perfect Wife" does a great job of showing Abbie before when she first meets her husband Tim and then what life is like now that she has waken up. The only reason why I didn't give this five stars is that parts of the book dragged here and there. Also, I wish that we had some confirmations on some loose threads that Delaney left dangling.


"The Perfect Wife" follows a woman named Abbie. She wakes up in a room and is told that five years ago she was in an accident, and the man that is looming over her is her husband Tim. Abbie quickly finds out she is ready to go home with her husband Tim who she barely remembers. Abbie's memories slowly start to come back and she remembers that Tim is a CEO of a company focused on developing cobots (companion robots) and he is up there with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in terms of money and influence in the tech industry. Abbie also realizes that she and Tim had a son together, Danny. Danny was diagnosed with Heller's disease (FYI, this is a childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) and is a rare pervasive developmental disorder which involves regression of developmental ability in language, social function and motor skills) and worries that her son won't remember her and she is scared that her being away/sick has caused his condition to worsen. However, Abbie returns to her home and finds it pretty much unchanged from when she was there last. And after a while Abbie starts to find clues that things were not all champagne and roses with Tim.


So first off. We have after Abbie (who we get to follow via first person point of view) and before Abbie (who we only hear about via an anonymous narrator). You realize right away why there are differences between Abbie before and after. Abbie before seems more confident and all of the dialogue showing how she was when she was first hired by Tim to be an artist in residence at his company showed a woman who was not going to be bowled over by anyone. Slowly though via the Abbie before and after you start to get a better picture of Abbie and also of Tim. Abbie is warned here and there about Tim who starts to do what he can to attract Abbie and start to date her. You are left with two people who it sounds like fell in love and then got dealt a terrible hand when their son was diagnosed with Heller. However, that's just a small part of the story. I can't really get into this character much without spoiling, but I thought the way that Delaney handled Abbie was very good. I had sympathy for both versions that we are shown and loved how it ended.


Tim is a typical tech bro that seems to have softened up when he met and fell in love with Abbie. It seems that Tim only sees Abbie as perfect, she's the perfect wife and mother. He doesn't see anything wrong with her at all.


We also get a lot of secondary characters that I thought were developed very well. We have Abbie after interacting with Tim's best friend who also works at the company (Mark), Mark's wife Jenny (who also works for Tim), Abbie's sister Lisa, and Danny's therapist that seems to party live in and take care of him. 


The writing I thought was good. I was initially worried when we went back and forth, but I see why Delaney did that. You also have the narrator becoming more and more omnipotent about things after a while and you realize why that is at the end. Delaney also did a good job with talking about and showing how the tech industry even years in the future still has a whole dude bro culture that needs changed. I also thought it was great that Delaney showed us the answer to a certain extent about do androids dream of electric sheep. 

The flow was a bit clunky at first, but quickly smooths it way out. I think it's just because we have that reveal very early in the story and then we jump back in time to when Abbie was first hired by Tim and then we jump forward again. After a while I got used to it.


The ending was heartbreaking and unexpected. I liked it though we are given a clue that there's a cycle that is going to get repeated until someone finally puts a stop to it. 

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