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review SPOILER ALERT! 2020-07-06 11:05
The Borgias by G.J. Meyer
The Borgias: The Hidden History - G.J. Meyer

TITLE:  The Borgias: The Hidden History

AUTHOR:  G.J. Meyer


FORMAT:  Paperback

ISBN-13:  9780345526922



"The startling truth behind one of the most notorious dynasties in history is revealed in a remarkable new account by the acclaimed author of The Tudors and A World Undone. Sweeping aside the gossip, slander, and distortion that have shrouded the Borgias for centuries, G. J. Meyer offers an unprecedented portrait of the infamous Renaissance family and their storied milieu.
They burst out of obscurity in Spain not only to capture the great prize of the papacy, but to do so twice. Throughout a tumultuous half-century—as popes, statesmen, warriors, lovers, and breathtakingly ambitious political adventurers—they held center stage in the glorious and blood-drenched pageant known to us as the Italian Renaissance, standing at the epicenter of the power games in which Europe’s kings and Italy’s warlords gambled for life-and-death stakes.
Five centuries after their fall—a fall even more sudden than their rise to the heights of power—they remain immutable symbols of the depths to which humanity can descend: Rodrigo Borgia, who bought the papal crown and prostituted the Roman Church; Cesare Borgia, who became first a teenage cardinal and then the most treacherous cutthroat of a violent time; Lucrezia Borgia, who was as shockingly immoral as she was beautiful. These have long been stock figures in the dark chronicle of European villainy, their name synonymous with unspeakable evil.
But did these Borgias of legend actually exist? Grounding his narrative in exhaustive research and drawing from rarely examined key sources, Meyer brings fascinating new insight to the real people within the age-encrusted myth. Equally illuminating is the light he shines on the brilliant circles in which the Borgias moved and the thrilling era they helped to shape, a time of wars and political convulsions that reverberate to the present day, when Western civilization simultaneously wallowed in appalling brutality and soared to extraordinary heights.
Stunning in scope, rich in telling detail, G. J. Meyer’s The Borgias is an indelible work sure to become the new standard on a family and a world that continue to enthrall.



An interesting look at the Borgia family, focusing on the two Borgia popes and Cesare Borgia.  The author differentiates between what is available in terms of evidence (usually letters), what is rumour and what Meyer thinks is more plausible in terms of evidence available.  The background chapters are a useful tool to discuss a variety of relevant topics without bogging down the main text.

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review 2020-06-29 19:42
Spookie Town – All Things Slip Away by Kathryn Meyer Griffith @KathrynG64
All Things Slip Away - Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Kathryn Meyer Griffith is a prolific writer and her Spookie Town Murder Mystery series has been a big hit for her. She is currently working on Book 7. Woo Hoo. Congratulations Kathryn.


I love the fabulous cover.

All Things Slip Away (Spookie Town Murder Mystery, #2)

Amazon / Audiobook / Goodreads




The Prologue for All Things Slip Away filled me in on the highlights of the Spookie Town Murder Mystery Series Book I, Scaps of Paper, and thank goodness. It has been a while since I read it, so I needed a refresher. You could begin reading here, but I am loving this series so much, I would highly recommend beginning at the beginning.


NOW…it’s ten years later and Frank Lester, a Chicago Homicide detective that moved to Spooky town, has found the serial killer he thought he had taken out is back, and he is on the hunt…for revenge.


I read a lot of Young Adult novels, so it is refreshing to be meeting some older characters that carry baggage and memories, and lust does not override their emotions. The romance is a slow burn, but smolders throughout the pages.


There is so much more to the killer than meets the eye. He has his own issues and problems that he cannot overcome. He is driven to seek revenge. The villain is one of those bad guys that can evoke a moment of sympathy for him.


Abigail is Frank’s love interest, but he is not alone in his desire to date her.The sheriff has his eye on her too. Myrtle is a neighbor and she is quite the character. She gave me some laughs and I love some humor with my murder. My heart went out to Laura and Nick, and the rest of their family, two children whose mother is ill and they struggle to even feed themselves. The two kids broke my heart, yet put a smile on my face.


The suspense is ramping up as the pacing takes me to the next event and I am eager, yet apprehensive about HIS and Frank’s next meeting.


Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s has an ability to draw me into the story so deep that I feel like I am walking in Abigail’s shoes, being stalked, feeling like someone is following me, watching me, having me looking over my shoulder, ‘hiding out’, keeping low.


I love that Kathryn can stretch the story, all the while keeping me on edge. It has been months since HE has been seen…life goes on…but, we all know it isn’t over. The tension builds as I wait, wait for the explosion that is about to come.


Well, I guess you can tell how much I loved All Things Slip Away. The story is fabulous and kept me totally engrossed, the characters came to life on the pages through Kathryn’s words and I fell in love with them. The peripheral characters became just as important to me as the main ones. The mystery, yeah, we know who he is, sorta but that does not take away anything from the story.


I highly recommend any of her work. Kathryn has never disappointed me.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of All Things Slip Away by Kathryn Meyer Griffith.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 Stars






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Source: www.fundinmental.com/all-things-slip-away-kathryn-meyer-griffith
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review 2020-06-23 07:51
Fun read
Cinder - Marissa Meyer

This is just a really fun adaptation of Cinderella. It's been on my list for ages and I found it enjoyable with a strong female protagonist and fun world-building.


It definitely ends with you wanting to read the next installment right away though but overall this is a fun read that brings up interesting questions regarding The Other given the status of cyborgs in this society. 

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text 2020-03-30 02:17
Reading progress update: I've read 188 out of 552 pages.
Renegades - Marissa Meyer

Honestly, this is so much The Boys and it's boring me. I'm probably skipping.

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text 2020-03-13 11:42
Off To Be the Wizard - 74%
Off to Be the Wizard - Scott Meyer

Now that we're (mostly) past all the explanations for how they're programming their "magic", the pace is picking up a little. 

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