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text 2020-11-03 20:44
FBA Product Photography: How To Make Your Main Listing Image Stand Out

Universally, it goes without saying that a face is the most crucial factor for an immediate first impression. Unarguably, in the Amazon marketplace, that first impression of a product is all a buyer needs to make a split decision about it. The conversion rates of your amazon listings are heavily dependent on your Amazon product photography and brand image, but most of all, the face of your Main Image.



The game is now more challenging than ever. More than 50% of Amazon sales are contributed by third-party sellers, making a massive number of over 2.5 million sellers. One better and more competitive than the next. So how is one supposed to stand out in the crowd after all?



As an invested seller, you need to look beyond the front lines. Think bigger and picture what represents my product and exactly where? The main image will be one, but its impact can be observed in various places such as the main product page, amazon search results, external search engines, thumbnails, etc. Therefore, your target must be equally diversified. No matter where it shall appear, it has to look fantastic.  



Let us divulge into the bag of tricks we have for producing unique and outstanding main images, so you could lock down maximum buyer attention and ultimately convert sales.




Use High-quality Camera



The first thing you need to do to make your main image stand out is to make sure you’re using a high-quality camera. A sharp-looking image is the first step in gaining customer trust. It delivers the message of confidence and will move the potential buyer to subconsciously create a connection between product quality and high-quality image display.


A high-quality image works like an open book that will allow customers to observe every nook and crevice of the product to their satisfaction. Besides looking superb on the main product page, it will also appear more attractive in the search results page, making your listing stand out from the crowd. 



Maximize Visibility



The second thing you can do is make use of professional editing services. Ensure your image is cropped with such finesse that your audience is convinced of a naturally white background, leave no room for doubt. Poor cropping skills produce an extremely undesirable effect on the customer, leaving them with the impression your service is of low quality. 



What you have to do next is eliminate any extra blank space within the frame to give maximum product coverage. This will make your product appear more bold and prominent on the main image. Amazon itself recommends covering 85% of the main image with product photography. We recommend you push it as high as the frame allows without overcompensating visibility, of course. The buyers are more likely to choose your product by simply being prompted to look at the bolder image among other competitors. This way, your chances increase significantly in getting more clicks than them. 



Shoot With A Unique Angle



Differentiation by a unique angle is a bold and creative idea. Shooting your product from a creative angle can help you grab the buyers’ attention and increase your click-through rate. After all, standing out from the crowd is your target here. Why not do something fun to help it? Although keep in mind that this shoot should still comply with the Amazon guidelines and display your product’s face as clear as possible. 



Run A Split Test



The last thing you cannot afford to miss out on optimizing your main image is to Split Test your shortlisted choices. No matter how good looking the main image you think is, you can’t know if it's the right choice until you split test them. You may use testing tools such as Pikfoo to split test the main image. This way, you can attain results instantly, or you can use 30 days for the first image and 30 days on the next image live on amazon. This should provide you with accurate results to help you check which image is performing better.




An Important Note:



Keeping the Amazon guidelines in mind, we understand that there might not be much you can do for your main image since Amazon does not allow extra visuals other than the product itself. Many sellers make the mistake of including icons, badges, text, or props in their images to make it stand out, but we advise against it. Amazon can suppress such listings during randomized checkups anytime. It seems rightfully tricky to make your main image stand out when the only thing allowed is just a bland photograph of your product devoid of external help.




Final Thoughts



It cannot be stressed enough that your main image is everything. Hopefully, now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you will find it easier to make your Amazon Listing stand out. And remember not to shy away from asking for professional help if you need it—we expertise in Product Photography For Amazon and professional editing services. 




Source: https://www.amzonestep.com/blog/fba-product-photography-how-to-make-your-main-listing-image-stand-out/

Source: www.amzonestep.com/blog/fba-product-photography-how-to-make-your-main-listing-image-stand-out
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text 2020-08-31 19:21
How Do I Optimize An Amazon Listing With Variations?

The eCommerce industry can be described as a fully customer-driven industry. Online consumers form the backbone of the internet shopping industry and there is no stopping in the expansion of the online market. To convince the buyers, the sellers need to provide them with numerous choices and shopping convenience.


This is where Amazon listing optimization is required to bring out the product variations to the buyers. Amazon product variations facilitate brands to exhibit their variations of the same product to the buyers.




Now how to optimize the listings along with Amazon PPC campaign? This article will cover the important points related to listings and how you can optimize them.




Why variate Amazon products?


Creating listing with variations of Amazon products brings out several advantages for both the sellers and the buyers. Here the top 3 advantages of variation Amazon products:




  • Increase in product visibility


There can be products that are buried in the search results and customers often do not find those products in their relevant search results. As a result, the customers miss the products and this can be a problem. Amazon listing optimization can help bring out the products up in the search results and increase the chances of purchase.




  • Increase in conversions


It is important to keep the customer’s attention to your products and this can be achieved by variating the product listing in Amazon. Along with the Amazon PPC campaign, you can combine Amazon listing optimization and increase the time your customers stay on your product page. Remember that the longer the customer will longer on your page, the higher are the chances of conversions.




  • Increase in sales


By the time we have tweaked the product variation listing in Amazon, you must remember that your ultimate goal is to increase the sales of your Amazon products. You have increased the visibility of your products and tweaked the conversions as well. Now the listing variations will drive in sales by combing with your Amazon PPC campaign.




How to optimize Amazon listing with variations?



Wondering how the properly optimize your Amazon listings with variations? Here are the top suggestions related to Amazon listing optimization so that you can streamline your products for optimum performance.




  • Choosing the right variation themes


Organizing your products is easier now. You will find numerous themes available based on parameters such as color, size, and product weight. Make sure that the products you are selling to the customers fall in one of these variations. Strategically organizing your listings based on the themes will contribute to the convenience of the customers and they will no longer be confused with their purchases.




  • Eliminate the confusion related to variation


Still not sure about how your customers will perceive your listing with variations? Well simply go for the testing of user experience under Amazon listing optimization. For instance, if you have two or more themes on your product listing, make sure that your customers are not confused with the color, size, and product weight. Have a look at your top-performing competitors and explore their variations as well.




  • Acknowledge customer experience


The ultimate goal of variating your Amazon listing is to facilitate the transactions of your customers. You must concentrate on setting up the product variations which are quite easy to navigate and this reducing the confusion related to the purchase process. Remember that if your customers feel disappointed with the experience, then your reviews will be negatively impacted.




This article sums up the top methods you can use while you perform Amazon listing optimization. AmzOneStep suggests combining your variations along with your Amazon PPC campaign to get the desired results. Remember to adhere to the above-mentioned points and carefully investigate your competitor's variations as well.

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text 2020-08-04 20:59
COVID-19 And Its Impact On Amazon Third-Party Sellers

More than 50% of the Amazon sales are made through third-party sellers and since everybody is confined to their homes with no safe alternative but to shop online, a massive surge of online supply and demand has taken place, leaving amidst its third-party sellers in unmitigated waters and much uncertainty. 



In the wake of reality-altering pandemic known as coronavirus, almost everyone has felt the wrath. From disturbed routine to limitation from the outside world, it hasn’t been easy for the most. More specifically, all those heroes out there doing their best to keep the world running by providing not only everyday essentials but also time occupying deliveries to their panic-ridden consumers whose sole purpose seems to be mass hoarding essentials like toilet paper.



It’s an understatement to say matching the demand with supply has been only one of the many challenges Amazon FBA sellers are facing these days.  



Ban Over Non-Essential Categories


To match a smooth supply to an increased demand for products, Amazon recently restricted its FBA sellers to 6 essential categories: Baby, Health & Household, Beauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances), Grocery, Industrial & Scientific, and Pet Supplies.



This ban was announced to be lifted by the 5th of April but it seems Amazon is still navigating on that front and there has been no relief to the sellers whose non-essential shipments are no longer being accepted by Amazon. This inbound freeze has affected about 53% FBA sellers.   



The vendors whose sole bridge to the customers is Amazon are now looking at alternatives such as FBM.



Disruption In Supply Chain


The domino effect took place long before the USA came into contact with the deadly virus. Sources report that sellers felt a serious decline in sales due to supply disruption in China, where Chinese suppliers and factories were facing serious ramifications from the COVID-19 outbreak. Unable to produce and import goods globally, the ripples could be felt around the world.



Major Delay In Shipment


Amazon is famous for its fast delivery services. With Amazon Fresh, you could get same-day deliveries on groceries and produce. The Prime users could enjoy free deliveries within two days, and the Amazon Dash could take care of necessary household items just before depletion. 



Due to the effects of CoronaVirus, Amazon’s promises have taken a great toll. Even with a temporary hold on the selling of non-essential goods, Amazon may be meeting ends but it is not as smooth as it used to. Even the regular 5-8 day delivery has taken an unsavory stretch to as long as a month! 



In a frenzy of buying, with limited workers, and health & safety measures it is proving challenging for Amazon to deliver on its previous standards. As a result of late shipments, many customers are canceling their orders after finding out their orders will take too long to arrive.



Decline In Consumer Spendings


We found out through a survey that around 80 million jobs may be lost due to the spread of COVID-19. These are mainly jobs relating to luxury services, tourism, and travel. 



The people are currently concerned with self-preservation more than anything else. The buying focus has been limited to survival at home and making life efficient within the comfort of their walls. 



Since people are spending less on items outside the essential categories, more is spent over goods like health, food, child, and pet care. 



Sellers dealing with non-essential items are either facing this difficulty despite turning to other methods than FBA.



Moreover, due to delay in Prime Day (usually held around mid-July, now postponed till August) will likely also bring a major setback to sellers as mass materialism allows them to single-handedly generate a huge spike in revenue.  



How Amazon Sellers Should Combat These Difficulties?



These may be trying times and to make sure Amazon Sellers survive through this epidemic, here are a few suggestions sellers can apply to see their business through. 


Give FBM a try – With inbound shipment freeze, many sellers are already considering Fulfillment By Merchant. Since Amazon is unable to fulfill, you don’t have to sit around feeling trapped and helpless. Try fulfilling your products by yourself, if you have a storage area. A plus advantage of switching to FBM would be the buy box. Currently, Amazon has been favoring the FBM sellers who are able to meet ends better than FBA sellers for the placement in the buy box. 




Halt advertising or spend less on it  –  With the economy being at stake, many businesses are making a practice of cutting down on costs and saving up for harsher times. Since we do not know how long this spell may go on, it is a wise choice to temporarily cut down on extra costs such as advertising. Amazon itself is urging sellers to do the same. 




Change your strategies – With Chinese suppliers out of the question, you can look for other sources such as local businesses. Many sellers are showing support to their communities by sourcing from them in order to avoid further delays in shipment and communication issues. Meanwhile, the customers will likely be more pleased as well with less damage to the ecosystem. Besides that, where applicable, you can also go for homemade production of goods, or 3D print your own items! Other sellers are reaching out to suppliers outside china and the US such as  Vietnam, Mexico, Taiwan, and more. 



Update your inventory to hot selling products – Right now, as we have observed, there are certain categories that are hot to sell and consume alike. Products such as DIY projects, self-grooming & care kits, fitness, home office supplies, medical supplies, and pet care products are very in. Seling products such as these may prove quite beneficial to the sellers. 



Most importantly, stay informed – Staying on top of current news and updates is the way to make sure you don’t miss out on important trends and updates regarding amazon.



Source: Amz One Step



Amazon Product Photography | Amazon PPC Campaign

Source: www.amzonestep.com
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text 2020-07-03 19:02
5 Key Takeaways To Grow Your Amazon Sell In This Pandemic With Amazon PPC

Amazon is the number one online market place, according to a statistics more 197 million people worldwide, visit amazon to buy their products online. It is a huge count! Amazon is the most reliable platform for shopping, not only for consumers but also for the sellers. A lot of people sell successfully on Amazon, but success needs a strategy. 




A great strategy to be successful on Amazon is Amazon PPC Management. General management of PPC campaigns is a proper skilled based task, but when it comes to a pandemic situation like COVID 19, methods and techniques regarding selling have changed a lot. 




In this pandemic, people have isolated, which changed their preferences of buying products similarly, the sales of different product categories have also affected. Some categories like pharmaceuticals, groceries, home-office supplies have taken off while some have just grounded. 




How Amazon PPC Campaign Grows Your Business?



Amazon PPC (pay per click) advertising has significant impacts on your sales because when a seller or vendor runs the PPC campaign, they are buying the top places for the visibility of their products. Sellers who avail the potential of PPC by building a strategic advertising campaign, raise their business significantly year by year. But if you lack a defined strategy, it will make it difficult for you to achieve your Amazon PPC campaign goals.




What Is Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)?



Amazon PPC is a publicizing model offered by amazon in which promoters (sellers /vendors) pay a cost to Amazon when a customer taps on their (pay-per-click) advertisement. There are three Amazon PPC modules available which are:



  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands 
  • Product Display Ads (PDAs) 



Sponsored Products – when sellers empower their products through Keywords focused promotions. 



Sponsored Brands – when brands advertise to advance their custom features, brand logo, and up to 3 products. With the extent to send buyers on their store pages or a greeting page on amazon.



Product Display Ads – This advertisement type is only accessible for amazon vendors. These Promotions/ ads send customers to the Amazon product detail pages directly. It works best for interest focused buyers to deliver them the relevant product ads they actively look.




5 Key Takeaways With Amazon PPC Campaign  




The Generalized Pandemic trends on amazon pay per click subject during the pandemic situation are as follows; 




  • Huge Online Traffic 


During the pandemic, the whole world passed through the lockdown situation (coming to its end now), which generalized some pandemic trends in Amazon PPC. Like, People at home started to buy each and everything online resulting in massive online traffic (clicks on ads and products) 




  • Online Traffic Ad Revenue And Ad Spend Overall Volume Have Intensified


It is so apparent that when traffic increases, it leads to higher advertising revenue and spend. Besides, brands have higher demands, and better advertising pays. They can raise their advertising spend because it will generate higher revenues than spend. 





  • Advertising Efficiency In Terms Of ACoS And ROAS



ACoS (Advertising Cost of sale) and ROAS (Return on ad spend) are the different sides of a similar picture. It shows you the values you that what have you spent on advertising and, in return, what have you achieved. Keeping records of these insights and putting the right effort will make you able to generate revenues in this pandemic.  





  • Low Competition 



Another critical aspect to consider is, overall competition has decreased, so due to this reason, costs per click have lowered. The pandemic situation was unpredictable in estimating the exact sales or conversion rates because conversion rates were so fluctuating.




However, All these trends showed an increase in advertising investment (but all business needs strategy).




What is the Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Offered By Amazon?



On Amazon, the average CPC ordinarily goes from $0.02-$3. Your standard CPC can likewise differ significantly depending upon the Amazon item class or subcategory you sell in, and how severe your specialty is. 



How To Bid For Amazon PPC?



The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Amazon will consistently rely upon the most elevated bidder: 




Every Seller presents a default offer (the greatest they are eager to pay) for their advertisement. The most noteworthy bidder wins the most elevated advertisement position (promotion rank #1) and will likewise pay the highest CPC.




If a seller successes the sale with an offer of $4.00. If someone clicks their promotion, the expense of the snap charged to Advertiser 3 will be $3.51.

Source: www.amzonestep.com
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url 2020-06-29 21:33
Amazon PPC Campaign

Amz One Step's Amazon PPC Experts work intensively to help you manage to pay per click advertising campaigns and lower your costs. A customized dashboard is created using an established tracking mechanism that provides feedback on key metrics such as ACOS and CTR.


We’re the prime Amazon PPC management agency, providing sellers with top-notch PPC services that are made to reach a wide spectrum of customers and enhance sales to a greater extend. From setting up the ideal bids to adding result-oriented keywords to targeting the right audience, our Amazon PPC experts can drive you the best return on your investment.

Source: www.amzonestep.com
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