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text 2017-04-21 13:33
InD'tale Magazine needs RONE Award judges

Publishers, editors, bookbloggers, authors; come one, come all! We're looking for #RONE2017 judges. Winners of the voting rounds go to the judges, so bookish peeps, this means YOU!  Free books to read, a scoresheet to fill out, and no review to write. Plus, you get to claim you were a judge for the prestigious RONE Awards! Fill out the application today! 


Source: www.facebook.com/InDTaleMagazine
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review 2014-11-02 00:00
The Judges of the Secret Court
The Judges of the Secret Court - David Stacton Solid and capable historical novel about John Wilkes Booth and the aftermath of the assassination of Lincoln. The novel begins with elder brother Edwin Booth reflecting on what the cost of his brother's actions have been for his own family. There are also keen portraits of Stanton who's more interested in making a show of strength than carrying out justice and Mrs. Surratt who finds herself caught up in a perfect storm of suspicion and misfortune. The there's the man with the gun, the delusional and petty JWB, the prototype for too many killers who will follow.

Very fast read, adding to the sense of events set in train that can't be stopped.

P.S. This one might be in the public domain as it's available in full view at the Hatha Trust website.
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text 2014-02-15 19:54
I did some book shopping this week and I'm gonna share :)
The Adventures of Thomas McPhearson: The Thomas McPhearson Detective Club Mystery Series - D F Bowie
The Diva Code: Miss Piggy on Life, Love, and the 10,000 Idiotic Things Men Frogs Do - Jim Lewis
The Ancients: Book one; Missy - Michael J Mitchell
In the Kitchen With Miss Piggy: Fabulous Recipes from My Famous Celebrity Friends - Moi
The Last Judges Uncut Chronicles: The Chronological Account of the Last Judges - Jedi Gong

So, I'm on a Miss Piggy trip - those are two of the four I purchased (the other two have not arrived yet).  My new motto is: What would Miss Piggy do?  Believing it, living by it.


The Adventures of Thomas McPhearson was suggested to me by a lady I met here in my apartment complex (Bonnie).  She has not read it, but it was written by her daughter in law (I'm sure that's what she said, but I've been questioning that for sure) and she's been hearing some great things about it in her family.  It sounded good and she's a new author so I decided to give it a try.  (I bought the paperback because it was only 30 cents more than the e-book and it had free shipping.  I just can't see myself paying so much for an e-book  yet.)


Missy is written by someone who I met on Facebook a couple of days ago.  He has a second one out as well and a third one will be coming out soon.  The artwork is beautiful and I like the cover - I've also checked out some other artwork that the illustrator did and was impressed by what I saw.  I'm excited about getting the chance to read this one because it looks good.


The last one is not one that I bought, but one I received from the author.  I've read it, reviewed it and loved it - and he sent me a free physical copy, some cool bookmarks and some flyers to advertise the book.  Very cool - I love author crap like that.  This book is full of artwork and they are beautiful on the e-version, but much more beautiful in the physical copy.  It is ONE gorgeous book.


I buy a lot of books for my Kindle, but not a lot of physical books anymore, at least not over the last couple of months, so I'm pretty excited about the ones that are heading my way. :)


Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.  I'm going to go fix myself a nice mug of chai tea and sit in my comfortable chair to read.  *waves goodbye*

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review 2014-01-11 03:35
The Last Judges
The Last Judges Uncut Chronicles: The Chronological Account of the Last Judges - Jedi Gong

Before I begin my review on the actual story, I need to say that I loved every piece of art work included in this book from some obviously very talented artists (each having something to do with the story that you're reading).  I found myself stopping to check out the detail of each picture.  Definitely a plus.

I really got into this story and had a hard time putting my Kindle down once I began the story.  It starts out with stories of the individual characters as things begin happening with the earth that are not good - think the end of the earth as written in the Bible - as their journey leads them to each other, with some help from Jade (the psychic of the group) who does what she has to do to save some of them.  They all end up on James "Lock" Lockwell's property, a diverse group of people who become a family and work together to keep themselves safe, but also save other people.  Jedi did a really good job building these characters and you can't help but want to know more.

There are several heart-beating, breath-catching moments and I really liked the ending.  If you like action (and it wasn't all action, but it kept my attention the whole story) and sarcastic characters, this is definitely the book for you.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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review 2011-08-03 12:44
Another Christian Bash Against Society
Judges and a Permissive Society - John Edward Hunter

I tend to approach Christian books about our society with a lot of scepticism because they tend to grandstand about how sinful and wicked that our society is and that unless we repent of our sins then we are all going to be destroyed. My concern with these types of books is that they tend to only be read by Christians, who then look at society around them and say 'gee, I am glad I am not like them.' Granted, some non-Christians might read these books and be convicted and that is good. The second thing is that I think our society has to sink a lot deeper to even equate to what life was like back in the days of the judges. Yes, we do live in a permissive society, and yes, we are a greedy and lustful lot, but then there is still a lot about our society that stands out from the societies of the ancient world. As we discussed in Bible study tonight, we have a belief that as long as we are not hurting anybody then what we are doing is okay. Reading the book of Judges suggests that not even that restraint was apparent in that world.


Granted, this book did open up with some grandstanding about the failures of our society, but then the author was right. When we stop disciplining children and stop failing them and making them all feel that they are successful then nobody learns anything. If we do not punish a child for doing wrong then the child does not learn of any difference between right a wrong, and this, Hunter suggests, is the problem with our society.


However, he then goes on to explore the many stories of the book of Judges. Now Judges is a very entertaining, and in the same breath, a very disturbing book of the Bible. It is the book that contains the famous stories of Sampson and Gideon, but it is also laced with some very disturbing events such as the gang rape of a concubine and then her being cut up and distributed across the land. This story then goes on to where one of the Israelite tribes is given permission to kidnap a group of unmarried women so that they might marry them.


The constant theme through this book, and the book of Judges, is that during this time there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in their own eyes. This, as can be seen from the book, especially the climatic last chapter, turned out to be disastrous. Now, it wasn't that there was no human king in Israel (there wasn't) but it was that God was supposed to be their king and they were supposed to live according to the law that he had established. That seemed to be the case initially but the Israelites quickly turned away. The book then goes into a spiral of rebellion, punishment, repentance, and rescue. However the cycle, as it is called, is not really a cycle because the situation get progressively worse. In the story of Samson we note that there wasn't any repentance, the Israelites had accepted their lot as being the slaves to the Philistines.


If there is one thing that I can say I learned from this book it is about having a heart for the Lord. While it is always good to have a heart for the Lord, we have to let that heart grow with the rest of us. It may be all well and good to get a heart for the Lord when we are a child, but if we do not let our heart grow with ourselves then we will be adults but our heart will be that of a child. This is different to being innocent like a child. It is letting our heart for God grow as we grow and to continue to fill us. If we don't then our faith will stagnate and die.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/192073446
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